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Cam Relationship is the term for the possible romantic pairing of Carly Shay and Sam Puckett (C/arly and S/am). Another name for their relationship is Sarly (S/am and C/arly), though this term isn't used as often by their fanbase. Rivaling Seddie and Creddie, the Cam ship is the third major ship on iCarly. While the Cam Friendship is an undisputed part of the show, there are also many situations that could suggest a romantic attraction or deeper love between the two. But there are only various times when those scenarios occur.

Carly and Sam are two pivotal names in the show, and in a blog written by Dan Schneider,[1] he remarks that on several occasions he considered naming the show iSam, then finally deciding on iCarly being the lead title. The argument has been, at times, a plot point covered in a few episodes of the show, where characters address the name of Carly, Sam, and Freddie's web show (iWill Date Freddie and iQuit iCarly).

While Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay) has never tweeted about it, before the premiere of iGoodbye, Jennette McCurdy (Sam Puckett) has tweeted about Cam once, confirming that she knows about the ship's existence.[2]

This relationship was always considered unlikely to happen because iCarly is broadcast on Nickelodeon, which did not feature LGBTQIA+ couples until The Loud House in 2016, but it is shipped by numerous fans.

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Normal Occurrences of Cam

  • Sam always calls Carly different nicknames (i.e. Cupcake, Carls, Carlotta).
  • Sam and Carly normally appear together after an episode of iCarly to promote iCarly.com. They rarely ever do appear with someone else.
  • On their webcasts and on many other occasions, Sam and Carly stand/sit very close to each other.
  • In most episodes, they share glances with one another, whether happy, sad, or fearful.
  • Sam and Carly show similar expressions or reactions in several situations on the show, showing they have girlfriend parallelism.
  • Whenever she isn't hanging around Carly, Sam is willing to help Spencer and enjoys spending time with her best friend's brother.
  • Carly supports Sam because of her mother's poor parenting skills.
  • Neither Sam's nor Carly's relationships with other people last longer than one episode (except when Sam dated Freddie), yet their friendship remains intact and seems to get stronger because of those failed relationships (ex: Pete, Jonah, Shane, etc...).
    • Some of the relationships they have can be interpreted as "substitutes" for the other (e.g. Griffin is "bad" like Sam, Carly stops liking him when he's no longer "bad").
  • Sam and Carly have similar taste in boys.
  • Carly and Sam sometimes yell at each other affectionately.
  • Usually Sam and Carly will be mentioned together when someone is talking about the show, with the running gag being that Freddie is never included.
  • The tomboyish Sam enjoys going to places like Glitter Gloss and Build-A-Bra with Carly, while Carly will always go with Sam to The Groovy Smoothie or let her eat at her house.
  • Sam and Carly like to classify people as "nubs", while Freddie averts this term, possibly because at times the derogatory remark is directed at him.
  • Both Carly and Sam say the phrase "Shoosh yeah!" when very happy or excited. Also used by Spencer.
  • Usually on the iCarly webcast, Carly and Sam finish each other's sentences.
  • When something really bad happens to Carly, Sam is never very happy about it. This can also happen to Carly sometimes, when something bad happens to Sam.
  • When Carly and Sam get their picture taken together, they usually put an arm around each other's waist or shoulders.
  • Carly and Sam usually go to each other for comfort when they're about to cry (ex: iOwe You, iGot a Hot Room, iPity The Nevel).
  • Sam and Carly have seemingly distinct mannerisms when they fight, like slamming their lockers, along with their major arguments involving only each other in the room, and ignoring anyone else in their vicinity. Also, they commonly fight in the same venues, mainly around the kitchen/living room of the Shay apartment, their lockers, and in the Groovy Smoothie. These scenes can be noted in iDon't Want to Fight, iSaw Him First, and iQuit iCarly.
  • Whenever Carly and Sam do the "The Cowboy And The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought The Cowboy's Mustache Was A Squirrel" sketch on iCarly, Carly plays the farm girl and Sam plays the cowboy. The farm girl is supposed to be flirting with the cowboy, making it seem like Carly is flirting with Sam.
  • Dan has stated before that the violent Sam would never do anything violent to Carly.
  • In mostly seasons 3 and 4, Carly doesn't get as mad at Sam's bad habits as she used to get.
  • In every incidence that Sam has cried, which is only three times, the reasons for her crying had mainly something to do with Carly. In iDon't Want to Fight, Sam cries over almost losing her friendship with Carly over a stupid fight, and Sam cries only near Carly in iOwe You because she hates working, but she wants to pay Carly back and keep her promise. Carly and Sam both are brought to tears in iQuit iCarly after their biggest fight nearly cost them their lives. This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Sam immensely cares about Carly, the same could be said for Carly.
  • Sam seems to be able to tell that Carly's crushes aren't serious, but never directly mentions this to her. Most times, she will openly support Carly, despite her personal feelings on the matter.
  • Neither Sam nor Carly in the series were able to keep a boyfriend for a long period of time, further suggesting their similar tendencies in relationships, and possibly the notion that they intentionally had relationships that were bound to fail to avoid addressing the issue of each other.

Freddie's Role in Cam

  • Freddie is often a buffer between Carly and Sam, and a mediator in their quarrels. Many actions he takes with one of them often affect the other girl.
  • During shots, when either Carly or Sam makes an important decision or speaks in normal dialogue, the camera will pan from the two before panning to Freddie.
  • Sam constantly teasing and pranking Freddie could be a way of "marking/defending her territory" when it comes to Carly.
  • Sam finds Freddie's crush on Carly to be annoying, and Carly seems to be amused by it.
  • On several occasions, it's shown that Freddie and Sam CAN get along with each other if Carly is not around to monitor them. This begs the question of whether they fight over Carly, or more specifically, if Sam bothers Freddie to impress Carly (or show his flaws to get her attention off of him, and onto her).
  • Some scenes where Sam is jealous towards Creddie, or Carly being jealous of Seddie can be interpreted as them being jealous of Freddie just as easily as Carly/Sam.
  • Both Carly and Sam pursued a relationship with Freddie, in which both can be linked to breaking up the other's relationship. Sam explained to Freddie how Carly wasn't in love with him, but in fact his actions and saving her life. In a speech to Spencer and his former babysitter, Carly remarks that their relationship is weird and wrong, provoking a reaction in Sam and Freddie. In both instances, Freddie, Carly and Sam decided it best to be friends, and break off the relationship. Carly and Sam will always share a common link in Freddie, and on several occasions have fought with each other, and intentionally put Freddie in the middle to prove a point to the other.

Major Cam Moments

Season 1


Carly and Sam sleeping.

  • Although Carly is a terrible liar, her very first scene with Sam has to do with her lying to protect Sam from getting suspended.
  • Carly goes so far as to "punish" Sam by making her also be part of the auditions after Carly is forced to miss the Cuddlefish concert.
    • Sam accepts the punishment fairly easily, without putting up any fight.
  • Carly mentions that because it's her, she wouldn't hit Sam compared to if it were anybody else. Carly also seems very snippy at Sam but Sam merely retorts to Carly's, "Why are you mine?" best friend remark with "Because I'm a loveable person."
  • Carly tells Freddie, "I thought we talked about this. We can be buds but you've got to get over this crush thing," showing that Carly is very aware Freddie has a crush on her. However, she shows no sign of returning the feelings.
  • Sam insists to Freddie that "Carly will never love you".
    • Carly merely rolls her eyes despite essentially telling Freddie herself earlier. This also shows that Sam is equally aware of Freddie's crush and knows it's a sore point for him that Carly doesn't reciprocate his feelings.
  • As they watch the auditions, Carly and Sam's chairs seem to gravitate towards each other, and they end up sitting close together.
    • Carly and Sam also easily improv mocking the first audition they see, setting up how easily they can play off one another for iCarly.
  • This is the first instance of Carly and Sam sleeping together on the couch and it already is seen that Carly and Sam have zero personal space when it comes to one another.
    • Sam is sleeping against the arm of the couch but Carly is laid out with a foot clearly resting on Sam's lap and is covered in a blanket. The TV is also on (which wakes Carly up) implying that the two fell asleep while watching TV, also supported by the way Sam's sleeping. Carly may have unconsciously draped a foot over Sam in order to be close to her.
  • Carly uses her foot to wake Sam up and Sam doesn't comment at all at having Carly's foot pushing her cheek. After Carly sits up and throws the blanket off herself, she positions herself extremely close to Sam as opposed to giving her any space at all.
  • Sam asks Carly which apartment Freddie lives in, likely showing that Sam has zero interest in Freddie outside of pushing his buttons in relation to Carly. Given their earlier bickering and Carly's reaction, Carly may be used to both of them insulting the other.
  • SplashFace User: "Carly, you're hot!!!" Freddie comments, "It's true" and Sam remarks, "You are," when Carly looks at her. Carly smiles and insists "Stop" in a playful tone at Sam.
    • Both Freddie and Sam agree that Carly is hot, but Carly responds to Sam saying it, not Freddie. Sam could also be using her own crush feelings as a brief admittance to Carly to combat Freddie's affirmation, knowing that he has a full crush on her.
  • Carly and Sam are comfortable enough to go so far as to remark on their bodily habits with Carly saying, "You always have to pee" at Sam.
    • As they prepare for their first live show, Sam asks: "I look good?" Carly answers: "Perfect!" Carly freaks when Sam mentions Carly having something in her teeth and Sam tries to get it out herself.
  • When approaching Carly at the Crazy Hat Party Sam greets her by saying "Hey, Cupcake!", an affectionate nickname Sam later uses with her boyfriend Jonah.
    • The way Sam says this is as if she's greeting someone very close to her as well. They also relax immediately around the other, compared to Carly shooting down Freddie just seconds before.
  • When the boys come up to Carly and Sam, Sam is a lot more subdued and only Carly speaks affirmatively when the boys ask them to dance.
    • Despite being the more excited of the two, Carly has turned her body sideways from the boys and it's pretty clear that Carly is dancing more with Sam (and Sam with Carly) than either is with the boys who asked them to dance.

iWant More Viewers

  • While filming the web show and watching a Lewbert clip, there is originally a gap between Carly and Sam.
    • Carly moves so she is directly behind Sam, bodies practically touching. They also share several glances at one another throughout the segment.
  • Carly rolls her eyes when Freddie and Sam start arguing but sprays Freddie twice and Sam only once.
    • Carly again sprays Freddie first and Sam second, despite Sam equally arguing. When Carly asks if they are staying for dinner, Sam matter of factly says, "Yeah. I got no place to go" and Carly only looks at Sam. It's clear Carly really wants Sam to stay and is indifferent to Freddie's presence.
  • Sam immediately raises her hand and says, "I'm on Carly's team" despite Carly saying each person should individually come up with an idea.
    • Carly doesn't complain about this at all.
  • Carly sits right back down on the couch where she was sitting moments before, not caring (and possibly enjoying) that Sam is virtually squished up against her.
    • They also briefly tussle over the remote with Carly finally relenting and Sam wearing a pleased smile afterwards. Carly spritzes water on Sam up the stairs and even goes so far as to aim at Sam's butt with a mischievous smile. Given the scene in iSaved Your Life, Carly could harbor some attraction towards Sam but keeps it a bit more closeted given her family background.
  • Carly and Sam, while holding the iCarly banner, are drenched by pouring rain.
    • It is reminiscent of the music video to the song "All the Things She Said" by T.A.T.U.
  • Sam seems really upset at Freddie's constant reminder of Carly/Sam losing and still apologizing to Carly only.
    • Carly gently nudges Sam in the back with her shoulder to get her attention and says, "Come on. Let's go dry off." As they walk off, Sam still seems hurt/upset over Freddie and could be worried that winning could get Carly to notice him romantically.

Carly and Sam on the couch

iDream of Dance

  • Sam doesn't react at all when Carly steals her bacon, while anyone else would be in major trouble if they stole Sam's meat.
  • Sam swipes two pieces of bacon and hands one to Carly as the Scotsman dances. Sam willingly sharing food seems quite unusual.
  • While watching the video submissions, Freddie is pressed up against the arm but Sam is pressed up against Carly's side despite there being more than enough room for Sam to be up against the other arm of the couch.
  • At one point, Sam rests her head on Freddie's shoulder and pulls her head away giving a slightly disgusted look. Later on though, Sam is lying on her back with her head fully on Carly's lap, going so far as to hold Carly's index finger as well.
    • Sam and Carly share a look with Carly obviously not being fazed at all by the physical situation. At the end, Sam is curled up much like Carly was during Sam's head on Freddie's shoulder scene but Carly is also mirroring Sam and has her head rested on the small of Sam's back, both clearly in deep sleep meaning they've been like that for a while. This in full view of Freddie who's sleeping against the left armrest.
  • At the beginning of Carly's dream she yells out Sam's name three times before she yells out Freddie's.
    • As the dream continues, Carly is noticeable confused and a little freaked when two well dressed boys appear. Carly says the line, "Okay. How many well dressed, cute boys are there in my apartment?" with a bit of annoyance, after the realization that neither Sam nor Freddie are there.
  • At the end of the episode, Carly and Sam go upstairs to sleep the rest of the night presumably in Carly's bed.
    • Considering how snugly they were together on the couch, it may not be uncommon for them to snuggle together if Sam sleeps over at Carly's often which seems to be the case on the show.

iLike Jake

  • Sam traded Freddie's locker in an effort to be closer to Carly, only being two lockers away from where Carly's is.
    • A tactic Sam would utilize again later.
  • Sam seems far less enthused at Jake's being single than the crowd of girls around her, including Carly.
    • After screaming a second time, Carly rests her hand on Sam's back as she leads Sam away from the group.
  • Carly admits to Sam, "Okay, it's so not like me to get all crazy over a hot guy like Jake Krandle."
    • It's similar to Carly's reaction to other boys she falls for, largely focusing on the hotness of the subject of her affection. Upon hitting him with the apple, Sam seems a little freaked and blames Carly, then runs off despite Carly trying to physically keep her there. Sam comes back to watch, asks for the details, and screams more in part to helping set Carly up with Jake than anything else.
  • In the elevator before the show, Sam is riding up the elevator with Carly. Carly is putting on lipstick and Sam gives her several more than friend looks.
    • When Carly asks, "What?" Sam responds with, "Would you ever believe that Jake Krandle could be in love with you"? Carly answers that Jake isn't in love with her yet. The scene itself comes off as Sam maybe wanting to admit something else but knowing that Carly likes Jake, holds off instead.
  • Sam leans against Carly and is far less subtle with her reaction when Jake starts singing for the sound check.
    • From Carly's reaction, while physical attraction is a must, she also clearly needs more than that despite her initial crushes on boys largely being solely for the physical attraction. May be a way of Carly ignoring/suppressing her own feelings about Sam considering how well they get along with each other.
  • Despite setting Carly up with Jake, Sam gleefully remarks how bad Jake's singing is and immediately stands next to Freddie instead of Carly.
    • Carly grabs Sam by the hand and tries to defend Jake solely to her. Carly admits to liking Jake but is worried about ruining any potential relationship by speaking the truth, whereas she can easily be truthful with Sam about almost anything.
  • Carly, showing the influence Sam has on her, comes up with the plan to lock Jake in the elevator during the show despite Sam's dark humored take on pushing him down it instead.
  • Sam specifically mentions Freddie's submissive reaction to Carly asking him to do anything she wants.
    • It's another reference that despite knowing him for a short while, Sam and Carly are both very aware of his crush and use it for personal means. Sam remarks, "I'm gonna puke all over both of you!" when Carly and Freddie start bringing up the attractiveness of Jake and Carly (in relation to Freddie) respectively. Sam could again be seeing Freddie as a threat, especially when Freddie starts asking for kisses if he'll fix Jake's singing.
  • Sam rests her hand on the small of Carly's back while they talk about how much Sam hates mornings.
    • Sam looks pained and tells Carly, "Sorry, kiddo" as Jake kisses his not so ex-girlfriend. Note that Spencer uses the term kiddo in relation to Carly a lot as well. Sam also puts her hand on Carly's shoulder, asking her if she wants backup in a comforting gesture.
  • Carly kissed Freddie's nose as an impulsive thanks and it's part of the reason why Jake gets back with his ex-girlfriend. Carly tries to deny that she and Freddie are dating but gets ignored.
    • Potential for rumors to go around school that Carly/Freddie are dating and also could play to rumors about Sam given her tomboyish ways and lack of dating boys for long periods of time during the show's run. Not to mention what the physical public gestures between Carly/Sam could imply to peers when done in school or on iCarly.

iWanna Stay With Spencer

  • Carly and Sam throw their arms around each other's shoulders within moments of iCarly starting.
    • This is done after Sam gives Carly a look seconds before the show goes live. It could add evidence to potential rumors about them amongst their peers.
  • Carly fake-punches Sam during the web show and the two mock the realistic fights scene in media.
    • Given Sam's sensibilities as a tomboy and physically aggressive nature, it's interesting to see that Carly is the one to "punch" Sam. It shows that Sam won't be aggressive physically towards Carly, even on iCarly in fake segments, in contrast to her constantly attacking Freddie.
  • Carly goes "Sam" in a 'don't say that in front of him' way when Sam tries to peek over her shoulder at the Groovy Smoothie gift card.
  • When Sam asks for Carly's song player, she mentions afterwards that she's "just trying to cheer (her) up" and it shows Sam is still struggling with the gravity of the situation. The seriousness only hits when Carly says, "I don't see how we're gonna do iCarly anymore" in reference to iCarly, something that Sam takes extremely seriously and cares about on a deeply personal level. Sam immediately walks off with hands on her back, well away from Carly and her reaction is similar to the later episode iWant My Website Back.
  • Sam, after initially joking for the most part, comes up with a plan to show Carly's grandfather that Spencer is a good guardian.
    • Sam immediately perks up when the plan turns into Carly doing something bad, despite Carly showing evidence of this in other episodes including the pilot itself. This could be seen as a sign that Sam would like to introduce Carly to "her world" and coax her into being bolder.
  • Sam goes from concern about Carly's texted fire message to complimenting Carly on her look, showing that Sam can accept Carly no matter what she does.
  • Sam gives a disgusted look when Freddie looks like he's about to cry while hugging Carly.
    • This is interesting since it appears that Sam has certainly cried prior since her eyes are red and puffy. Sam looks near tears as they say goodbye and Carly is the one to initiate the hug with a barely there sob. Worth noting is that Carly closes her eyes briefly much like Sam does in hugs during other episodes. As they head down to the lobby, Sam is in the back with a very defensive, closed posture. Both arms are wrapped around herself as if for physical protection and clearly is harboring some anger towards Carly's grandfather whom she is side by side with.


