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Cookie is a bunny that has made appearances on iCarly and other Dan Schneider shows.


Cookie Shay was born on April 17, 2006, in Loma Prieta, California. She has never taken part in any episode plot as of yet, but she still has her fans. Cookie is played by Miranda Cosgrove's real-life rabbit, who got a part on the show just for being cute. In the background of many scenes, Cookie can be seen on a TV screen or monitor including Valerie's studio, Nevelocity, Fred's treehouse, and as a screen saver on the iCarly web show itself. You can also spy her in iSpy Mean Teacher, where she was an effect on the green screen, looking through a window. Cookie is Carly's bunny.

In the episode iHurt Lewbert; Cookie takes center stage momentarily as she is shown on Freddie's laptop eating peanut butter. This runs on the web show for several minutes while Carly, Sam, and Freddie go downstairs to check on Lewbert, who was critically injured by their muffin basket. You can also see Cookie in iMove Out, being held by someone waiting in line for a pet photo.


Cookie can be seen in the following episodes:


  • Cookie also made an in-person (or in-bunny) appearance on Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh" as a part of a magic act in the episode "The Great Doheny", where a magician named Henry Doheny, who was staying with Drake and Josh for a while, gave her to Megan as a present.
  • Cookie also appears as a photo in Cat Valentine's room on the show Victorious.
  • Cookie's birthstone is the diamond.
  • Cookie has the same birthday as Sam.

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