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Cort is a character that will make an appearance in the iCarly season 4 episode, iHire An Idiot.[1] According to script read videos and run-through photos, he is rumored to be Freddie's "replacement" in this episode. Reasons for needing a replacement are unknown.

However, Cort is an idiot. The only reason Carly and Sam seem to have for hiring him is that he is hot. There is a possible scene where he slams into a wall. Freddie doesn't seem to like Cort as shown in the sneak peek of the script reading, even seeming jealous when he attracts the girls' attention, telling Cort to leave.

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DanWarp: Pic! OMG... Freddie's REPLACEMENT?!?

Another scene features Cort playing with a slinky, only for him to get tangled up, even with the help of the other intern Freddie hired, Ashley.

Cort is played by Daniel Booko



iCarly SCRIPT READING - SNEAK PEEK!!! (Posted 07/26/10)

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