  • Sam uses Freddie as a means to injure but afterwards both Sam and Carly wince and run off together, implying that neither cares how badly hurt Freddie may have been and clearly not wanting to get caught either.
    • Later we see Carly shoulder shove Freddie off the chair at the computer, showing that neither Carly nor Sam have problems physically hurting Freddie.
  • Sam ordered Chinese and forgets to tell Carly. While they are live on iCarly, the delivery guy appears.
    • In a rare character moment, Carly flicks Sam in the head when Sam tries to joke about the situation. An interesting example as Carly almost never is physically abusive towards Sam but it's clear that Carly cares about how the show goes since Nevel is watching. Another example of how important iCarly is to Carly as much as it is to Sam. Worth noting is Carly's reaction after the show, calling it "Our most important webcast ever" and calling out Sam who has a bit of a defensive look when Carly focuses on her being the cause of the delivery guy.
  • Carly immediately has zero romantic interest towards Nevel, despite initially wanting Spencer to stay in the car, and gets really creeped out when Nevel smells her hair.
    • Later we see Carly physically leaning her body away from Nevel, despite his sitting almost where Sam usually is in relation to Carly. It's also clear that at this point, Nevel has a bit more in common with Freddie whereas Sam is much more the opposite of both Freddie and Nevel and that may be why Carly likes her company much more. When Nevel leaves, Carly wastes no time calling Sam who has made herself comfortable on the couch with feet propped up on the table despite nobody being there. Probably Sam's intention was to wait until Carly got back to give her the details of the visit in person. Sam brings up Carly being nice mainly because it's important to iCarly and her feelings about iCarly are well known.
  • Sam's reaction to Carly's being kissed by Nevel is subdued although confused as well.
    • Freddie instantly reacts in outrage and Sam merely rolls her eyes at him. Possible that Sam, listening to Carly's tone of voice, knew that Carly didn't like the kiss and thus doesn't buy Nevel as a threat anyway after Carly's telling Sam that Nevel was "creepy" over the phone.
  • Sam tells Freddie "You just keep makin' out with your stuffed animals," after Carly's quick "I don't think so" to Freddie's plea of replicating the kiss.
    • Made interesting in that Sam rolls her eyes but pushes Freddie away and gets off the couch after Carly's rejection. Sam also physically steps in front of Freddie as if to block him and protect Carly should Freddie try anything.
  • Sam, upon seeing Spencer's gutted reaction to Toasty melting, immediately connects the dots and verbally blames Freddie.
    • This is in line with the way she and Carly are quick to transfer blame of their (usually Sam's) own acts onto Freddie without any moral regret.
  • Whilst reading the review, Sam seems to react strongest to Nevel's slam of calling iCarly "boring" but internally it seems she reacts much more to Nevel calling Carly "unappealing" as her voice gets softer when she tells Freddie to keep going.
  • When they introduce "Germy" to Nevel, Sam puts her arm around Carly´s shoulders.
    • Carly instantly gets a smugger look when Sam does this and it's clear that Carly is able to find confidence through Sam's physical touch. It's also interesting that Sam and Carly, the two who very clearly love iCarly, are also the most aggressive in telling Nevel to fess up. It's another small example that the two may egg each other on or are more similar in their aggression/violent tendencies than shown. Sam's gesture is also highly possessive; seeing that Nevel already showed he's bold enough to steal a kiss from Carly, it seems like Sam wants to protect Carly and make clear who she belongs to.

iScream On Halloween

  • Carly instantly laughs at Freddie's costume and remarks that he better take it off before Sam sees him, knowing her reaction would likely be far worse.
    • This shows that the two not only share a similar sense of humor, but again are willing to verbally poke fun at Freddie with no remorse.
  • Sam partly mocks Freddie being afraid but mostly just rolls her eyes, again showing that she finds Freddie more of a nuisance than anything whereas she is completely different attitude wise around and towards Carly.
  • When Sam asks, "Can we eat it?" in relation to the humongous pumpkin, her smile instantly devolves into a defensive "what?" look when Carly turns to look at her and Sam lowers her eyes.
    • She turns to gauge Freddie's reaction and defends herself more so at Freddie by saying her Mom makes her dinner like twice a year. This gives insight into how Carly/Sam have a slight dom/sub relationship as Carly is well aware of Sam's food habits and constant eating and shouldn't be that surprised Sam would say something like that.
  • Carly already had a plan in place to BREAK IN to a locked 'haunted' apartment even before Sam literally picks the lock.
    • This once more shows that Carly may not be as sweet and innocent but has as much of a deviant streak as Sam does.
  • Sam grabs Carly's butt (for an added visual joke, while they are in a closet) and asks, "Wait, whose butt is this?"
    • This is made interesting for several reasons. The first is that Carly's costume has a bit of a tail Sam had to know that Freddie's costume lacked since he was dressed up as a witch. Secondly, Sam would have known Carly was next to her from Carly's voice and feeling her costume at some point. Thus the act of grabbing Carly's butt may have been intentional on Sam's part.
    • Carly's reaction makes this even more curious. Carly straightens up and goes, "Sam!" in a tone that sounds like she's telling Sam she has done something in public that they only should do in private. Sam's apology is a quick "Sorry" as if she forgot where they were, not that the act was the issue. Afterwards, Sam also gives a quick wince as if regretting doing the action publicly as opposed to doing the act at all. This scene is probably one of the stronger Cam moments evidence wise both physically and dialogue wise.

iSpy a Mean Teacher

  • Carly notes that Sam was asleep during the whole class, meaning that Carly was checking out Sam periodically during the class.
    • The fact that Sam didn't get into trouble with the teacher means that Carly had no real reason to be seeing if Sam was still asleep after first being aware of it.
  • Carly smiles and looks up when Sam asks, "Can we use it (green screen) to show me standing on your face?"
    • Another example implying that Carly is not only okay with Sam verbally berating Freddie, a guy who has a crush on Carly, but that Carly herself finds it amusing. Shows that Carly may rely on Sam to say/do what she herself isn't willing to.
  • Sam jokes that Freddie needs to build a robot girlfriend.
    • Freddie replies with, "I guarantee you that 20 years from now, I will be Carly's 2nd husband." Carly and Sam share a puzzled look and Freddie insinuates that he would kill/get rid of Carly's 1st husband. Made interesting considering we've seen Sam easily able to physically overwhelm Freddie and comes from a bit of a crime oriented family so it'd be tougher for Freddie to move in if Carly were dating/in love with Sam.
  • Carly snipes at Freddie, "Okay we are in a serious situation here. This is no time for you to bust a move!" when Freddie tries to take advantage of the fact that he and Carly are alone in a dark closet.
  • Sam remarks to Spencer, "A person can only take so much Freddie," implying that if it were just Carly spying on Ms. Briggs, she'd be hanging with Carly instead of helping Spencer.
    • This is made interesting considering how much effort Sam has to put into remaining still for a long time while Spencer sculpts. Considering Sam has a crush on Spencer, it jives with how patient/how hard working Sam is when it comes to something important to Carly and could explain that Sam has a similar or bigger crush on Carly.
  • Sam initially finds the fact that Carly and Freddie are locked in Ms. Briggs's closet funny until Carly begs Sam to get over there.
    • Sam rolls her eyes but wastes no time in doing what Carly requested, a possible inverse of how Carly is able to get Freddie to do anything she wants.

iWill Date Freddie

  • Carly tries to set up a date between Freddie and Valerie since Valerie thinks Freddie is cute.
  • Carly says, "I'll try to be strong" on a non-serious manner when Freddie asks her if she would be jealous despite Carly being the one to bring up the entire subject.
    • It is clear that Carly has no problems with Freddie dating other people since she has no interest in him romantically. Such a scenario would also allow Carly or Sam to make a move on the other if Freddie is involved with somebody else.
  • Sam continues to be snide at Valerie and it could come off as Sam being jealous that another girl is moving in on their group, in particular is the possibility of Carly and Valerie hanging out together which Sam could see as a threat to her and Carly's relationship.
  • Both Carly and Sam tell Freddie "Yes, you are" simultaneously when Freddie tries to tell his mother that he isn't sure about going on the date.
    • This despite Sam needling both Freddie and Valerie, showing that Sam may want Freddie to go on the date simply to have one less obstacle towards Carly.
  • Carly responds to Mrs. Benson's saying, "Unless Carly changes her mind..." with "Uh, yeah Freddie and I are just friends."
    • Interesting is that Mrs. Benson bursts out asking why Carly won't love Freddie and Carly not only doesn't respond but stares at her food afterwards. It could be seen as Carly knowing why but being unable to tell Mrs. Benson that she prefers Sam.
  • Carly visibly grabs Sam by the arms to pull her towards the stairs, which the two immediately race up.
    • It's clear that both want to see how the date goes possibly in the hope that Freddie gets hooked up, opening an opportunity for the two of them to be together.
  • When Sam and Carly are shown spying on the date, they are both eating as if on their own date upstairs just without the fancy dinner setup.
  • Sam gives a long look at Carly when she makes kissy faces regarding Freddie and Valerie kissing.
    • This is one of many examples of Carly emphasizing kissing in a relationship.
  • Carly physically yanks Sam into the apartment to tell her that Freddie quit as tech producer.
    • Sam again shows her juvenile delinquent side by picking the lock to get Freddie out of his apartment. It is interesting that Carly sees right through Freddie's "reason" of Sam's treatment being behind his quitting despite what he had been saying true.
  • With Germy taking over as the tech producer, it's clear that Carly and Sam are not only quick to mirror their humor and delinquency but also quick to portray the short fuses they have and what similarly sets them off.
  • Sam instantly takes on a dislike towards Valerie, in part for poaching Freddie from them.
    • Her dislike and reaction to Valerie is very reminiscent to her attitude towards Missy who was Carly's best friend before Sam. Sam again shows how important iCarly is to her by saying that Valerie's theft of Freddie "hurt our show" meaning she was also speaking for Carly. Valerie bringing up the name is interesting as Sam later uses that as part of the rift with Carly in iQuit iCarly.
  • Sam mentions "liking" the deviousness of Valerie's plan, which could be part of why Sam likes Carly since Carly is just as devious at times but rare to acknowledge it herself.
  • Sam calls Valerie a "skunkbag" and manages to get Carly so upset that she calls Valerie a skunkbag as well.
    • This is interesting since Carly let Freddie work with Valerie but only got really upset about the situation when Valerie tried to poach Sam in an effort to use her (and Freddie) against Carly. Carly tells Sam she doesn't like to say skunkbag because "Spencer says it's not ladylike" again a possible reference to Carly having more trouble coming out to her side of the family than Sam.
  • Carly says, "Yeah. Sam may be obnoxious and irresponsible but she does not lie!" and upon Sam giving her a sharp look Carly reflects it with, "Oh. You know I love you," and Sam smirks at Freddie.
    • Given the heat of the moment, it could be a slip up by Carly admitting to Sam that she does love Sam with Sam realizing what Carly just did in front of Freddie and Spencer in the doorway.
  • It takes Carly going all parental to the point of folding her arms and staring hard at Sam to make Sam tell Freddie he's important to iCarly.
    • Then when Sam and Freddie hug, Sam gets a mischievous smile and gives him a wedgie. Carly doesn't say anything at all and they proceed to go right into an iCarly episode.

iWant a World Record

  • Carly says, "Hey! There's Sam" implying that Sam may have skipped the class with the substitute teacher and Carly was more curious about what Sam was doing to cause her to skip class.
    • It also shows that Sam, despite delinquent behavior and not doing homework, is willing to go to class and may do so upon Carly's telling her to do so. Another possible example of Sam following Carly's word without putting up much of a fight.
  • Carly half jokes, "All your favorite things" when Sam mentions the Jonas Book of World Records having freaks, mutants, and weirdos to which Sam seems to reply seriously in the affirmative.
    • An example of Carly knowing Sam well enough to even joke about her likes. Sam immediately gets a look of annoyance though when she mentions the tech records as a result of Freddie, despite Freddie later giving them the continuous webcast idea.
  • Carly not only calls to set the record up but goes so far as to get an autographed picture of the world's fattest priest just for Sam, knowing it'd make her crazy happy.
    • Note Carly didn't do anything like that for Freddie or herself, just Sam. Also Carly says, "I'll check out the rules online" meaning that she likely called or upon meeting the committee member in person requested the autographed picture, showing that she'll go the extra mile to do something that will make Sam happy. This is later evidenced again in iQuit iCarly.
  • Carly looks more amused when she lets Freddie do his tech talk segment whereas Sam first gives Carly a look of shocked 'what? are you serious?' before giving a disgusted look as Freddie does his segment.
  • When the marshals come as a result of the broken light bulb, it's interesting to note that Sam starts looking at Freddie as if he has a solution to keep the show running.
    • We know that Sam is very capable of physically handling herself but here is a situation where Sam realizes that either Carly or Freddie are gonna have to solve it because it requires an intelligent solution as opposed to physicality. Carly does come up with the solution and we see Sam, in her haste, shove the "old dude" out of the way. We also see Sam's the one physically moving the equipment with Spencer who is in his mid-20's, showing how physically strong Sam can be as well.
  • One of the sketch ideas is a makeover sketch with Carly and Sam initially applying lipstick to one another.
    • Given their brainstorming sessions seen in later episodes, it could have been a more fully formed sketch that extended the makeover concept but got shortened due to exhaustion. This could also have been a way for Carly or Sam to secretly display their feelings by making over the other in a more glamorous manner.
  • Sam openly starts sleeping with her head nestled on Carly's shoulder and Carly shows no objectionable reaction to it at all.
    • It gives a very public view that Carly and Sam may physically snuggle together, as seen in prior episodes, often and also that neither is opposed to it happening. Carly is able to pull Sam up to her feet by her hair, yet again. Sam doesn't seem to object to this at all, possibly because it is Carly doing it and Carly is the only one allowed to get away with such a physical and painful tactic.
  • Sam gives a look at Carly when Sam explains that grand finale "means big finale" and Carly sarcastically thanks Sam.
    • Given Sam's excitedness moments prior, it may show that Sam isn't used to Carly putting her down or that she takes it more personally the times when Carly does it. Compare this to her reactions to Freddie, which are usually to continue to needle and taunt him.
  • Sam's facial reaction after she sits down next to Carly on the steps when they don't break the world record is exactly the same reaction after kissing Freddie in iKiss and after breaking her friendship with Carly in iQuit iCarly.
    • It's clear that the reaction itself is not only typical of Sam but also primarily typical of Sam when she's reacting to a moment that's personally disappointing or monumentally life altering in a bad way.
  • Very quickly after they get their picture taken for the Jonas Book of World Records, Sam seems to be resting her cheek on Carly's shoulder and seems to be giving a look that she doesn't like the boyfriend who doesn't blink (and may even be creeped out by it).
    • It's interesting as the boyfriend is clearly challenging Spencer, the boy she has a crush on yet she's physically trying to comfort herself with Carly's shoulder possibly implying she equally has a crush on Carly.

iRue the Day

  • Sam once again shows off her lack of caring in relation to school after getting a D on a test.
    • Carly mentions that Sam answered only half the questions, told the teacher the test was stupid, and left. One wonders if Sam would even spend as much time in school as she does if it were not for Carly, which is hinted at in iChristmas.
  • Carly seems shocked when Sam ambushes Gibby but after looking around, just becomes resigned to it being Sam as evidenced by her quote, "No" in response to Freddie's remark that, "She's not like other girls."
    • Worth noting is that Sam doesn't do this out of malicious intent, merely 'showing' Gibby what he'll have to attempt to do on iCarly.
  • After Spencer squeezes himself in so they can watch the news, Sam barely shifts and both Carly and Sam are more naturally closer to each other than Spencer and Freddie.
    • They share a similar position to how they sat together when watching the web videos in iDreamofDance.
  • Sam threatens to squeeze Nevel's head in part because he's getting revenge solely on Carly by ruining their webshow.
    • Sam clearly takes iCarly seriously and likely sees it as a good way to spend more time with Carly outside of school. Worth noting is that Nevel retorts, "I'm not afraid of you, Sam" and Sam seems to realize she's ineffective since she can't physically beat Nevel up for Carly and the webshow's sake.
  • When Sam says "You know what's also horrible? You're outta mini-marshmallows.", Carly responds with "Sam!" in a tone that says 'there are bigger things to worry about', showing that Carly is able to tell Sam how she feels just by the way she says her name.
    • Sam refuses to look at Carly after Carly says they should stop iCarly and rolls her eyes while very softly saying, "Yeah" in agreement. It's clear Sam doesn't agree but won't refute or argue with Carly over it since she knows Carly is already unhappy. Sam physically turns her head away from Spencer as he announces that he landed the Plain White T's as if she knew what he was going to say.
  • Sam refuses to make eye contact with Carly, despite Carly trying to catch her eyes, during the rest of the scene and even goes so far as to pointedly stare at Freddie instead. It's an interesting case that shows Sam may be more passive aggressive with Carly compared to anybody else, where she's quick to verbally argue or physically fight.
  • Carly seems both annoyed and amused at Sam's getting in and immediately raiding Nevel's fridge.
    • It shows that Carly knows Sam well enough to expect such actions and that however annoyed she may be, she also is aware that it's just Sam being Sam.
  • Sam first threatened Nevel when he hacked the iCarly webshow, something she holds dearly.
    • She then threatens Nevel again, almost verbatim, "You'd better back off, Papperman" when Nevel brings up Carly's not kissing him and covering his face with tapenade. It could be an instance where Sam may suspect why Carly hasn't kissed Nevel or due to having a crush on Carly, feels slightly threatened that Carly will kiss Nevel just to stop him. Sam's facial expression during the scene is also very similar to how she reacts to Missy moving in on Carly.
  • Again, there are hints of the power that Carly has over Sam as Sam goes from smile to instantly sad/dejected when Carly says, "No!" in response to Sam's asking her if Carly was ordering pizza.

