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Carly and Millicent are main characters of iCarly (2021). They are neighbors and live in Bushwell Plaza.


Carly and Millicent know each other through Freddie.

Millicent runs a small YouTube channel feels a sense of competition between her and Carly. According to Miranda Cosgrove, Millicent secretly wants to have her own web show, wants wants Carly's fandom and wants to take her down at the same time. She is sometimes sweet to Carly and manipulative at times.

Millicent often makes fun of Carly's age, however, Carly does seem to care for Millicent, as she supports Millicent's YouTube channel by being 1 of her 2 subscribers.

ILove Gwen is the first time Carly and Millicent are seen on really good terms and work together to get Freddie back with Millicent's mother, Gwen, although it doesn't happen.



Additional Names

Nicknames for each other


Season 1 Moments

iStart Over

  • Although they don't really get along, Carly still supports Millicent by being one of her 2 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

iHate Carly

  • Millicent tries to find Carly's hater (although its so she can cancel Carly) which Harper thinks is sweet.

iGot Your Back

  • Carly pouring milk into Millicent's bowl with cereal.
  • Millicent tries to get Carly to pour more milk.

iNeed Space

  • Carly calls Millicent cute in her Sunshine Girl outfit.

iLove Gwen

  • This is the first time we see them on better terms with each other.
  • Carly helps Millicent get her parents back together.
  • Carly says Millicent makes good points.
  • Millicent asks Carly where her mom is.
  • Carly is afraid of Millicent getting hurt when she finds out Freddie and Gwen are not getting back together.
  • They hug although Millicent is grossed out.
  • Carly calls Millicent a little star.
  • Carly and Millicent do a puzzle together.

iCan Fix it Myself

  • Millicent is with Carly (and Freddie) when she is fixing her car.
  • Carly asks Millicent to start the car, which she does.
  • Millicent (and Freddie) looks concerned for Carly when she screams and is covered in car oil.
  • Carly asks Millicent to stop honking the horn and she replies "well you two stop cussing!".

Season 2


  • They know each other through Freddie.
  • They don't really get along well but Carly does support Millicent in her YouTube channel.
  • Carly is one of Millicent's YouTube subscribers.
  • They haven't really gotten along until the events of iLove Gwen.



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