Colonel Roger Morgan
is a friend of Carly Shay and Spencer Shay's father, Mr. Shay. He appeared in iRue the Day and came to Carly's house to surprise her and Spencer. He gave Carly a hand-made Swiss laptop case and Spencer a 2-foot long Italian meat stick that wasn´t two feet long anymore since he had eaten most of it himself. He invited them to have dinner with him and his wife and told Carly she could talk to him if she needed help.

Later, Carly called him to stop Nevel from hacking iCarly. He made Nevel call himself a weenie after confiscating his computers and letting him dangle from the ceiling, while he and his crew left to go get sushi. Carly refers to him as "Uncle Roger" and they appear to be very close.

He is portrayed by Christopher B. Duncan.

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