iHate Sam's Boyfriend

  • Carly again shows off her motherly side in relation to Sam after being shocked that Sam sprays Freddie with the cheese in a can.
    • Carly then physically takes the can away and 'scolds' Sam for not using it responsibly.
  • Carly immediately says, "You love Jonah" when Freddie leaves.
    • Worth noting is that Sam says he's "so cool" despite not even knowing who he was. Sam remarks, "Nah. A guy like that wouldn't want to hang out with me" which Carly responds that his making chicken noises and bothering other kids would be perfect for Sam. Despite that, Sam tells Carly to forget it anyway. Could be that although Sam likes his humor and penchant for doing bad things to other students, she knows she doesn't have romantic feelings for boys. Finally Sam only mentioned "kinda" when Carly said she loved Jonah (much like Carly in response to Jake).
  • When Carly confronts Freddie she asks him, "Do you believe in love at first sight?" which is interesting since it's in relation to Sam's reaction to Jonah.
    • Also a possibility that this may have happened to Carly in relation to Sam but that Carly deflects it by pretending to be attracted to other guys based on first sight as she often mentions their physical qualities as a basis for a relationship. When asking for his help Carly says, "Come on. Sam doesn't like many guys" possibly indicating that on some level, she may be aware that Sam may like girls as well or prefer girls completely.
  • Carly tells Sam, "Will you stop and just be happy that Jonah asked you out?" again possibly implying that despite Sam's reaction, she doesn't really feel attracted to Jonah and may be trying to tell Carly in a subtle way that she isn't into guys but girls instead.
    • Sam's disbelief seems to center around the fact that some boys find her "abrasive" whereas Sam already knows Carly accepts her for who she is, which could be an underlying reason for Sam having a crush on Carly.
  • Carly and Freddie converse over Sam and Jonah hanging out together with Carly calling them "a total couple" for hanging out "every second together for the past 3 days," not unlike how often Carly and Sam seem to hang out together.
    • To the extent that Sam's mother drives Carly home from school and Sam hangs out at Carly's apartment as if it's her own too. Carly mentions that Sam "hasn't had a boyfriend since 5th Grade" and blames Frankie for rudely dumping her despite Sam's breaking his leg.
  • The constant texting finally starts to annoy Carly when they can't get Sam into the planning stage for iCarly.
    • Up to this point, Carly has been championing Sam's relationship. Sam stops texting Jonah only to tell Carly, "Hey, your hair is pretty" which only gets a scowl from Carly likely implying that Carly didn't do anything to her hair and that Sam just used it as a means to 'show' she was still there.
  • Carly complains to Spencer, "Sam has a new boyfriend and he's all she thinks about" sounding both annoyed and slightly jealous.
    • Carly later gives a disgusted look upon hearing Sam's voicemail and Sam saying, "I'm here with the awesomest guy ever." One wonders if Carly initially pushed Sam towards Jonah since they both showed some mutual interest but that Carly never expected Sam to fall so quickly and becomes jealous that Jonah's essentially stolen Sam away from her.
  • Carly confronts Sam in a scene that comes off as a jealous crush trying to paint the current love interest as a bad person.
    • Carly tells Sam she's happy that Sam is in a relationship with Jonah but grows progressively annoyed when Sam answers the phone to the point of telling Sam, "If you try to open the locker I will bite your hand off," showing that Carly may be angry at Jonah but is expressing it to Sam instead. Carly could be angry at Jonah for not only interfering with iCarly but also taking Sam away from her physically and mentally. Carly uses Sam's missing the iCarly rehearsal as a means to make Jonah look bad but worth noting is that Sam still asks for a hug as a means to make up to Carly, possibly implying that she knows on some level how Carly feels towards her if she knows a physical hug would smooth Carly's anger. Carly responds with, "I will hug you when I see you at rehearsal," showing Sam just how upset and angry Carly really is over the situation.
  • Interesting just how easily Jonah pushes Carly's buttons first telling her to act more like Sam and then asking her if she's ever thought about taking acting lessons.
    • Carly's anger is smouldering and she eyes Sam hard as if trying to tell her to tell Jonah to shut up for her. Worth noting is that Jonah is represented as the male version of Sam and yet Freddie, Spencer, AND Carly all despise him. It shows just how accepting they are of Sam and how much Carly cares for Sam that she calls Sam her best friend.
  • Jonah comes out and says, "Oh. You don't like me spending so much time with Sam" in a seemingly knowing manner.
    • May be a small implication that Jonah is now aware that Carly feels something for Sam deeper than just friendship as the scene plays out initially like a crush confronting the lover to protect the person they have a crush on. We also get a sense that Jonah may be putting on an act around Sam as he casually moves in on Carly and blatantly asks her to kiss him, meaning that Sam could be putting on an act around him as well. When Sam appears she calls Jonah, "cupcake," a nickname she used for Carly in iPilot.
  • Carly says, "Jonah makes Sam really happy and... I don't want her to get hurt," showing how much she cares to see Sam be happy at the expense of her own happiness knowing that Jonah's a cheat and tried to hit on her.
    • When Sam tells Carly she wants to do the wedgie bit (after overhearing Carly's admission to Freddie), Carly initially appears confused until it dawns on her why Sam's doing it.
  • Sam responds to Carly's apology with, "Pork chops make me happy. And they don't try to kiss my best friend," implying that she may have cared for Jonah but that evaporated instantaneously upon seeing how conflicted Carly was and how protective Carly was of Sam's happiness.
    • Sam further says, "It's cool. I'm alright," as if defending her lack of emotion to Carly possibly implying that Sam has feelings for Carly that trump her feelings for Jonah and that part of Sam is glad it didn't work out with Jonah. Sam seems to get over Jonah really quickly considering how long they were supposedly together.
  • It's revealed later in iKiss that Sam had never had a first kiss, meaning that she and Jonah never kissed despite the amount of time together.
    • This could lend further credence to Jonah putting up a front and Sam, to a lesser extent, also going along with Jonah in order to make Carly feel better for pushing her into the relationship. They do hug in the episode so it shows that neither were afraid to show any physical affection towards the other.

iAm Your Biggest Fan

  • One of Sam's ideas is to have herself cut Carly's hair with the explanation being that Carly would get a kick out of Sam cutting her hair.
    • Carly tells Sam she won't let her near her neck with a pair of scissors, an obvious reference to Sam's violent tendencies. Even though Carly knows Sam wouldn't hurt her, she still brings up the point but Sam merely shrugs it off and moves on without taking it personally at all.
  • Carly and Sam physically mirror each other during their idea brainstorming for iCarly, even with Freddie in the room.
    • They adopt similar positions, then Sam follows Carly's card flutter with her own, before the two (independently) cover their stomachs with their hands without looking at each other.
  • Sam initially seems a little jealous and she looks a little bemused at Mandy hugging Carly on iCarly.
    • Sam goes so far as to give an exasperated look at Carly when Mandy starts hugging Spencer, a person Sam's admitted to having a crush on. It further shows that Sam may have issues with jealousy, more so in relation to Carly and their close relationship and could be an effect of Sam's having a crush on Carly and not wanting to lose her to another girl. Sam also stands next to Carly after the show and Sam's attitude screams one of possessiveness.
  • Sam basically tells Carly she only does iCarly and socializes with Freddie because it's for Carly's sake.
    • "Look, it already bums me out that Freddie gets to come with us, now we gotta take her too? You know how much I hate people?" showing evidence that Sam doesn't make friends easily but also prefers to be with Carly alone rather than in a group of people. Sam again wilts to Carly, letting out a groan but acquiescing anyway.
  • Sam requests to spend the night, using her mother's wearing a bikini as an excuse.
    • Carly asks Spencer who says, "Sure" without even looking up from his drums. It not only shows Sam's ability to manipulate Carly into letting her stay over but also gives evidence that Spencer is okay with their relationship.
  • Carly and Sam fall asleep on the couch without a blanket, implying that both meant to sleep together in Carly's bed later but fell asleep instead.
    • Carly is physically pressed up against Sam despite the space to Carly's right being available. This is made more curious by the fact that neither were even aware that Mandy was physically seated at the opposite end of the couch, implying both either consciously or unconsciously snuggled together as they slept.
  • When Carly wakes up and sits up, she doesn't seem weirded out at being snuggled up against Sam and actually shifts to stay next to Sam as she sits up.

iHeart Art

  • Sam tells Carly, "Eh. She (Sam's Mom) just likes me hanging out with you because she thinks it'll keep me out of jail."
    • An example of how Carly effects Sam's life in a positive way as seen in iChristmas and possibly another indicator that Sam doesn't make friends easily otherwise considering how long they have been best friends.
  • We get another hint at how important Sam takes what Carly says directly to her as Carly tells Sam, "You really should be nicer to him," after Sam insults Freddie.
    • Sam lowers her eyes and gives a look that's a mix of 'sorry' and pouty. Freddie's first goad of Sam is, "Do you want to kiss me?" and Sam chuckles in disgust, "Kiss you? Dude, I'd rather..." before realizing what Freddie tried to do. Sam's reaction could be that she doesn't find Freddie attractive at all but also isn't that attracted to boys either. Carly even tells Sam, "Good girl," with a hint of admiration when Sam refuses to take Freddie's bait. Worth noting is that Sam largely goes through with the bet because Carly initiated it.
  • Sam practically begs Carly to intervene on her behalf, "Make him stop setting me up to insult him, it's killing me!"
    • Sam knows how effective Carly is with her and how Freddie obeys Carly completely. Evidence that Sam's self-control is just as much because Carly made the bet as it is not wanting to pay Freddie. Sam's begging of Carly comes off as Sam telling Carly that she doesn't want to break her word to Carly herself and having Carly call the bet off would get Sam off the hook.
  • Carly notices how giddy Sam is and Sam responds with, "I'm freaking out, man. I'm freaking out!" as her reason.
    • Carly goes so far as to tell Sam to insult him once just to feel better, knowing Sam would have to give up $5, but Sam refuses. Sam says it is because she can't afford to give him $5 but it could also be that Sam wants to keep her end of the deal solely because Carly is the one that challenged her. Sam apologizes to Carly, "Yeah, sorry," when Carly tells Sam that Spencer's problems are a little larger than Sam being unable to insult Freddie.
  • Carly's smile during Sam's insulting of Freddie comes specifically when Sam tells Freddie, "No girl will ever want you," again showing that the two share a similar sense of humor when it comes to insulting Freddie.
    • May also be an implication that Carly knows she won't ever want Freddie because she likes Sam and Sam is well aware that Carly doesn't like Freddie romantically at all.

iHatch Chicks

  • Mr. Suemack pairs Carly and Sam together on their science project, a tactic that could be seen as Mr. Suemack being aware of how Sam works harder when doing something with Carly as opposed to another classmate.
    • Sam references this by saying, "At least he paired us up together, that's good." Carly insinuates that she still does all the work while Sam takes the credit, which is interesting given what happens in the actual episode.
  • Sam smoothly shows off her delinquency by stealing a wallet from Duke.
    • Given her propensity to pick locks as well, there is evidence that Sam could have gotten into much worse trouble or done even more high risk acts if it wasn't for Carly as seen in iChristmas.
  • Sam is quick to give Carly her hand when asked to and Carly promptly bites it before leaving. Sam calls after her, "Wait... Come bite the other one!" showing signs of masochism which ties into how quickly Sam is willing to do what Carly asks (as seen in iMake Sam Girlier) and how Carly is the only one able to control Sam through words.
  • Sam and Carly name their baby chicks together and Carly says, "Okay. Family photo," as she and Sam pose behind the incubator.
  • Carly and Sam again utilize the couch by sharing a blanket and it's noticeable how much space Carly has to her left.
    • Again, Carly's preference of physically touching Sam is seen as she has her leg and foot draped over Sam's. There are strong implications that Carly may have a crush on Sam and utilizes moments such as being on the couch together to physically get closer to Sam. Also shows a contrast as Sam seems to prefer being around Carly emotionally whereas Carly prefers to show physical affection/comfort with Sam.
  • When they realize their baby chicks have hatched, Carly screams directly at Sam, "We're mothers!" before the two race upstairs to see the other hatched chicks.
  • When a chick is stuck in the drain, Carly tells Spencer to go and find another chick by saying, "No. Sam and I got this one," again continuing the Carly & Sam are mothers concept.
    • Later Spencer refers to himself as Uncle Spencer.
  • Carly and Sam take on the classic roles of father and mother when they get the baby chick from the beam.
    • It is interesting that their personalities are reversed to suit the roles with Carly playing the physical father and Sam playing the concerned observant mother. Sam tells Carly, "be careful," continuing this theme and later smirks when the baby chick pecks Carly's finger.

iPromote Techfoots

  • Carly and Sam once again sit unusually close together on the couch despite there being enough space for each to sit comfortably.
    • Carly's legs are positioned to where they would have overlayed Sam's if she had mirrored Carly's position, again showing that Carly is unafraid to invade Sam's space physically. Sam remarks, "Ugh. I'm so lazy," before flopping her head directly on Carly's shoulder. Carly merely smiles and seems totally fine with Sam doing such a physical gesture with her. Sam does this in full view of Freddie and stays on Carly's shoulder for several seconds, not caring that Freddie can see them. An implication that both have moved onto being open with their physical affection since neither has displayed any romantic interest towards Freddie.
  • Sam calls Carly "baby" before their first episode of iCarly to promote the techfoots. They mirror each other shaking their hands to get loose.
  • Sam expresses shock and concern when she sees Carly before Carly tells Sam and Freddie that she, "stepped in a little puddle," with her Techfoots shocking her.
  • Carly moves seats so she is sitting next to Sam.

iGot Detention

  • Carly shows her bad side once more when she blatantly lies to Freddie and goes so far as to smell the marker right in his presence.
  • Carly tells Sam that the butter is "full of fat and calories" and then tells Sam in an admonishing tone, "don't drink it," without even looking up probably knowing Sam well enough that she'd do such an act.
    • Sam promptly sets the butter down, again showing Carly's power of words over her. Sam poutedly says, "It's illegal and rude," after Carly says, "Okay. What have I told you about kidnapping?" like a mother to a daughter. Carly again tells Sam, "good girl," and it continues to further the subtle dom/sub relationship that Carly and Sam have.
  • Carly immediately approves of the idea for getting detention partly because it's for Sam's sake and partly because of the importance of the show itself.
    • For a good student and "nice" girl, this is a big commitment by Carly and yet again shows that underneath, Carly may relish being a bit of a bad girl like Sam is.
  • Carly's idea to get detention borders on dangerous when she unscrews a teacher's chair, causing said teacher to fall. While Sam often jokes about causing serious bodily harm, it's interesting that Carly is the one to actually put it into action. Carly's second act involves pulling the fire alarm, an act that in real life could result in expulsion. This shows once morethat Carly can be every bit as bad as Sam.
  • Carly seems a little proud that she got detention on iCarly by saying, "'cause we're naughty!" in an upbeat tone.
    • Considering how nice Carly usually is, it could be a way for Carly to show Sam that she is not only fine with Sam being 'bad' but that Sam isn't a negative influence on Carly in Carly's mind either.
  • Sam looks guilty and stares at Carly with a bit of a pout after Carly snatches the sound effects remote away because Sam pressed the cheer button when Carly said, "the iCarly 50th webshow spectacular," to Mr. Howard.
  • While in the gigantic coffee cup, Sam is pressed up against Carly.


  • Sam expresses concern at Freddie's being late while Carly is drinking water and seemingly on the verge of panic.
    • Neither one cares at all that Freddie was watching a show and Carly tells Freddie to, "pick up the pretty camera and count backwards from five," to get iCarly going. It's again an example of how important iCarly is to Carly and Sam as well as showing that they do have use for Freddie as neither is comfortable handling the technical side.
  • Spencer says, "Hey, little sister and her two friends who never seem to hang out at their own homes."
    • While Freddie does visit, this seems more apt in relation to Sam who's mother drives Carly home but Sam stays with Carly afterwards and often goes so far as to sleep over. Sam who has a crush on Spencer, promptly follows that up by going, "What'cha cooking there, handsome?" directly to Spencer. It shows that Sam is quick to utilize nicknames of affection in place of names when addressing people she likes romantically, which she often does with Carly (see Spencer and Jonah in iHate Sam's Boyfriend).
  • Carly stares directly at Sam when she remarks about MPEG standing for 'most people enjoy gravy' in her attempt to cut the argument off at the legs.
    • Worth noting is that Carly says it directly to Sam but also uses a food reference too, given her target. After when Sam tells Freddie, "Sorry but I'm right," Carly goes so far as to say, "Sam. Stop it," again trying to stop the argument from continuing.
  • Sam tells Carly, "Showtime, kid," and physically (right in front of Freddie) makes sure Carly's hair is alright prior to another episode of iCarly starting.
    • Continues to lend credence that at least on Sam's part, she's become fine with open displays of affection when it comes to Carly. Also note how quickly Sam goes from annoyance at the cops eating her pot pie to a smile and happy glow when fixing Carly's hair.
  • Sam remarks at Freddie, "Half my family's dangerous, so?" implying that her deviant behavior is as much how she was raised as anything else.
    • Again may show that Sam may have an easier time coming out (since her family would hurt anybody who mocked Sam) whereas Carly would have a tougher time since her family seems more traditional.
  • Sam lets Freddie take the blame by telling Ms. Benson, "We told him it was wrong," and Carly only reacts to Freddie's full first name being Fredward.
    • Ms. Benson follows up Freddie's 'extremely painful' line with, "So is being a mother of a delinquent," in a pained voice. Given Sam's background, it further shows that Carly's family and Freddie's family may not be nearly as accepting if Sam (or Carly) were to come out.
  • Sam groans, "Aww... I don't want to work," but instantly complies when Carly holds up beef jerky to which Sam instantly is not only ready to work but races after Carly up the steps.
    • Note also that Sam again is willing to work when it comes to Carly (with motivation) as they get ready to brainstorm for the next iCarly.

iMight Switch Schools

  • When offered a scholarship to Briarwood, Carly asks, "Well, are you offering the same thing to Sam?"
    • Carly brings up Sam due to her being her best friend and popular co-host of iCarly whereas she never mentions Freddie at all.
  • Sam again shows her delinquent skills by picking Spencer and Carly's mailbox to pick up the mail for them, going so far as to scoff at Spencer's "need a key" comment.
  • Carly looks at Sam in an unamused manner when Freddie rushes in asking Carly if she meant her text.
    • Sam responds to Carly's question of what she texted with, "I looooove you," emphasizing the word love. Interesting is that Sam looks directly at Carly whilst saying this and almost seems to be saying them as an admission to Carly instead.
  • Sam tells Freddie, "Oh, get over it. You were unloved before and you're unloved now. Nothing's changed."
    • Carly doesn't voice any objection to Sam's words and Freddie looks a little concerned, as if the realization's just hit him that Carly really doesn't like him and may prefer Sam instead.
  • Sam looks a little aggressive when she says, "Good," in response to Carly saying she doesn't think she wants to attend Briarwood anyway.
    • Sam gets snotty at Carly by saying, "Then quit looking at their dumb website," and Carly openly nyehs right back at Sam complete with sticking her tongue out. Sam shows insecurity as she usually only attacks others verbally and is very rare to stand up to Carly in such a manner. Given her reaction in iWanna Stay With Spencer, Sam could be seeing Carly's going to Briarwood as an even worse abandonment since Carly was invited to an interview.
  • Carly when confronted by Spencer says, "I'm not gonna leave Ridgeway and Sam and Freddie and all my friends!"
    • Interesting is that she puts Sam's name first and follows it up with Freddie and a generalized group of secondary friends. People tend to list by most important and it's clear that Carly values Sam slightly more than Freddie.
  • Carly has a nightmare about iCarly being hosted by a happy Sam with a new co-host in Gibby.
    • This may be evidence that not only does Carly care about Sam and wants to be with her physically but also sees iCarly as a chance to spend time with Sam.
  • Sam's reaction is interesting as she seems incredibly bummed, much like in iWanna Stay With Spencer.
    • Despite being bummed, she still finds herself easily snapping at Freddie and calling him "whizpants" as well, this time adding negative nicknames to those she doesn't like compared to Spencer and Carly. Sam also uses Freddie's love of Carly to her own advantage knowing Carly doesn't like Freddie at all.
  • A possessive Sam steps in front of Carly and instantly sizes up Ms. Peeloff with her eyes and openly asks, "Who's the chick?"
  • Carly stares directly at Sam for most of her yelling at Sam and Freddie, asking why they intentionally sabotaged her interview.
    • Sam physically gets up and walks up to Carly, trying to soften Carly's anger by calling her a nickname, "Carls." Sam's voice sounds close to breaking when she utters the line, "So don't not let her in 'cause she has a couple of rotten friends," and Carly openly rolls her eyes before marching in front of Sam and Freddie to tell them they aren't rotten. Note that Carly smirks and says, "Usually," while directing her gaze right at Sam.


  • Sam asks Carly, "How come I've never met 'em?" in reference to The Dorfmans and Carly instantly responds, "Because I like you."
    • Made interesting in that Sam is willing to bring her cousins over to Carly's and doesn't seem to care that they are often just out of jail. When iCarly is about to begin, Sam nonchalantly grabs the sabre and yanks Spencer to the ground. Considering it's Sam, it's a rather weak physical attack compared to what we see her do in other episodes and shows she may have taken it light on Spencer due to her crush.
  • Carly again shows the motherly side in relation to Sam by telling her, "Whoa. You're not going out," and chides Sam for not even starting to read her book yet.
    • Sam immediately takes offense at Freddie mocking her ever reading a book. When Carly goes, "Oh my god, Sam. You've never read a real book?" Sam gets defensive and says, "I've been busy!" showing that Sam takes any verbal attack from Carly more personally as she also gives Carly a bit of a hurt look. Carly asks Sam, "If we go, do you promise you'll start reading when we get home?" and Sam mocks the motherly side of Carly by responding with, "Yes, mother," to which Carly smiles. Interesting to note that Carly says the phrase 'we get home' implying Sam not only could stay over but Carly is aware that Sam basically treats her apartment as a second home as she chose the word home instead of say 'when we get back.' When Freddie says no to joining Carly and Sam, Sam replies, "Good," again showing that she prefers to be with Carly alone and sees Freddie as an annoying add on.
  • When Sam arrives at Carly's apartment, she says, "What's up, Carly girl?" in a very flirty manner.
    • It again shows that Sam is perfectly willing to use positive nicknames for people she has romantic feelings towards and the fact she has several varied nicknames may imply how much of a crush Sam has on Carly. Sam is gleeful at Carly's cooking and asks Carly what Sam can taste. Shows that Sam may be a taste tester often when Carly is cooking and that Carly is used to Sam tasting her cooking before finishing.
  • Sam tries to bolt when The Dorfmans arrive despite Carly being the only one there.
    • Carly says, "No. Stay here and have dinner with us," openly inviting Sam to dinner despite telling Sam that she'd hate the food and The Dorfmans. Sam retaliates with, "You said they were a bunch of dorks," and Carly shouts Sam's name. We again see Sam's quickness to relent to Carly as she rolls her eyes but says, "Okay," anyway. Carly grabs Sam's arm again and says, "You said you'd have dinner with us," when Sam tries to go away which Sam replies with, "Yes. Then I met them," and even gestures with her lollipop. We later see Carly alone with them, implying that Carly let Sam leave at some point or Sam snuck away.
  • Carly's first act is to be surprised at Sam reading the book as opposed to noticing the boy massaging Sam's foot... and where the boy came from.
    • May show that Carly is aware Sam isn't attracted to boys despite the situation. Sam says she hired David to read the book to her, but then says, "I already paid the kid. I had to make him do something," implying that Sam not only doesn't care that a boy's rubbing her feet but that she doesn't see foot massages as romantic acts in and of themselves.
  • At Freddie's fencing match we see Carly and Sam pressed together shoulder to shoulder, much closer than anybody else around them.
    • Made interesting since Sam is still reading her book, showing that Carly and Sam may just naturally want to be physically together in such a manner.
  • Carly smiles at Sam's insult to Freddie, "I always had a feeling you came from circus people," again implying that Carly finds Sam's insulting of Freddie just as amusing but prefers to let Sam do the insulting.

iCarly Saves TV

  • Carly and Sam sit together in science class as well, showing that they really like spending time with another no matter how often.
    • Given how much time Sam and Carly spend together, Carly's reaction to Sam spending a lot of time with Jonah in iHate Sam's Boyfriend could have been jealousy on her part.
  • Once at TVS, Carly and Sam converse together in the back away from Freddie and Spencer.
    • Carly smiles and laughs at Sam's, "Very much. Yes," answer concerning the ribs. Sam leans over and conspiratorially whispers, "I think this could be good for us," when the executive confirms ribs.
  • Sam openly squeals when Carly says she's in and promptly hugs Carly.
    • They hug for several seconds and it's interesting to see Sam being the aggressor here as iCarly clearly is very important to her and she may have a strong crush on Carly. Also Sam isn't prone to such spontaneous actions showing how excited Sam really is that Carly gave her consent.
  • Sam gives a quick glance at Carly first before telling Zeebo, "You wanna quit doing that?"
    • Carly seems shocked when Sam starts whacking it with the microphone but makes absolutely zero effort to stop Sam, showing that Carly may let herself speak/act through Sam. It isn't until others come in that Carly starts to physically pull Sam off as well. Carly and Sam are quick to mirror each other sarcastically and smoothly follow up the other's sentences too.
  • Carly looks at Sam as if silently asking her to say what Carly wants to and Sam instantly says, "Why are you so stupid?"
  • Carly's jaw drops in shock and surprised when the executive fires Sam and Carly exclaims, "You can't fire Sam!" Carly reaches an arm out as if it'll bring Sam back and later says, "That's her thing!" in regards to Sam being pushy and aggressive, two traits that Carly seems to like in Sam.
  • It's interesting that it takes Sam's not only being fired but replaced for Carly to step up to Brad. Carly openly quits in protest essentially and it's interesting that Carly says Sam's standing next to her as opposed to Sam as her co-host. This may be a Freudian slip where Carly likes Sam's physical presence and it's a large reason why they are so close physically.
  • Sam uses the nickname "Carls" again live on iCarly.

iWin a Date

  • Carly and Sam share several looks while confronting Gibby about why he's in such a dour mood after iCarly ends.
    • Carly says, "Aww... poor kid. It must be awful to love somebody who doesn't love you back," and says this while looking directly at Sam the entire time. Possibly implying that Carly either likes Sam and Sam knows it or Carly likes Sam and is trying to let her know in a subtle manner. Also Sam makes exactly the same 'down lip' expression after the line she's made in episodes such as iWantAWorldRecord and iKiss, possibly that Sam likes Carly and didn't pick up on Carly's underlying context.
  • Sam gets notably creeped out by Reuben and openly says he's staring at her "like a freak."
    • The expression Reuben makes is obviously one of a 'love at first sight' type so Sam's reaction is either really oblivious or a big example that Sam prefers girls. Later we see Reuben clinging to Sam who shows zero interest in him, very reminiscent of Freddie and Carly.
  • Carly is so shocked and freaked Gibby chose her, she repeats the phrase, "What?" three times including a zoom in face shot at the camera.
    • Sam's shock is equal as she freezes while raising a spoonful of chili to her mouth.
  • When Freddie tells Gibby, "Don't worry about that. I'm in love with someone else," while staring at Carly he immediately gets shot down by Carly with, "Not happening."
  • Carly seems especially weirded out by going out on a date with Gibby, not only because of Shannon, but also because she may have feelings/like Sam and be afraid of what Sam will think.
  • When Carly has to go on a date with Gibby, she really wants Sam to come on the date with her (Sam goes with Reuben).
    • She is way more excited and enthused at the possibility of having Sam physically with her on the date and Gibby's the one to bring up the double date idea. Carly even goes so far as to say, "Sam would love that. She'll be so happy." Carly could also easily be substituting herself as Sam in those sentences at the possibility of Sam joining them. Even Freddie seems shocked that Sam would be going with Reuben.
  • Sam glares at Freddie and says, "You set me up with Reuben!" and physically attacks him.
    • Carly breaks them up and tells Sam she set her up with Reuben. Carly essentially blackmails Sam into going out with Reuben by referencing the fact that she helped Sam rub calamine lotion on Sam's mom when she had chicken pox. Sam merely says, "You're a good friend," to Carly showing her acceptance.
  • Despite being on dates with boys, Carly and Sam still manage to sit next to each other at the table.
    • Shows they like being physically side by side and may be secretly using the setup as a mini-date between themselves.
  • Sam remarks at Shannon's confusion, "Well, don't be. Love Gibby. Love him and never let him go!"
    • Could be Sam's way of trying to tell Shannon she's lucky to have a decision like that compared to herself in relation to Carly.

iHave a Lovesick Teacher

  • Carly explains to Freddie, "Don't ask why. Pretend you don't see it so we don't have to be a part of the tragedy that's about to happen," in regards to Sam about to commit some act that may cause punishment.
    • Despite Carly not approving of Sam's actions, she seems to want to give Sam the freedom to live out her troublemaking personality to a certain extent.
  • Carly seems to take great personal affront at being called sassy, going so far as to argue, "Sometimes I'm bold but I'm not sassy," to nobody in particular.
    • This further hints that Carly may rely on Sam to do or say what she is feeling, letting Sam be her voice. When Carly does stand up to others, she often gets referred to as sassy.
  • Sam seems impressed when Carly not only physically stands up for Freddie but talks back at Lauren Ackerman in front of the whole class, "Wow, Carls, maybe you are the Sass Master."
    • Also Sam again uses her personal nickname for Carly in a public setting, this time a classroom.
  • Carly may find girls/women attractive as she mirrors Freddie's reaction to Miss Ackerman.
    • She says Miss Ackerman looks "kinda hot" and glances at her breasts as she steps in. Carly tells Freddie, "I also said whoa!" when Freddie says it and while Freddie takes several glances as he heads up the stairs, Carly does the same thing until finally telling Freddie, "Go!"
  • Carly and Sam both seem unimpressed and are just shy of calling Freddie's iCarly idea stupid.
    • Carly repeats Sam's, "What?" and Sam tells Freddie, "You see, this is why Carly and me are the creative ones and you're the technical producer who really shouldn't talk so much in these meetings!" Sam constantly antagonizes Freddie throughout the scene. It's another example that despite not liking any kind of effort, Sam is very willing and capable when it involves or is related to Carly. Carly and Sam tend to brainstorm together without Freddie, so Sam could see this as a possible threat with Freddie invading her time with Carly.
  • Carly and Sam share a proud, gleeful smile at each other while Miss Ackerman is being arrested by the FBI agents.

Season 2

iStage an Intervention

  • Sam immediately mirrors Carly's fall into the bean bag chair after the iCarly episode and mirrors her statement of being tired.
    • Carly pipes up about Sam taking a shower as opposed to a bath by proclaiming that in a bath, "You (Sam) sit in your own dirt." Sam continues to mimic Carly, echoing Carly's gesture of exploding hamster.
  • Carly merely gives a long look at Sam when she whaps Freddie across the face to "get" the spider under his eye.
    • Sam, meanwhile, flashes a broad grin at Carly afterwards and says, "I got it," in a tone that implies Sam is this close to laughing. Shows that Sam is able to find humor in physically abusing Freddie and that despite Carly's shock, shows zero remorse for her action. Carly despite the look doesn't remark or physically assist Freddie in any way.
  • Sam has gotten to ringing the doorbell more often, showing she's grown to respect Carly's privacy and wait for Carly to open the door first.
    • Sam also looks pretty expectant as Carly opens the door, as if she had a surprise or wanted to tell Carly something important. "Hey, I thought you were Freddie" leads to Sam responding with, "If anybody else said that to me, I'd probably punch them in the mouth," showing that Sam will let Carly say things to her that others wouldn't be able to get away with. Sam admits to sneaking out of her room and taking a bus after nonchalantly flopping onto the couch and drinking from a bottle already on the table. It shows just how comfortable Sam is upon immediately entering Carly's apartment.
  • Carly says, "Just go home and clean up your room," which Sam slumps in a resigned, unhappy position and looks up at Carly asking her pleadingly, "Will you come help me?" Carly goes, "Ungh!" and Sam goes, "Come ooon."
    • Carly smiles and says, "Okay," as if she knew the second Sam asked that she'd help but wanted to make Sam beg a little first. Continues the dom/sub aspect of their relationship but also shows that Carly is equally willing to reverse the roles to play the sub to Sam when Sam requests Carly's help. Carly proceeds to call a cab, implying that Carly also had to call a cab to get back home from Sam's as well.
  • Carly groans in disgust at Freddie when he asks her to hold him tighter after she grabs his shoulders to physically yell at him to forward Gibby's e-mail.
  • Carly and Sam both mention the physical attractiveness of Gary (Sam says "So gorgeous" and Carly says "Hot, hot Senior").
    • Another example of Carly focusing on the physical attractiveness of a guy first and we see that it may be rubbing off on Sam as well since prior to this, she largely has gone for guys or not gone for guys based on their personality (See Jonah, Reuben).
  • Sam stands with Freddie, Carly, and Spencer while the labrapoodle sculpture gets scrutinized, meaning Sam not only worked the entire night (or at least slept with Carly in Carly's bed after finishing) but cares a great deal about the product she helped work on.
    • It shows that although Sam doesn't like work, she cares a great deal when she does bother and explains why she likes working with Carly and cares about how iCarly turns out.
  • Carly got an e-vite to Kara Franklin's party whereas Sam didn't with Carly implying that Sam insults Kara by calling her, "a dumb fudgewad."
    • Sam looks defensive and tells Carly, "So? I still like to party," as if feeling a need to defend herself to Carly. Sam openly admits to Carly that she sabotaged Freddie throughout the episode bad luck wise.
  • Carly amends her shock at Sam getting a text from Gary by saying "I mean not that you're not cool and appealing and everything..." not bothering to look directly at Sam while saying the line.
    • It's interesting since Nevel brings up Carly being "unappealing" in an earlier episode as a particular attack against her after Carly turns him down, despite his obviously thinking she is appealing. Carly's admittance that Sam is appealing (and cool) may be the crux of Carly's possible crush on Sam. Sam herself used the cool-ness of Jonah as a reason to date him so Carly using the same trait to describe Sam could be a crush factor. After Sam leaves, Carly seems unusually down despite Sam getting asked to meet "the hottest Senior" at the school and Carly isn't usually jealous when it comes to Sam and boys (see Jonah). Could be that Carly is sad because Sam could be in a potential relationship after Carly's studied her own feelings in relation to Sam. Upon learning that Freddie sent the fake text to Sam, Carly tells Freddie, "I didn't know you could be so bad," a trait that both Carly and Sam like about each other. Carly also walks back into her apartment with a wide grin.
  • Spencer also uses "Carls" as a nickname for Carly, showing Sam may have borrowed it from him in the first place.

iOwe You

  • Carly pays Sam $20 and doesn't seem to have as much of an issue with Sam not paying them back as Freddie does saying, "True... but don't be upset. At least your lips smell all girly and sweet."
    • Small point but Carly associates girly things as good and knows it'll goad Freddie a little because he's a boy. This is in contrast to how much a tomboy Sam can be but also shows that Carly may like Sam in part because Sam does have a girlier side too. When confronted about always hitting Carly and Freddie up for cash, Sam immediately motions for Freddie to step aside and starts to ask Carly as if Carly's truth is more important to Sam. Sam mentions she'll pay back every dime she owes in large part because it's Carly who says Sam hits them up for money and never pays them back.
  • Sam gives the same proud smile at Carly saying, "I got it," when killing the bug as she did when she hit Freddie in iStageanIntervention.
    • Implies that Sam feels like she accomplishes something and is "proud" to show Carly what she can do even if it's a minor act.
  • When Sam is in trouble and told by Freddie that she has to see Principal Franklin in his office, she grabs his shirt and tells him to, "Tell Carly to meet me at Franklin's office in two minutes," showing that Sam still relies on Carly for moral and emotional support even when being punished.
    • Sam as much states, "He always goes easier on me when Carly is around," showing that Carly is a large reason why Sam hasn't yet been sent to Juvie for past trouble. When Carly shows up obviously worried about Sam, Sam gasps and goes, "Principal Franklin, this is my best friend Carly who loves me and sees the value in me as a person, right, Carls?" while giving Carly a big hug. Carly merely smiles and looks amused while staring at Principal Franklin. Sam again uses the nickname of Carls for Carly. The hug and words are mostly for leniency but also could have served as a small chance for Sam to see how Carly would react to such an open and public display of affection.
  • We again see a mother/daughter dynamic between Carly and Sam as Sam gets briefly excited for the possibility of getting a trampoline until Carly says, "Never!" and we see Sam react similarly to when Carly told her she wasn't ordering pizza in iStakeout.
  • Sam shows up in a fake upbeat mood just to get Freddie out of the room by lying about a sick relative.
    • Sam's mood instantly evaporates the second Freddie's out the door and the two immediately sit a hand's width from the other on the couch.
  • When Sam sends Freddie out of the room, Sam tells Carly she doesn't want Freddie to see her cry but also refuses to look at Carly before slumping over onto Carly's lap.
    • It shows that while Sam is secure enough to cry literally on Carly, she still isn't quite secure enough to display emotions that she may consider weak or girly. Could explain Sam's issues with coming out or admitting to Carly that she has a crush on her. Carly envelopes Sam in a hug after Sam's admittance that she isn't even allowed to eat the chili despite being her and surrounded by big bowls of it. Carly looks almost near tears and tells Sam, "I can't stand to see you like this. You have to quit."
  • Carly knows Sam has a lot of pride, as Sam says, "No, I can't. I promised myself I wouldn't quit 'til I had paid back every penny I owe you and Freddie," in the face of Carly telling her to quit.
    • It's also a rare instance that Sam stands up to Carly using her own stubborn resolve to handle the situation herself. A large part of it is that it involves paying Carly back and Sam knows how proud Carly would be if Sam accomplished that.
  • Carly calls Sam's job "stupid" likely because it makes Sam upset and sad.
    • Carly hatches a plan to get Sam the money to pay them back even though it would negate Sam working hard herself to really earn it. It shows how much Sam's attitude affected Carly to make Carly come up with a way to circumvent Sam's self promise just to see Sam happy again. Carly initially is upset with Sam for spending the money but starts to sound amused at the end when she tells Sam, "You're insane."

iHurt Lewbert

  • It is heavily implied that Sam stayed overnight at Carly's since she ate the ribs Spencer was saving.
    • Sam looks guilty and briefly glances at Carly before lowering her eyes. Carly gives Sam a disappointed look but still smiles after Sam defends herself telling Spencer she made the bones into a necklace.
  • Sam tells Freddie, "Uh, wake up and smell the boyfriend, Benson, she's with him all the time," in relation to Ms. Benson dating Lewbert.
    • It's another example that the time spent equates to relationship status and could fuel rumors about Carly and Sam around school given the amount of time they spend together. Carly emphasizes the kissing aspect, something she mentions often in relationships. Considering Sam's later reveal that she's never had a first kiss, Carly could have feelings for Sam and be secretly wanting to kiss Sam as an admission, seeing kissing as a serious sign of a real relationship.
  • Sam yanks Freddie's pants down and stares directly into his eyes with an expressionless face, humiliating him publicly.
    • It shows that Sam doesn't care about Freddie in a romantic manner and has zero qualms about publicly humiliating him just for her own internal satisfaction/amusement.
  • Mrs. Benson and Lewbert have a dressed up dinner meal together as a sign that they are dating.
    • Later, Freddie then emphasizes to Carly and Sam that she likes Lewbert and Lewbert likes her. Carly makes a very prepared, special looking dinner for Sam that looks almost exactly the same in iMakeSamGirlier. Could be a sign that Carly, as a result of Freddie's admission in this episode, got the idea to do a special dinner as a sign that she's interested in Sam.

iGo to Japan

  • Carly merely tells Freddie, "You should've asked for a muffin," show little regard to his pain after Sam pelts him in the face with a red apple.
  • Sam asks Carly, "You sure you don't mind me hanging at your place for dinner?" and Carly responds with, "Yeah, it's fine," before wondering why Sam won't be at home with her mother since Sam's mom has pneumonia.
    • More evidence that Sam is willing to neglect her mother if it means spending more time with Carly, especially when it relates to dinner and eating.
  • Sam tells Carly, "Bet you he's looking through his peephole waiting for you to get home," in a manner that tells Carly Freddie's looking through because of his crush.
    • Also reveals that Carly and Sam know how deep Freddie's crush is yet Carly especially blows him off constantly and Sam shows zero signs of any crush towards him.
  • Carly and Sam hug first in their excitement over going to Japan.
    • When Carly hugs Freddie, she tells Freddie to let go and shows that she only sees Freddie as a friend whereas Carly never has to tell Sam to let go.
  • Sam groans at Carly in large part because of Carly's idea that Ms. Benson join them.
    • It shows that Sam was fine going with Spencer, a crush, and Carly even if Freddie joined them. Sam ecstatically says, "Good!" when Carly reveals there are only 3 tickets meaning it'd just be Spencer, Carly, and Sam. Sam amends herself only when looking back at Freddie and Ms. Benson.
  • Sam tells Freddie, "Well, you should," in reference to giving up ever hoping Carly could love him.
    • May be a sign of Sam being aggressive towards Freddie, especially in relation to Carly, because she has a crush on Carly and knows Carly doesn't love him as Carly has admitted to Freddie several times herself.
  • Carly is wearing really short pleated cheerleader shorts as is Sam, showing that both may have convinced the other to wear cheerleading outfits that were a little more revealing especially since Sam rarely wears such outfits.
    • We see hints of Carly and Sam's actual relationship. Sam tries to convince "Melanie" to join the dark side and they eventually hit each other with foam bats. Could be a small reference to Sam being a delinquent and Carly's gravitating towards being just as bad as Sam without wanting to admit it. We also see hints that Sam may be uncomfortable with Carly being so positive and 'cheerleader' peppy as she pauses several times before delivering her lines and gives a long look at the camera after Carly says, "Get out of my space. Oh, yeah!"
  • Carly jokes with Sam about bringing low fat fat cakes to Japan as snacks and earlier sarcastically thanks Sam for scrubbing her heel on "our couch."
    • While the implication is Carly and Spencer's couch, it could just as easily reference Carly and Sam given how often they spend time on it themselves.
  • Carly rolls her eyes and shoots Freddie down when he suggests they snuggle together to keep warm.
    • Continues the evidence of Carly showing zero romantic interest towards Freddie and lends further credence to Sam constantly antagonizing Freddie.
  • Carly and Sam hold hands when they jump out with Carly asking to hold Sam's hand.
    • While Sam isn't enthused about jumping out of a plane, we see she is willing to display confidence since she knows Carly is terrified and doesn't want to make Carly any more scared than she already is.
  • Sam mentions she stole the officer's handcuffs and holds them up with her thumb, specifically staring at Carly.
    • A small bit of subtext there with the way Sam holds up the handcuffs that is often reminiscent of romantic scenes in movies.
  • When Freddie gives Carly a flirty look after the implication of being a honeymoon couple, Carly gives him an open hand slap to the cheek.
    • Really aggressive move on Carly's part and may show just how extreme her non-romantic interest is. Sam shows up and immediately senses Carly's anger and annoyance by launching the puppet away.
  • When Ms. Benson brings up Carly and Sam sharing a room with her, they both visibly scream, "No!" at her.
    • Could be an implication that Carly and Sam were both aware they'd be crashing together but also more aware that Spencer would have less of an issue with it.
  • We see Sam and Carly comfortably sleeping together in the same bed, much like how they sleep together on the couch.
    • We also see they already have a bit of a married couple vibe with Sam shaking Carly to get Carly to answer the door, refusing to get up herself. We again see Sam's tomboyishness wearing boxers and Sam stays awake as soon as Carly physically gets out of bed, despite refusing to answer the door herself.
  • Carly grabs a fat cake and goes so far as to pat Sam's head when Sam complains and looks on the verge of panicking upon realizing that they slept through breakfast and lunch.
  • Carly sends Freddie to break up Kyoko and Yuki, using the flimsy excuse that he's a boy.
    • Clear that Carly is willing to see Freddie get hurt despite knowing Sam is physically tougher and would be more capable of breaking them up than Freddie. We later see Sam easily take them both down largely because she's bored of videotaping them.
  • Carly storms back and grabs Sam's wrist, physically pulling her as they walk back.


  • Sam is seen brushing her teeth in the beginning of the episode and goes so far as to greet Carly with, "Good morning." Strong implication that Sam borrowed Carly's toothbrush or has her own set of bathroom supplies since she told Carly she was heading home. Carly shows a lot of concern when Sam mentions tripping and falling down the stairs, going so far as to say, "Oh my god, were you hurt?" Carly then gives a confused look when Sam reveals she just slept on the floor, possibly wondering why Sam didn't just come back upstairs and join her in bed.
  • Sam asks to borrow a t-shirt, pants and underwear from Carly. Carly seems perfectly fine letting Sam borrow a t-shirt and pants but draws the line at the underwear. Sam's expression seems to be one of, 'Well... worth a shot.'
  • Carly openly admits to Freddie she doesn't find him funny whereas she easily laughs or is at least amused a large part of the time with Sam. Carly raises a hand and tells Sam, "Don't!" to cut off her response when Freddie asks what's wrong with him.
  • Carly mentions Sam's great grandfather dying, implying that she's met Sam's family before (given her car rides with Sam's mom) and they are okay with Carly. Possibility that Sam's family would be equally okay with Carly coming out to them as Sam or at least respecting any relationship Carly and Sam would have.
  • Sam tells Freddie with a grin, "You're not the boss of me," and promptly whacks him over the head a second time. A strong contrast to the way Sam often follows Carly physically and more importantly, at her words. May be a reason why Sam likes Carly is because she lets Carly have some power over her.


  • We get glimpses that Sam is somewhat tech savvy as she's capable of filling in for Freddie's role while Freddie appears on camera in his flashlight costume. Sam shoves Freddie out of the camera's frame and later physically points at Carly as she plays off Carly's, "Jingle" with the word, "Bells." Sam promptly lets Freddie fall and leaves to join up with Carly downstairs.
  • Neither Carly nor Sam are that impressed with Spencer's magna-tree and Sam excuses herself from the scene by alluding to getting cheese from Carly's fridge. A tactic she uses multiple times throughout the series when she is bored, hungry, or just doesn't care.
  • Sam asks Spencer to relay that she'll text Carly later and says she's going "home" to bust up the old TV with a baseball bat with her mother since she got a new TV. Also reveals that Sam doesn't have the most normal home life and as a result may be more prone to liking girls coming from a 'dysfunctional'/'broken' home.
  • Carly mentions in relation to a boyfriend, "I mean... I want one really bad," possibly defending herself to Mitch for not having one but also possibly showing that she likes girls and boys too. Carly could also be trying to delude herself that she likes boys since she constantly rejects Freddie and Nevel, two boys who show interest in her romantically.
  • Mitch refuses to say anything initially when Carly asks where Sam is. Despite seeing Spencer with Ms. Benson and dating Nevel, we start to really see Carly's hostility at her life being changed when Sam comes into play. Mitch tells Carly, "Spencer thought she was a bad kid. He never let you hang out with her when you were little, so you and Sam never became friends." This is eye opening for several reasons. The first reason is that with Spencer being normal, it also shows that Carly's father and Spencer may have raised Carly in a more traditional manner and as a result, Carly became more straight laced both in romantic interests and in general. The second reason is that it's implied that Carly looked up to Spencer and Spencer was basically her second father much, much earlier in her life. As a result, Spencer may have dictated more of Carly. The third reason is that it's clear Carly and Sam met and were briefly friends so Carly may have developed a crush on Sam through the ensuing years.
  • Sam routinely says she barely knows Carly, again implying they briefly were friends although she doesn't know who Spencer is. Possible implication that it was really Carly's father who broke up the friendship and not Spencer. Note Carly's first real pleased/hopeful look when she says, "Hi," to Sam at Juvy and it shows how important just seeing Sam is to Carly. The first secret Carly brings up to Sam to show they are/were best friends is that Sam wears two different colored socks when sleeping for good luck. It's evidence that Sam not only sleeps with Carly a lot but so much that Carly deemed it a secret only she knew about Sam.
  • Carly in her rant mentions specific stuff about the people around her but simply says, "I want Sam back," while saying she wants Freddie back as a friend. It shows just how dear Sam is to Carly that she just wants Sam, period, and not in any specific way. Possible implication that Carly's aware of her crush on Sam and realizes what it'd mean if Sam weren't with her. Carly later proceeds to break down in tears in the hallway after mentioning wanting Spencer, Sam, Freddie, and everything back. Note that Spencer's her big brother, Sam's her best friend and possible crush, and Freddie's her friend but whom she's shown zero romantic interest towards.
  • Sam walks in on Carly hugging Freddie and remarks, "Whoa, Daddy, what is going on here?" in a manner that shows she's not that threatened by Carly hugging Freddie as anything romantic but still a little wary as she leans back and takes it in visually. Carly, despite hugging Freddie, instantly locks her eyes on Sam and breaks into a wide grin. Upon releasing Freddie, she takes a step back, spreads her arms out in an obvious "big hug" moment, and practically squeals Sam's name out loud. Carly proceeds to literally run up to Sam and embrace her tight enough and hard enough to briefly lift Sam up off the ground. Made impressive given that Carly is taller than Sam. Although confused, Sam still flashes a grin at Freddie as if she's enjoying it while simultaneously asking him 'what's going on?'

iGive Away a Car

  • Carly hides behind Sam, using her body as a bit of a shield for protection while Freddie and Spencer talk about Galaxy Wars. Small example that Carly is quick to seek Sam out for protection and we again see Sam likely says what Carly wants to referencing, "I feel like I'm watching a DVD of 'Dorks Gone Wild'," to Carly.
  • We see how protective Sam is of her family telling Freddie not to bag on certain family members complete with a finger point. Also explains why Sam is so protective of Carly in iMakeSamGirlier later and could be that Sam's crush on Carly makes her equally protective of Carly as if she were a family member.
  • When Nevel is revealed, Sam quickly transitions from stunned surprise to her angry Sam face she wore in iWantMyWebsiteBack. Sam later calls Nevel a nub, relying on negative nicknames for people she dislikes or openly hates. Sam also mimics Nevel with a nasty edge, something she does commonly with Freddie as well. Sam could still see Nevel as either a threat to Carly romantically, like Freddie, but also a threat to iCarly and Sam's ability to spend time with Carly on something Sam herself holds personally dear.
  • When Sam attacks Nevel in the hallway, we see Carly physically reaching her arms out to help retrieve Sam and later hold Sam away from Nevel. It's clear here that Carly is more worried for what could happen to Sam as there are other instances, such as on iiCarlySavesTV, where Carly was reluctant to step in.
  • Sam asks Spencer, "Where's Carly? I've been calling and texting her for hours," after the initial new car idea fails. Sam shouts for Carly to come out of the shower and Carly doesn't seem surprised that Sam is there, just shouting "No!" back. Also shows that while Sam is quick to follow Carly, that Carly is more reluctant and willing to stand up against Sam.

iRocked the Vote

  • Sam snipes at Freddie, "Read the real question," after Freddie asks a fake question saying, "Dear Carly, don't you think it'd be awesome to be Freddie's girlfriend?" Carly herself gives a look like 'I can't believe you did that live on iCarly' with a very forced smile. Considering Carly's look and Sam's immediate reaction, both could be developing feelings for the other but not ready to admit it.
  • Carly rolls her eyes when Freddie complains about Sam licking his phone again and tells Freddie, "Freddie, be quiet and Sam, stop licking technology."
  • Carly and Sam are quick to share their enthusiasm and excitement, mirroring each other verbally, and going so far as to hug in celebration too.
  • Carly shoots Freddie down with a quick, "No," due to Freddie's look without even saying anything.
  • Sam shows a bit of her crush at Spencer when she quietly and sincerely says, "No. I think you're really smart," and we see evidence of this around Carly as well. Most notable is Sam's reaction to Nevel calling Carly "unappealing" in iNevel and the way Sam's voice softens to almost a whisper. Sam is also more willing to act like this around Carly when in trouble or close to losing Carly entirely.
  • Carly mentions the dress is "saucy" but also reveals, "She saw the dress you (Freddie) wanted her to wear, threw her corndog at it, and walked out," showing that Sam isn't into wearing revealing clothing normally. It also makes what she wore in the practice setup in iGoToJapan of a cheerleader's outfit more interesting because it may again show that Carly can coax Sam into doing things she never would do for anybody else.
  • Fitting that Sam would know what a Hobknocker is and she whispers it into Carly's ear as if she wants to keep it a secret from Freddie.
  • Carly restrains Sam physically stopping her with her hand and using Sam's name in a way of 'Don't say it' as well. Sam again stops despite glaring and it shows Carly's ability to stop Sam from getting into trouble. As seen in iChristmas, may be a large reason why Sam isn't in Juvy yet.
  • Sam again uses the nickname, "Carls," on iCarly.

iMeet Fred

  • Sam explains her crashing on the couch and eating a fat cake to Spencer as, "I was in the neighborhood, wanted food, didn't want to pay for it, and here I am." Spencer then alludes to how often Sam is over by saying to Freddie, "No, but everyone else is," when he asks if Carly's home yet. Also worth noting is that Sam is lying flat on her back on the couch, clearly comfortable enough to use the couch in such a manner without fear of reprimand.
  • After being thrown at and booed at, even Carly goes to blame Freddie when she comes up a spray painted 'iCarly Killed Fred' across her locker. Carly shows shock when Sam Indian burns Freddie a second time but doesn't admonish her at all.
  • Sam mentions she's been arrested 3 times. Given the history shown just up to this episode, it shows that even with Carly in her life, Sam is still capable of causing major trouble that warrants arrest and would be far worse off without Carly in her life.
  • Sam emphasizes the word "love" when she tells Freddie she loves picking on him, similar to the way she emphasized it when telling Carly, "I love you," as the text she sent. Carly herself makes a dig at Freddie saying, "You can't say things like brouhaha and not expect people to hit you." May show that Sam's insulting of Freddie is rubbing off on Carly, although Carly's nicer and more passive aggressive about it.
  • Sam slowly walks over to stand next to Carly in a bit of a possessive manner after Fred remarks, "You guys are cute," possibly aware that Fred may start hitting on Carly. Sam later gives Carly a little 'don't worry about this' physical gesture as she exits the treehouse.
  • Fred asks if he and Carly are friends first before asking, "Can we kiss?" and Carly in the same tone that she said sure to immediately remarks, "No..." in a tone that comes off as she doesn't find him appealing and may not find boys appealing either.

iLook Alike

  • Carly is surprised when Sam physically knocks Freddie off of the stool but ignores any pain he could've suffered and later takes the seat next to Sam.
  • Carly jokes that Jackson Colt can teach Sam a bunch of new ways to hurt people, possibly showing that Carly is amused by Sam's glee.
  • Spencer remarks, "When aren't they here?" in reference to Carly announcing that Sam and Freddie are with her. Again shows that Spencer, despite the remarks, seems okay with both spending time and more so with Sam sleeping over often.
  • Carly mentions being bored as a means of leaving Spencer's explanation of Newton's balls and going to the kitchen. A tactic that Sam herself uses when at Carly's. Sam asks Carly, "What if Freddie's mom had a 'little accident'?" and immediately rushes up to Carly and mentions her Uncle Carmine with a grin. Despite Carly's words, she still seems amused at Sam's seriousness when she says they aren't paying her Uncle Carmine to hurt Freddie's mom.
  • We see a glimpse at how quickly Carly can turn angry and a bit violent in a passive aggressive manner when Spencer refuses to let her go to the MMA fight as well. In her 'tantrum' she shouts at Spencer, then glances at Sam before stealing Spencer's smoothie and running around with it.
  • Interesting that the next scene shows Carly right back to being unsure and nervous about committing an act that could get her in trouble. Note that Sam is the one who convinces Carly to go through with it, despite her unease showing that Sam can be a bad influence on Carly.
  • We see how quickly Sam turns against her look-alike when she comments on Freddie's hotness and complains that fighting is icky. Also parallels Sam's relationship to Melanie, who's much nicer, and also Sam's reaction to Carly's peppy cheerleader persona in iGoToJapan. Part of Sam's crush on Carly could revolve around how Carly is similar in "sass" and has a bit of a deviant side.
  • Carly and Sam immediately share the same reaction of, 'Uh-oh, we're in major trouble' when Spencer shows up despite Spencer not having any ability to really punish Sam. Spencer sees right through Sam's charade of blaming Carly and Freddie, showing that he probably has experience with Sam's lying to get out of trouble when caught.

iWant My Website Back

  • Carly and Sam show a lot of excitement at playing a practical joke on Kathy, showing they share a similar form of dark humor and it may explain why Carly constantly finds Sam's insulting of Freddie amusing.
  • In the "The Cowboy with a Mustache and the Idiot Farm Girl who thought the Mustache was a Squirrel" skit, Carly sits incredibly close to Sam so that they are literally touching arm to arm. It's clear from the get go that the farm girl is interested in the cowboy romantically. The entire skit is interesting for several reasons. Sam seems to be particularly aware of not only how close Carly is but also how flirty she's being and refuses to make eye contact as a result. May reference Sam's own feelings towards Carly and how nervous she is at possibly revealing herself to Carly in case Carly doesn't feel the same way. Sam seems even more annoyed at Mandy for not only ruining the skit but also possibly the "mood" as well, as Carly and Sam physically separate too.
  • As angry as Sam is at Mandy, she restrains herself while in Carly's grasp standing straight as a razor. Possibly aware that if she were to break out of the grasp, she'd injure Carly, which would be far worse than 'killing' Mandy over cutting her hair.
  • Sam's closest to the window, showing she's physically capable of pulling Carly in but also wants a full view of what goes on with Nevel in case Nevel tries to force Carly into a kiss. We see Carly's full trust in Sam to physically save her later in iQuit iCarly.

iGo Nuclear

  • We see Carly and Sam sitting together and Carly immediately wise cracks about the teacher, commenting on his bathing habits to Sam. Another reference that Carly can be just as cruel with her words as Sam when she wants to.
  • When Carly explains her pesticide idea to Sam she remarks, "Uh oh, I'm bored," and immediately heads to the fridge. Then she exclaims, "I just want a boyfriend," likely showing Carly that she doesn't care about what Carly is saying and may also imply that Carly knows Sam likes girls since the exclamation is not meant to be serious. We again see the dom/sub aspect as Carly tells Sam to pay attention and Sam quickly says, "Okay."
  • Sam immediately asks Cal if he has a teenage brother. As Cal answers, "No, I don't," we see Carly has both arms folded clearly appraising Cal and seeming very possessive of Sam as if she wants to make it clear that Sam is hers and not available. Carly also stands shoulder to shoulder with Sam.
  • Sam continues to use the nickname Carls for Carly, showing that Sam may not only be aware of her feelings for Carly but uses the nickname constantly to show Carly she cares for her as more than a friend.

iDate a Bad Boy

Sam with her rainbow ring.

  • Sam blatantly shoves Freddie and when called on it, basically admits she has no respect for him and Carly just looks at Freddie like, 'it's true' without defending Freddie.
  • Carly seems incredibly snippy at Griffin initially, a trait she's shown towards Sam when Sam is snippy at her. Interestingly, Carly specifically says, "He's a delinquent" in a negative association thus showing that Carly likes Sam a lot even though she too is a delinquent. Given that Carly later dates Griffin, it may show that Carly could like Sam in part due to her bad girl aspect.
  • Despite Carly's initial dislike, she ends up being shown kissing Griffin, a physical act she mentions a lot regarding potential relationships. Carly goes so far as to admit, "I kissed him first," showing that if she likes Sam, she could be aggressive and make the first move. Spencer's overreaction is in large part because Carly's his baby sister but it also offers an insight into how he could react if Carly admitted she liked Sam or if Sam initiated a relationship with Carly.
  • Carly again focuses largely on the attractiveness of the boy she's dating initially, "And then when I was telling him how mature he was I realized he was super cute," and later points out that she realized he was "sweet and smart" and mentions kissing him. All traits that Carly could very easily apply to Sam and could explain why Carly could crush on Sam.
  • Sam exclaims shock at not being called upon learning Carly kissed "that Griffin guy," as Sam calls him. Carly though admits to sneaking around Spencer in order to send Sam an e-mail about the situation.
  • Sam admits, "I never would've pictured you with a guy like him," in regards to Griffin's 'type' and Carly immediately says, "Me either but there's just something exciting and cool about a bad boy." Could be Carly's wanting to see the 'bad X' lifestyle with a boy to gauge if she'd like it in regards to Sam or lead up to Carly admitting to herself feelings for Sam due to the similarities between Griffin and Sam.
  • On the iCarly episode, Carly immediately throws her full arm over Sam's shoulder in a very friendly way while Sam cups her shoulder, leading into a faux argument that ends with the two head to head smiling at the camera.
  • Sam mentions to Spencer about a dream where a monster comes in and eats her soup. Sam remarks that she has the dream often and considering Carly recently started dating Griffin, the dream itself could imply that Sam is worried about losing Carly (the soup) to somebody that she finds she can't overcome or is afraid of (the monster) and the act of eating could be construed as possibly marriage. It's never mentioned if the dream goes away, possibly implying that Sam has this dream whenever a new boy moves in on Carly.
  • Sam immediately senses something isn't right with Carly, showing how close they are to know what the other's feeling without saying anything. Sam wears a wide grin when she asks Carly, "What was it?" in relation to something bad happening between Carly and Griffin on their date the night prior. Sam laughs and pinpoints "his place" as the event of the bad thing before asking for details.
  • Sam says, "Baby got some sugar," when Carly mentions some kissing occurred between her and Griffin.
  • Sam says, "It's kinda funny," and it's clear that Sam is acting more like Freddie in relation to Griffin dating Carly. Could be some jealousy on Sam's part especially given her dream. Carly buries her face into Sam's shoulder as Freddie laughs and Sam goes so far as to comfort Carly, mirroring the way Carly comforted Sam in iOweYou.
  • Sam casually enters and starts calling for Carly, going so far as to use two nicknames, Carls and Carlata. Despite her reaction, she still tries to keep Carly and Griffin together, mention his walking out when Griffin breaks up with Carly. Worth noting is that the reason for the break up is that Carly can't handle Griffin's hobby, whereas she seems comfortable with Sam regardless of what she does or how she acts.
  • As confirmed in Dan Schneider's blogs, Carly only liked Griffin for his bad boy persona; as soon as she learned he collected Pee Wee Babies, she no longer felt comfortable being his girlfriend.
  • Sam is seen wearing a rainbow ring on her right hand. This is significant, as usually this is considered an LGBT symbol. Since then, she has also been wearing it throughout most of "iTake on Dingo", at the beginning of "iThink They Kissed" and some of "iGet Pranky".

iMust Have Locker 239

  • Freddie presses up against Carly on iCarly and Carly instantaneously says, "Too close," showing she's not comfortable with Freddie being so close but has zero issue with Sam constantly being that close to her. Given the fact they snuggle while sleeping together, it could be a sign that Carly has a crush on Sam. Made more interesting considering later in the episode when Sam remarks, "We're all sorry," her head is exactly like Freddie's was in relation to Carly.
  • Sam again calls Carly, "baby."
  • Carly and Sam both insult Spencer and Freddie by saying "When did you turn into my wife?" proving they have similar senses of humor. Could also imply that neither has any problems with marrying a woman.
  • Sam remarks, "I've been missing having a locker next to Carly's," implying she traded/paid to get her old locker back and traded/paid to be next to Carly's locker in iLikeJake too. Shows that Sam really prefers to be in Carly's company.


  • While laughing at Freddie's clown costume, Carly says, "She made me," while pointing at Sam again continuing the possibility that Sam and Carly egg each other on when doing deviant acts. Carly again blames Sam's influence when she tricks Freddie again with a piece of lettuce as a gift card.
  • Sam taps Carly's wrist to tell her to be quiet as Freddie approaches them. Sam again relents after Carly mentions, "He's gonna find out some time," despite the two of them trying to quickly walk away just seconds prior.
  • Sam openly remarks, "She makes me sick," in reference to Melanie because Melanie gets perfect grades and has perfect teeth and clean hair. It's clear from her reaction that part of the reason she likes Carly is because Carly is a lot like Sam personality wise and could also explain Sam's reaction to cheerleader Carly in iGo to Japan. Despite Carly's general good nature and kindness, the fact they share similar senses of humor and delinquent behaviors proves that Sam and Carly can be as much equals as they are opposites.
  • Carly remarks that Melanie, "is sweet," and when we do see Melanie, she and Carly are very similar in terms of their kindness and good nature. Could also be why Carly likes Sam is that Sam allows for Carly's more aggressive, tomboyish side to come out.
  • Freddie comments, "Sam would rather chew on broken glass than come on a date with me for a whole Saturday night." Considering that Sam dislikes Melanie a lot and Melanie is treated as almost a polar opposite, the fact that she's attracted to Freddie (and later kisses him) could show that Sam not only prefers Carly but also prefers girls.
  • Carly shows how devious she can be and how quickly she is to take revenge against those who hurt her loved ones by making up a number so Chuck Chambers will fail his math test, then Spencer sets up to send him to a Math camp.
  • As they take the elevator down, Carly stands to Sam's left and remarks, "I can't believe you two are sisters," after learning up Melanie and Freddie kissing.
  • Sam seems a bit grossed out by the fact that her sister kissed Freddie and Carly can't imagine Sam and Freddie kissing; in "iThink They Kissed" she says "There is NO WAY that would happen."

iFight Shelby Marx

  • Sam thanks Carly for letting her watch TV at Carly's apartment and immediately settles herself on the couch. Sam guesses the password despite Carly's reservations and request to talk to Spencer first. Sam promptly orders the Shelby Marx fight. Given Sam's nature to fight, Carly seems amused at the idea of paying to watch two girls fight.
  • Sam remarks at Freddie, "Shelby Marx's foot is too good for your face," possibly insinuating that Sam does find Shelby attractive too as Freddie commented on her hotness and said he'd like to get kicked in the face by her foot anytime in a sexual nature.
  • Carly first comments on Shelby's shorts being, "so cute," and then remarks at Freddie's asking if Carly could be his wife with, "could not happen," showing that Carly finds Freddie's obsession with her amusing despite constantly saying it'll never happen.
  • During the fight, Sam throws an arm over Carly's shoulder nearly headlocking her and after Shelby wins, hugs Spencer whom she has a crush on.
  • Carly and Sam are relaxed on the couch with Carly reading a book and Sam watching TV. It's clear neither is opposed to the other's position as Carly has her knees up and Sam's draped her legs over the back of the couch to give Carly more room for her feet.
  • While reading the comments, Sam seems to react to a user calling Carly a "twig" much like Nevel's calling Carly unappealing.
  • Carly in her panicked babbling says she's sure Shelby's butt is, "super cute," again showing hints that Carly may find girls attractive too.
  • Carly grabs Sam's hand and drags her away to confide in her that she's growing more worried about the fight given the reactions by fellow peers and teachers.
  • Sam seems very excited to coach Carly up in terms of trash talking prior to the press conference. At the press conference, Sam grabs Carly by the shoulders and smoothly pushes her to the side and proceeds to trash talk Shelby for her, acting as Carly's manager. Carly grabs Sam's shoulder and hisses, "I'm pretty sure you're overdoing it!" when Sam tells Shelby's grandmother to sit down.
  • Before the fight, although Freddie gives Carly her mouthpiece, Sam takes Carly's robe off and looks like she enjoys it a little too much. Could largely be because Carly's pretty scantily clad given her age and the publicity of the match itself.
  • When Sam is in the process of taking Carly's robe off, she stares at Carly's body for a quick second and seems to enjoy doing this.
  • Sam shouts at Carly, "You gotta hang on, kiddo," and Carly shouts back, "Okay," in response. Another nickname that Spencer uses for Carly and may have been co-opted by Sam as a result.
  • After the match, Shelby walks up to Carly to confront her, and Carly immediately backs up behind Sam for protection. Sam scowls and asks, "What do you want?" at Shelby, her favorite CFC fighter (and somebody she 'paid' $100 to watch fight earlier).

Season 3


  • We get more insight into Sam's behavior showing she's savvy as she is delinquent when she hires Douglas to install electricity to shock anybody if they try to break into her locker. Carly questions if it would hurt someone and Sam says, "I hope so," in response also continuing the quasi-sado/maso aspect of Sam's personality. Sam gives a look at Carly all but saying 'Freddie's not my friend' when Carly tells her, "We do not electrocute friends," in an admonishing tone. Carly later tells Spencer, "Sam felt really bad about electrocuting you," showing that Sam cares more about Spencer, her crush, than Freddie whom she was ready to watch get electrocuted.
  • When they are proclaimed winners of the cook-off, initially Freddie is involved but subtly gets pushed to the background. Carly pushes her head to a very deep spot of Sam's shoulder. It's even more odd because Carly is naturally taller than Sam and would have to make a conscious effort to do that.
  • We see that Sam has a low tolerance for helping others who aren't Carly as she first says, "The least we could do is nothing," and then says, "This is dumb," to Carly after Carly gets pelted with a pillow by Ricky Flame.
  • After Ricky grabs Carly and physically wrestles her to the ground, she stares directly at Sam as Ricky counts to 3. After getting up, Carly calmly says, "Sam," and gestures with her head at Ricky. Sam proceeds to take Ricky down to the mat and apply a cross arm breaker, a move utilized by Shelby Marx in her title winning fight. Further evidence that not only is Sam quick to stand up to bullies and especially those who target Carly, but lets Carly 'control' her even if it's just saying her name.

iSpeed Date

  • Carly attempts to ask Nate Garner out for the Girl's Choice Dance and learns that Rebecca Berkowitz asked him out first. When Carly tells Sam, Sam seems annoyed at Nate and asks, "Why'd he say no?" Possible implications that the school would frown upon any girl/girl attempts so Carly and Sam are looking to take boys as a means of being able to go to the dance. Carly openly tells Sam, "No one. There's no other guy in this school I wanna go out with," possibly referencing that she likes Sam and saw Nate as a final chance attempt to attend the dance. Carly tries to deflect attention from herself onto Sam whereupon Sam remarks, "Yeah, 'cause Girl's Choice Dances are stupid," possibly implying that Sam would take Carly but can't due to school policy. Sam also comments, "Or just give me the money and stay outta my life," in regards to a boy asking her out and says, "There's no guys at this school who don't make me sick." The whole scene screams Carly and Sam liking each other but forced to go after boys to fit in.
  • Carly despite not having a date, smoothly just says, "Nooo," to Freddie's attempt at getting her to ask him out. Carly later at the apartment remarks she doesn't want to use iCarly to come off as desperate to get a date and would prefer to be, "alone and crotchety," again implying that Carly likes Sam or may be bisexual.
  • Sam pets Carly's hair on iCarly and pats the duct tape over Carly's mouth more than necessary, again showing that Sam may have some sadomasochistic tendencies when it comes to Carly in particular. Sam comments, "Come on, who wouldn't want to go out with this?" as Carly physically stands up screaming at the camera behind the tape.
  • Carly is angry at Sam and physically chases her down the steps and into the kitchen. Sam 'lets' Carly catch her saying, "Why am I running from you?" showing that Sam may want to be caught and punished by Carly. She remarks, "Okay, ya caught me, now what?" in a tone that Sam is curious and a little excited to see what Carly has in store. Carly is tentative and slaps Sam's hand, which Sam just looks at Carly and asks if Carly feels better. Interesting given that Carly has thunked Sam on iCarly and bitten her hand.
  • Carly orders Sam to take Gibby if she has to go with an iCarly fan because Sam set up the iCarly request. Sam remarks, "I really don't want to go," but relents after Carly says, "Please?" much like she does to Freddie.
  • Sam, despite having zero interest in the dance or wanting to go with Gibby, gets incredibly furious at Gibby's rejection of her asking him out including physically shoving him up against a locker. Could be Sam's aware that he's the only reason she'd be able to attend the dance and possibly be with Carly. She later is shown complaining to random boys about the event, implying that Sam could be really annoyed at missing out on joining Carly at the dance. Sam physically goes to Gibby's house, showing strong determination for an event and boy she doesn't like, again implying that she's doing this largely for and to be with Carly.
  • It's another example of Carly largely choosing a boy for his looks as Austin is very similar physically to Nate. Carly gets progressively irritated by Austin's constantly interrupting her and cutting her off. We also again see Carly's short fuse, a trait she almost never displays when around Sam showing how comfortable Carly can be as herself with Sam.
  • Freddie asks Carly for one dance and Carly accepts, eventually nestling her head into the crook of his shoulder. When Sam walks in, she visibly freezes and even tilts her head slightly as if taking in how Carly is positioned as well. It's left for interpretation why Sam would be emotionally hurt seeing them dance given that she hates Freddie and knows Carly has expressed zero interest in Freddie. Considering the hard work and effort Sam put in to getting Gibby to go out with her, one interpretation is that Sam wanted to attend the dance with Gibby and possibly get in one dance with Carly as well under the auspice of friends dancing together despite being there with boys. Upon seeing Carly and Freddie, Sam could be worried that Carly not only likes Freddie but that Sam really never did have a chance with Carly if Carly could say she didn't like Freddie romantically and then do such a romantic act anyway.

iCarly Awards

  • Sam asks to borrow "a fancy bra" and have it be one of Carly's. Sam remarks that she spilled barbeque sauce on the bra at Build-A-Bra. Carly sighs and in another example of a motherly tone tells her, "Aw, Sam. I told you when you eat ribs, you gotta wear a shirt," implying that Sam has possibly eaten ribs in front of Carly without wearing a shirt. Sam retorts with, "Ah, kills the fun," as a reason not to. Another example where Sam can be herself in front of Carly and not have to pretend to be somebody else.
  • Carly and Sam wear similar dresses except Carly's is red and Sam's is blue. Both seem to have purposely contrasted each other. Carly is showing off her legs while Sam is wearing leggings and Carly's dress is strapless while Sam's has straps. Shows that both consciously thought of what each other would be wearing in relation to themselves.
  • Sam remarks, "I've gone on dates with guys less cute than that turtle," and Carly adds on, "She has!" Sam gives an up and down look at Carly and it again shows that Sam may not be used to Carly insulting her on iCarly or in general and takes greater affront as a result. Carly seems to realize what she implied and we see an 'awkward silence' ensue between the two, extremely rare in their relationship.
  • As Sam runs off to the bathroom, Freddie steps up next to Carly. Carly again shows issues with Freddie invading her personal space saying, "Half step to the left," despite their dance in the episode prior. May show that Carly really didn't intend anything romantic with the dance despite Sam's observations and that Carly is accepting of Sam invading her personal space but nobody else.
  • Carly expresses surprise that the swimsuit models are males but neither she nor Sam express any romantic interest otherwise. Even during the random dancing segment, they start off dancing next to each other and later mirror themselves with Gibby, riding a horse.

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love

  • Carly and Sam are shown singing together in the lobby on iCarly and Carly subtly steps behind Sam, using her as a shield when Lewbert starts throwing falafel balls at them.
  • Sam asks Carly to "come help me get it (her phone)" first but Carly shoots her down, telling her she needs to give her cupcake filling since Sam ate the filling out of every cupcake. Sam then matter of factly tells Freddie he's helping her before physically carrying him out. Here we see that Sam not only asks Carly but respects the fact that Carly says no in comparison to Freddie who she refuses to take no from.
  • Sam again uses "Carls" as a nickname for Carly. Another instance where Sam is largely the only one to call Carly by that nickname.
  • Sam snaps Carly and Freddie out of their fantasy remarking, "I really doubt balloons would rain down." It's also interesting that Sam has her arms crossed and a look of strong annoyance. It's possible that Sam was a bit jealous of Carly's fantasy since it included Freddie but not her and featured dancing. Small implication that Sam could still be hurting at seeing Carly dancing with Freddie and as such, she focuses on the balloons aspect to mask her own hurt from Carly.
  • Carly comments, "Lewber-for myself-I'm fifteen!" when Marta implies that Carly wants Lewbert for herself and Marta out of the picture. Could also reflect on Carly's willingness to go for guys generally much taller than her to make herself feel more mature and possibly to try and deny her own feelings towards Sam.
  • Carly shouts several times for Sam to save her from Marta. Sam wastes no time running out, grabbing a weapon (a pineapple in this case), and gets ready to use it before even seeing what the actual situation is. We also see that Sam may be a southpaw since she wallops Marta using her left hand. Clear evidence that Sam doesn't even need to know what the situation is before she is ready to protect Carly physically and literally hurt whomever is threatening Carly. Carly even thanks Sam and Sam responds with, "Ah, no worries. I like hitting ladies with pineapples," in a manner that she knows Carly is thankful and doesn't even need to verbally express it.

iEnrage Gibby

  • Carly and Sam share a look during Gibby's segment on iCarly as if Sam telling Carly, 'I'm having my patience really tested,' and Carly responding with, 'I know, me too, but it's part of the show.' Later, Carly and Sam pose back to back in a tough girl thug pose.
  • Sam doesn't say anything when Tasha initially comes in but Carly seems suitably shocked, going so far as to physically stop Gibby and ask, "You're dating her?" Sam laughs when Gibby and Tasha leave and mentions, "I told ya she was hot." Carly comes off as a little jealous at Sam saying, "Yeah but you didn't say she was that hot." Could be Carly's way of trying to make Sam a little jealous thinking that Sam may find Tasha a little attractive. Carly gives Sam a bit of a look and Sam just half shrugs. Carly even goes so far as to cross her arms while continuing to stare at Sam, displaying jealous tendencies. Freddie and Carly's reactions mirror their reaction to Lauren Ackerman and again imply that Carly could like girls/women as well. Worth noting is that Tasha is taller than Carly much like her previous boyfriends.
  • Carly initially frowns at the idea of Spencer taking advantage of people with his death but Sam convinces Carly to take the money. When Carly tells Sam, "Let's get some more money out of this guy," Sam pats Carly's head and says, "Yeah that's my girl," and Carly gives an 'Aww it's nothing' smile after. Again shows that with Sam by her side, Carly not only grows more confident but the two are capable of egging each other on in doing deviant acts. Carly smoothly acts along when Sam bumps the guy's offer from $2,000 to $4,000 and shows zero signs of her earlier dislike.
  • Sam remarks, "I don't care," at Tasha staying to watch the webcast but her entire demeanor screams, 'do not hit on or go near Carly'. Sam could also still be harboring some resentment at Tasha for making Gibby turn her down and 'causing' the Carly/Freddie dance scene.

iSpace Out

  • On iCarly, Sam mentions that Cameron is, "super hot," and Carly looks a little shy. Ties back into Carly's preference for mature guys (he's already graduated) who are much taller than her while Sam, despite her relative lack of dates, echoes the way Carly reacts. Considering Carly's (and Sam's) popularity related to iCarly, their struggles or inability to date boys for long periods of time could reflect that they unconsciously are aware they like each other.
  • Sam seems more leery of the girl in the Exercise Rocks group given that she's blonde and nearly the same height. Sam could be a little concerned that since Carly knows of them, that she may take a liking to the girl as well. More evidence that when it comes to Carly, Sam is quicker to become jealous and is usually worried that she'll be replaced by other girls. If Sam has a crush on Carly, it could explain why Sam reacts the way she does when other girls are in the vicinity.
  • Carly and Sam also show their short fuses in part due to the confined space they are in, snipping at each other when Sam hits the bed joystick thing during their iCarly episode. This is in contrast to Freddie and Sam physically going at it within seconds of being locked up together.
  • When Carly freaks out and experiences "Space Madness", she openly shouts, "Shut up, Freddie!" and points a finger at him despite saying roughly the same thing to Freddie and Sam moments before. Sam looks incredibly worried and is speechless, clearly not used to seeing Carly react in such a manner and one could argue Sam even looks scared, which is extremely rare for her character. When Freddie comments about their chances of going up into space, Sam presses the auto fire extinguisher button showing she's mentally and emotionally concerned for Carly's health.

iFix a Pop Star

  • Spencer mentions to Freddie and Gibby that both Carly and Sam are at Build-A-Bra, showing that Carly and Sam are quick to shop together and hang out on top of school and iCarly. Also references Sam's preference to hanging out with Carly alone without anybody else.
  • While waiting, Carly has her legs stretched out and propped on a table with her ankles crossed. Sam is in the seat next to her having positioned her body towards Carly and has a foot resting on Carly's lap, letting Carly nervously fiddle with her shoelaces. Considering Carly is anxious and nervous asking, "Where is she?" about meeting Ginger Fox, it could be evidence that Carly finds Sam's presence to be slightly comforting. Also her playing with Sam's shoelaces gives off a strong "couple" vibe considering Sam clearly shows no objection to what Carly's doing. Sam also removes her foot only when Carly starts to get out of her seat. The physicality of the scene continues how comfortable Carly and Sam are on the couch in prior episodes, often with both of them resting body parts on the other.
  • In comparison to others standing around or seated alone on the stage set, Carly and Sam share a single folding chair showing that neither are worried about personal space at all when it comes to being with the other.
  • Again there are hints that Carly shares Sam's sense of humor (dark, insulting, and otherwise) when Sam tells Ginger Fox, "You're o-mazingly stupid," and Carly not only broadly smiles but physically turns her head away from Ginger so Ginger doesn't see Carly's reaction.
  • Carly briefly berates herself, "Ugh, I'm so mean. See what pressure does to me? It brings out my mean," after she remarks that Ginger dances, "like a diseased elephant," showing glimpses that although Carly doesn't like being that way, Sam may like that aspect of Carly because it mirrors Sam. Also since Carly shows that she can and does find Sam's insulting manner funny, it further displays that Sam may egg on Carly as much as Carly does Sam.
  • When Sam tells Carly, "You change the baby this time," the two play off each other and give the brief moment a very married couple vibe with Sam also advising Carly that the baby is a, "distance pee-er."

iWon't Cancel The Show

  • Freddie informs Carly that Sam is in jail for assaulting the Ambassador of Mexico with a hot chili dog. Carly groans in disgust and says Sam's name implying her disgust but also again showing that Carly is able to inflect various meanings just through Sam's name alone.
  • Carly refuses to cancel the show in large part because her Dad's gonna be watching. This is in contrast to her nearly canceling an iCarly webcast when Sam got sick in iReunite With Missy, further showing how worried Carly must have been for Sam's sake in that episode.
  • Spencer remarks, "Again?" when Carly asks him to fill in for Sam and Freddie explains that Sam's in Juvie. Also shows that Spencer is aware of Sam's personality and still lets her and Carly hang out compared to his alternate self in iChristmas.
  • Partly due to nerves and partly because there's no Sam, who we know gives Carly a sense of confidence by physically being there for Carly, we start to see Carly antagonistic. She blatantly tells Freddie, "Nobody cares," about his countdown and slaps Spencer on the chest multiple times while telling him, "It's iCarly. We don't do sophisticated."
  • In "The Cowboy and The Idiot Farmgirl Who Thought the Cowboy's Mustache Was A Squirrel" sketch, Carly either looks directly at the camera or off to the side and rarely makes eye contact with Spencer. This is in contrast to how she usually makes constant eye contact with Sam in the sketches and comes off much more flirty. Also in the scene is Carly biting Spencer's foot, meaning it was likely in the script and meant for Carly to bite Sam's foot which could be playing on Carly and Sam's dom/sub relationship since Carly already bit Sam's hand (with Sam asking her to also bite the other one) in iHatch Chicks.

iBelieve In Bigfoot

  • Carly again smiles when Sam insults Freddie by rhetorically asking, "Why aren't you more appealing?" More proof that Carly finds Sam's insulting of Freddie amusing and may have a similar sense of humor in general to Sam.
  • Carly not only leaps over the couch at Sam's announcement of Bigfoot but lands and shifts closer to Sam, enough that Sam has to physically lean away in order to avoid being injured. Shows that even unconsciously, Carly wants to be physically close to Sam.
  • Sam tells Carly there is no such thing as Bigfoot which ties back to Sam's not believing in ghosts either. Considering Carly's belief in Bigfoot, it could reflect that Carly is quicker to believe in the supernatural whereas Sam takes more of a scientific approach and needs hard proof. Sam also seems uneasy about discussing Bigfoot on iCarly and even asks Carly, "Don't you think we'd be jumping the shark doing that?" with Carly saying, "No. Lots of people are really curious about-" and stopping when Miss Briggs shows up.
  • Carly seems partly disgusted that Sam fell asleep with a half eat Robin's wiener hot dog but still tussles Sam's hair and says, "Wake up!" to get Sam awake. Interesting way of waking Sam up as well since Carly easily could've just prodded Sam on the shoulder instead.
  • Carly pleadingly tells Freddie, "Just go, set up your tree cameras," partly to cut off a fight and also to 'alleviate' Sam's pain of Freddie's presence. After Freddie leaves, Sam grins as she tells Carly, "I'm gonna trap a snack," while also continuing her open disbelief of Bigfoot. Despite Carly's strong belief, Sam never insults Carly herself about believing in Bigfoot.
  • Carly is the one to point out to Freddie, "And two squirrels wrestling." Freddie sees them and matter of factly tells Carly, "Carly... they're not wrestling." Carly quickly becomes aware of what Freddie means but after giving an embarrassed look, turns and physically stares at Sam who's asleep, implying that she wants to "wrestle" with Sam. She even informs Freddie of this and looks down with a bit of smile as if seeing the two squirrels mating stirred feelings in Carly of how she feels towards Sam. When Spencer brings up the squirrels, Carly instantly yells at him, "Don't talk about it!" Carly could be embarrassed at herself for having such thoughts towards Sam given her propensity to date boys.

iBeat the Heat

  • There is evidence of contrast in how Carly interacts with Freddie and Sam immediately. Freddie asks Carly to make it cooler and Carly turns to give him a hard look with Freddie remarking, "That's probably what you were doing," and Carly goes, "Uh-huh." When Sam comes in, she tells Carly to turn on the air conditioning but Carly (with far less venom) just informs Sam, "It's already on full blast."
  • Carly initially chuckles as she pulls Sam out but, while still having a firm grip on her wrist, Carly exclaims, "Oh my God! You are eating my frozen pizza!" and physically pulls the pizza out of Sam's mouth. Sam just gestures like 'it's who I am and I couldn't help it' too. Later Sam rubs her armpits with the assignment sheet and Carly seems amused and grossed out commenting, "Eww..." and "No thanks," when Sam tries to give it back. This in contrast to Freddie's rolling his eyes at Sam's ignorance of the assignment in general showing that Carly is more likely to find such a side of Sam as amusing if not part of what makes Sam who she is.
  • Sam asks Carly to rub her neck but Carly refuses mentioning she has to work on her project instead. Again showing that Carly's quicker to refuse a request from Sam than the other way around. When the power goes out, Carly begs Sam not to smell her fingers but Sam responds, "You know I have to," and does so while grinning at Carly in a satisfied way. Shows a side of Sam's character that takes fun in grossing Carly out, a side very rarely shown.
  • Carly says Sam's name in a 'swear it' way and Sam rolls her eyes but waves her hand at Carly and says, "I'll be nice," when Freddie comments that Sabrina will be arriving. Interestingly, Carly gives Sam looks when Sam insults Freddie about Sabrina and it could be in part to Carly wanting Freddie to fall for Sabrina in order to free Carly up for someone else (possibly Sam).
  • Carly seems very cool to Griffin when he shows up but when he remarks, "I have my pee wee babies," Carly can't believe her ears and remarks, "Oh my God," in an 'I can't believe this' tone. Griffin tries to move in on Carly and Carly remarks, "Don't kiss me!" with a shocked look showing how over him she is. Also interesting since Carly heavily plays up kissing in any relationship. Carly only lets him in to "guard" her project while she, Sam, and Freddie do iCarly.
  • Sam greets Carly and Freddie with a flirty, "What's up, girl? Little boy," showing she's much happier to see Carly while insulting Freddie about his size in relation to Sabrina.
  • Sam's anger peaks when Griffin tells Carly to her face, "I think my pee wee babies a little more important than your Fallopian city," with Sam's anger likely due to Griffin insulting Carly, her project which she's worked hard on, and the fact that Griffin can't even value Carly the way Sam may want to romantically. Sam proceeds to throw Peter the Penguin onto a couch where he's promptly sat upon.
  • Carly still smiles when Sam mocks Freddie saying, "Then Freddie's gonna grab a ladder and try to kiss his new girly-friend," as she says Sam's name in a 'don't tease him he's been through enough' way. Also shows that although Sam has fun insulting Freddie, she also shows no jealousy at all like Carly as neither displays any romantic interest towards Freddie in this episode.

Season 4

iGot a Hot Room

  • Carly briefly rests her hand on Sam's back as Sam mock cries on their iCarly webisode. Evidence that neither Carly nor Sam are unwilling to act as touchy feely as they do normally and furthers potential rumoring about their relationship.
  • Upon displaying the birthday breakfast, Carly only hugs Spencer and Sam (with Sam casually jumping forward and helping initiate the hug as well). Considering how rarely Carly and Sam hug in most episodes, the fact that they hug several times may indicate that Sam's become more aware of potential crush feelings especially given that it's Carly's birthday.

    iGot a Hot Room Hugs

  • Carly's traditional upbringing may be reflecting on Sam as Sam remarks that Spencer's hair, "makes (him) look like a girl," with the idea of the female gender having long hair and the male gender having short hair being more of a traditionalist take on gender roles in society. Also note that Carly requested Spencer get a haircut moments prior.
  • We see how clearly Sam wants everybody to acknowledge Carly's birthday (and make it memorable for Carly) as she takes extreme offense to Rico passing Carly by without saying anything. Carly tries to brush it off but Sam rebuffs her in a rare moment of standing up to and ignoring Carly. Sam's angry enough that she threatens Rico in Italian just to make Carly happy.
  • As Carly starts to get near tears, Sam is quick to tell her, "Come 'er, Kid," and envelopes her in an embrace to comfort Carly (much like Carly did for Sam in iOwe You). Sam goes so far as to briefly close her eyes, rests both hands on Carly's hair and upper back, and tells Carly, "It's okay, Carls. If you want, you can stay with me and my Mom," indicating another use of Sam's personal nickname for Carly and a rare offer of letting Carly sleep over with her. Carly falls back into Sam's arms when Spencer brings up the goat and it's further evidence that Carly (and Sam) are quick to seek physical comfort with the other more than anybody else.
  • Despite her penchant of not putting forth effort, we again see that Sam is incredibly capable when it comes specifically to Carly. Sam raises zero objection to Spencer requesting her help and it shows how dedicated Sam is that Spencer has Sam's named listed as the very first name to help work the room on the roll call.
  • We get a sense that although Carly is hard working and prepared when it comes to iCarly, she may do it as much for Sam's sake and their mutual love of iCarly. Carly calls working at the Groovy Smoothie, "stupid," much like she called Sam's job stupid in iOwe You. She also remarks that she worked, "12 hours and barely made enough money for 1 can of paint for (her) room," further indicating that Sam's trait of seeing instant results may have rubbed off on Carly. Sam even mentions earlier in the episode that she has ways of printing money illegally.

iSam's Mom

  • We start to see the influence Sam has (and their shared sense of humor) when Carly insults Freddie, insinuating that his pants are too girlish for him. Also worth commenting in that Carly insults him while they're alone.
  • Carly grins after Sam tells Freddie to not start and goes, "Oooh! Someone's extra feisty today." We also get a glimpse that the two can get lost in each other as Sam's rant about her mother continues into the actual iCarly webisode complete with Carly herself continuing the conversation.
  • Sam storms into Carly's room and openly starts dumping her clothes into an open clothes drawer. Carly initially wakes up and just stares, confused. Carly seems stunned that Sam wants to move in and Sam openly comments, "Well, where else am I gonna move to?" implying that she knows on some level that Carly wouldn't kick her out if she asked.
  • There is some interesting tension as Carly gets upset at Sam leaving food in her bed and leaving her panties (which Carly accentuates, knowing Sam hates the word) around. Also interesting that Sam is using the couch as a makeshift bed considering how Carly and Sam both use it as a bed at various times on the show.
  • Sam wears a pleased smile after she makes a sandwich for Carly, anticipating her arrival home. She even goes so far as to tell Carly, "Welcome home," when Carly enters much like a wife greeting a husband coming home from work.
  • Sam shows again that she treats Carly incredibly different from anybody else telling her, "Look, if you don't want me to stay here, that's fine," showing that she internally knows how frustrated Carly is at the situation and wouldn't blame her for wanting Sam to stay elsewhere. The tone Sam uses is one that she wouldn't blame Carly at all and wouldn't take it personally.
  • When Ms. Benson and Freddie show up, Carly tries to use having Sam there already as an excuse to not have them stay there either. It also shows that while Carly is upset at the habits Sam has, she prefers Sam living there if given the choice between Sam and Freddie.
  • Sam cuts off Carly by telling her, "You know, she's never said one nice thing to me about iCarly?" further showing how important the webshow is to Sam and how Sam herself considers it one of the few things that she truly works hard at. Carly angrily facepalms after Ms. Puckett asks what iCarly is. It could also be an instance where Carly is as annoyed at Sam for not bringing up iCarly to her mother considering how equally important it is to Carly.
  • Carly clearly has reached a breaking point as she comments, "They're both horrible in their own ways. No offense, know that you're my best friend and that I love you, but let's face it, you're a nightmare," is said directly to Sam and Carly has both hands together as if finally telling somebody they love a truth that they really don't want to admit. Carly says it in a softer tone but angrily wheels around and starts to shout at Ms. Puckett when she starts to support Carly's remark. Carly has a tendency to reveal more than intended when she hurriedly babbles or in the heat of a moment (see the "You know I love you" remark and her remark about Shelby Marx's butt) meaning that her telling Sam she loved her could've been a bit of a slip up by Carly. She easily could've transitioned from best friend into the but let's face it part.
  • Sam shows a very sensitive side when Carly starts openly freaking out in the box to the point that she kneels and tells Carly, "Relax," multiple times conveying concern and worry. She goes so far as to order Carly to "watch (her)," before telling her mother, "I love you. Mother," in a very matter of fact way. Dan Schneider confirmed in his Fun Facts that Sam mainly made up with her mom because she was worried about Carly freaking out.[3]

iSell Penny-Tees

  • While Carly is talking, Sam notices a "baby scab" on her arm and gently picks at it. Carly actually slaps Sam's hand away and tells her, "Leave it!" again showing their dom/sub relationship and the fact that Carly plays the dom to Sam's sub. Sam even goes so far as to give a 'yikes' pout as she backs away from Carly.
  • Sam mentions opening a restaurant and Carly rolls her eyes, telling Sam, "Nobody wants to kill a live chicken and then barbeque it," to which Sam's expression goes from happy to disappointed as she softly tells Carly, "You don't know everything."
  • Sam stares at Carly after Carly calls out to Spencer that they are going shoplifting and physically reaches out to Carly asking her, "Are we really going shoplifting?" in a hopeful tone before Carly shoots her down. Gives further evidence that as much as Sam likes Carly, she may want to "include" Carly on the stuff she likes to do but knows they are illegal and wouldn't work unless Carly initiated it. Sam again gives a disappointed and hurt look at Carly.


  • Carly tells Sam, "You said that 3 meatballs ago," and Sam remarks, "I have a problem," before leaning herself onto Carly's shoulder. Sam remains leaning on Carly's shoulder as Carly tells Freddie, "Sam has a meatball problem." Carly herself shows no objections to Sam leaning on her and may even enjoy it. Carly orders Sam to put the meatball down and Sam groans but says, "Fine," before missing the bucket.
  • Despite seeing him threatened, Carly still smiles when Sam repeats the phrase, "Internet boy," at Freddie again showing that Carly finds Sam's insulting of Freddie amusing.
  • At the wedding, when the vicar is talking, Sam openly looks bored while Carly tries to put up a smile that's far less convincing. Carly also turns several times towards Sam who's behind her, clearly worrying more about her than what is actually going on.
  • Carly glares at Freddie and gives him a look of 'don't go there' when he offers to rub her foot after it gets stomped on.
  • Despite having a crush on Spencer, Sam remarks about his "flat butt" and Spencer instantly comments, "Too far!"
  • Sam seems intrigued and supportive when Gordon asks Carly to sing his song, showing that Sam may like the rare instances where Carly lets her singing talent come out. Sam is both transfixed on Carly and later wears a pleased smile during Carly's performance.

iStart a Fanwar

  • Sam gives an unamused look when Carly stares dreamily at Adam and remarks, "Oh, man". Also implying that she's seen this look from Carly often as she references Carly crushing on Adam. In addition she curls her lip a bit as she does in other episodes.
  • Carly proceeds to put her finger against Sam's lips to shush her without even bothering to look at Sam. Sam looks surprised at the contact but not weirded out at all.
  • Sam never makes any positive remarks about Adam and the only interaction she has with him is to tie him up with an electrical extension cord.
  • Sam jokes that "Carly and Freddie are deeply in love" not only to incite the fans there but also since she is aware that Adam showed up solely for Carly. A possible instance of Sam being passive aggressive towards Adam, an act that she usually doesn't display towards Carly's other crushes. Carly later calls Adam a "future husband" and Sam's actions may have been done to express worry about losing Carly to Adam in particular.
  • Carly gives Sam several hurt looks including a 'warning' frown when Sam asks Carly to get her another extra fat shake. Despite being angry, Carly still stops when Sam calls out to her as if expecting an apology from Sam. Sam also displays complete apathy towards the fact that Adam left.
  • Carly orders Sam to go get Adam and Sam later physically ties Adam up for "resisting" implying that Adam chose not to believe Sam was joking. Sam also nyehs at both Carly and Freddie before leaving, clearly displaying zero care about Adam even in the face of Carly's anger and hurt.
  • Carly states that she and Freddie aren't dating, Sam and Freddie aren't dating, and that nobody is dating anybody. Carly could have emphasized the last part despite the Creddie vs Seddie crowd in part because such thoughts had crossed Carly's mind and she wouldn't want to have to publicly face any questions related to such a relationship given her and Sam's extremely close friendship.
  • After Adam is attacked by the 'Creddie fans', Sam comments that, "He belongs to them now," in a manner that Carly should move on from Adam. Carly makes no effort to save him, despite ordering Sam to save Freddie multiple times earlier in the episode. Sam also puts her hand on Carly's back when making the above comment and Carly is quick to leave after Freddie casually remarks, "Poor Adam."
  • After 'Aspartamay' grabs Carly, Carly briefly looks back at Sam as if expecting Sam to step in and help her out. Sam also takes a picture with her phone, possibly as either evidence in case police arrive or because she finds the situation a little funny but willing to step in anyway if something happens.

iHire An Idiot

  • As Sam sleeps next to Carly on the couch she is resting a foot on Carly's curled boots, again showing that Sam (and Carly) are more touchy feely when sleeping with the other. Carly proceeds to tickle Sam's foot to get her to wake up.
  • Sam remarks, "This couch is too crowded," when she tries to stretch out only after Freddie takes a seat next to Carly. Inference here is that Sam likes Carly's presence and doesn't think Carly takes up any personal space.
  • Carly rests the laptop on Sam's stomach and continues to type on it with Sam staying in her stretched out position on the eating table. Sam shows no negative reaction to Carly's action.
  • Sam and Carly both mirror each other physically while listening to Cort's interview. Sam is rarely this open in showing her interest, especially towards boys. Also may imply that Sam is bisexual given that she does show crushes towards boys but also has a bit of a possessive, jealous streak with Carly in relation to other girls. Worth noting is that Carly snaps at the only girl shown interviewing.
  • During the iCarly webcast, Carly throws an arm around Sam's shoulder as she remarks, "Who met a wandering freak named Sam," with a grin.
  • Carly remarks about firing Cort after he ruins Freddie's laptop but she and Sam change their minds upon seeing him shirtless and buff. This is typical of Carly to go for good looking guys but also shows her tastes may be rubbing off on Sam slightly as earlier she tells Cort, "You are really good looking."
  • It's interesting that Carly immediately looks unhappy and internally upset when Freddie hires Ashley as a new intern, going so far as to look at Sam briefly as well. Could be a further sign that Carly is okay with hiring a cute boy considering the situation in iSawHimFirst but is possibly worried at a cute girl coming onto Sam or stealing Sam from her. Sam also is the one to remark, "Dude, you just hired her because she's hot," implying that Sam is more quick to affirm a girl's good looks in comparison to Carly.
  • Carly continues to show a rare streak of nasty considering it's aimed at a girl as she calls Ashley a "feminidiot," to Freddie. Carly also openly huffs at Freddie after he calls Ashley, "Super hot," possibly implying that Carly is quick to show concern about hot girls in Sam's presence. See her reaction upon seeing Tasha for the first time.
  • Sam calls Cort, "Baby," and is a lot more touchy feely with him than she is with most other characters. Comparing her actions with Cort to her actions with Carly, it shows similarities in that Sam may be attracted to Carly and use similar mannerisms to those she is attracted to.

iPity The Nevel

  • In the "Moonlight Twi-Blood" sketch, 'Cowboy' Sam wears her hair up while being the cowboy. This could be a way for Sam to discreetly flirt with Carly as herself (from a viewer's point of view) instead of as a character. In other 'Idiot Farmgirl' sketches, Sam wears her hair down as part of the character of the 'Cowboy'.
  • During the sketch, Carly opens it with a very flirty, "Hi" before asking the 'Cowboy' if he's a vampire. The way the 'Farmgirl' smiles, looks at the 'Cowboy', and says lines is definitely intended as romantic. The 'Farmgirl' asks the 'Cowboy' if he'll be her vampire boyfriend and the 'Cowboy' only answers that he's not a vampire without rejecting her request.
  • The 'Farmgirl' goes so far as to touch the 'Cowboy's mustache but it's noticeable that Carly does it after saying she wants a vampire and adding, "As a boyfriend" after pulling her hand away as if tacking it on so there's no implication that Carly would want a female vampire to the audience.
  • Despite wanting the vampire as a boyfriend, the 'Farmgirl' calls him stupid multiple times even after asking him to kiss her. Also note that the 'Farmgirl' puts more space between them and is more negative to the vampire compared to Sam's 'Cowboy' character.
  • The "Twilight" vampire parody parallels Carly/Freddie in the fact that Carly's character only wants the vampire boyfriend because he's cool and she wants to kiss him for that purpose. Likewise, Carly thought she liked Freddie as more than friends only after he saved her life and became a hero in her eyes. Her relationship with Sam's 'Cowboy' also flips their relationship as Carly initially shows interest in Sam but Sam 'ignores' it and pushes Carly towards the vampire. Given what happened between Carly/Freddie and later, Sam/Freddie in iKiss, one could parallel that into Carly or Sam moving on from Freddie towards the unconventional relationship with one another.
  • In a subtle possessive scene, Sam is against the car when Carly asks her why she didn't invite Gibby. After Gibby is invited by Freddie, Sam walks up and stands behind Carly. Could be a small call back to the impact Gibby had on Sam seeing Carly and Freddie dancing.
  • Carly continues her control of Sam by simply nodding her head at Sam to untie Nevel on the couch. Sam audibly groans in annoyance but does it anyway.
  • Sam tells Freddie, "It (his vampire voice) doesn't work on us," as possibly an under the radar way of telling him she and Carly don't find him attractive or boys in general considering he has other girls call him hot because of his character.
  • When Nevel is apologizing to the little girl he yelled at, Carly starts crying and hugs Sam unexpectedly. Sam gives a slightly disgusted look at Nevel in this moment while Carly rests her head on Sam's shoulder. Sam also wraps her arm around Carly's shoulder like they often do on iCarly web shows. Briefly you can see Carly leaning, likely showing that Carly's crying led into the following bit as Sam lifts her hand to start petting Carly's hair and uses her left arm to grab Carly's shoulder.
  • As Nevel hugs Molly, the camera pans back to show Carly and Sam. On the clip on iCarly.com, Carly is leaning against Sam and Sam is not only stroking Carly's hair but also using her left arm to grab Carly's shoulder. An image can be seen in the gallery.


  • Sam and Freddie arm wrestling, with Carly as their referee can be seem metaphorically as them competing for Carly.
  • While Sam tells the viewers they learned nothing from the webcast, she puts her arm around Carly and leans into her.
  • Carly sniffs Sam's neck saying "smells like Sam." As she does this, Sam is chuckling. Sam never lets people get this close to her.
  • Sam asks to help Freddie and Brad with her project, and Carly doesn't question this, even if she knows her best friend is acting weird.
  • Carly mentions in a somewhat annoyed tone that she and Sam were supposed to hang out, but Sam blew her off to hang out with Freddie and Brad.
  • Sam is acting weird, which is very sudden. She decides to hang out with Freddie, and avoids Carly. This makes the case that she could be in love with either person. Sam could be avoiding Carly to get over her feelings, which she does for most of the episode, or she could be in love with Freddie. As Sam has known Freddie for a while, it's weird that she would all of a sudden stop hitting him and want to be closer to him.
  • Sam being nicer to Freddie would indirectly impress Carly, as her two best friends would no longer be fighting and Carly HATES Sam and Freddie fighting (as mentioned in her profile on iCarly.com).
  • Carly makes a large effort to help Sam with Brad, and she knows that Sam is a bit shy when it comes to boys. Her shyness could also mean that she isn't attracted to boys.
  • During their argument, Sam insists that she doesn't love Brad, and emphasizes his name, saying "I don't love Braddd!" to Carly. She simply tells Freddie that she doesn't have feelings for Brad, but it remains possible that she loves Carly instead.
  • Sam is upset that Carly would meddle in her love life. Carly counters this by mentioning that all she really wants is for Sam to be happy.
  • As soon as Carly says this, Sam's lip moves, and her tongue sticks out a bit, before remarking, "Then bake me a pie." Her sarcastic remark could easily be masking her feelings.
  • The parallel between Freddie and Carly's discussions with Sam point to her being closer to Carly emotionally. Sam never threatened Carly once during their argument, and has never said that she hates her.
  • While Sam does kiss Freddie, she takes not only his, but Carly's advice.
  • Sam kisses Freddie, interrupting him when he gives her advice on love. While it heavily implies that she loves him, it could also be her way of deterring who she really loves.
  • The audience can clearly see Carly through the window. Up to now, it is unclear if Sam saw Carly and how she would react if she knew Carly was watching.
  • Carly peeks through the window, seeing Freddie and Sam kissing, and seems to be in shock, and possibly jealous.
  • Carly may be over Freddie at this point in the series, and on iCarly, the love triangle may be this: Sam loves Freddie, who loves Carly, who loves Sam.
  • Carly looks a little sad while she watches Sam and Freddie kiss, implying jealousy.

iParty With Victorious

  • When Carly says that Tori and Steven might be "just friends," Sam snorts and says, "No guy is just friends with a girl like that!" This could imply that Sam may find girls attractive.
  • Carly texts Sam, saying she loves Steven, but when forced to read their texts, Sam openly reads hers, while Carly hesitates to mention that her reply, then quickly blurts it out.
  • Sam's reply to Carly's text is a tongue sticking out emoticon, (:P) suggesting Sam thinks Carly's feelings about Steven aren't that serious, or she thinks Carly doesn't love him.
  • Sam seems keen on making Carly realize Steven is cheating on her and have her break up with him. This could possibly be jealousy.
  • Sam seems adamant, and puts a lot of effort into proving that Steven is a cheater without proper evidence, while Freddie appears to be more silent until there is physical evidence.
  • When they arrive at the party (in their makeup), Carly looks at Sam for a moment before remarking "We really look hideous."; the fact that she feels the need to point this out when she looks at Sam could mean she usually thinks of Sam as beautiful.
  • Sam instantly suggests confronting Steven for being a cheater and wants to embarrass him for hurting Carly.
  • Sam doesn't seem to want to say "I told you so" to Carly. When she does, it is in an upset and hurt tone.
  • When Carly, Tori and Sam plot an idea for revenge, Carly and Sam share a knowing, flirtatious look that even Tori picks up as an inside thing that the girls do.

iLost My Mind

  • Sam did not want Carly saying that she loves Freddie.
  • When Sam covers Carly's mouth, Carly tries to lick it. It does not work for Sam. Carly only washes her mouth out because Sam's hand tasted like "peanuts and mud."
  • Even though the nurse said that Sam wanted no visitors, Sam does not get upset about Carly coming to her room.
  • Carly openly expresses concern at Sam missing school for 3 days and when Sam remains stuck in the mental hospital despite Carly and Freddie being forced out.
  • Sam told Carly the password to her Pear Phone. Carly merely mentions it's "icky" (and refuses to tell it to Freddie) but doesn't sound like she's judging Sam at all for her choice.

iDate Sam & Freddie

  • Carly seemed to care for Sam a lot overall.
  • When Carly walks in holding the blue butt prop, Sam says "Nice butt, Carls." Carly seems clearly amused by that phrase and seemingly isn't a bit weirded out by that ambiguous remark.
  • Carly supports the happiness of her best friends, but has openly stated that Sam and Freddie are in a new phase (a new relationship), and that if they could not resolve their own differences, then they should reconsider their relationship.

iCan't Take It

  • Carly holds a whole speech talking about the advantages of Sam. "Sure, she's unpredictable. She can go berserk and chew your foot off. But, if you keep her clean and well fed, she's adorable and cool and tons of fun."
  • If you watch the scene, one could think Carly/Sam were in a relationship when Carly throws her arm around Sam and Sam smiles during the "adorable and cool and tons of fun" line. Carly also keeps her arm around Sam until Freddie speaks up again.

iLove You

  • Carly manages to inadvertently break Sam and Freddie up, much like Sam did in iSaved Your Life.
  • When Carly is discussing Spencer and his former babysitter's (Jenna) relationship, she describes it as "wrong", "unnatural" and "weird". Considering the parallel, a hypothetical relationship between Sam and Carly would pose those same exact words to a majority of the audience.
  • While Carly's words may or may not have spoken about the Sam/Freddie relationship, it is notable that Sam takes to heart her best friends words, and Freddie has to reassure her that Carly was not discussing their relationship as "wrong" or "weird".
    • Sam clearly is the one to start doubting her relationship with Freddie, and even when they say "I love you" to each other, Sam is the one to REACT. While her returning the words "I love you" might be sincere, it's still possible that if Freddie would not have said it, she would have reconsidered her feelings and might have come to the conclusion that she loves someone else even more.


  • Carly frequently admits that the only reason she is dating/seeing Kyle is because he looks good. Carly even goes so far as to mention kissing just to get him to stay by the end of the episode, despite his snobbish attitude and prior mention of dumping a GF for not being smart enough.
    • Worth noting is the Carly is the one that gets dumped here, for being dishonest (and essentially not just being herself which is a huge reason why Sam likes Carly).
  • After witnessing Kyle's leaving, Sam is sympathetic to Carly.
    • The next scene shows the two seated on the couch on opposite ends with their legs stretched out. Carly still has her shoes on but Sam has hers off and Carly is idly playing with her sock covered feet (much like Carly fiddled with Sam's shoelace in iFix A Pop Star). Sam also "gives back" the big fork to Carly both as a means of cheering her up and making her laugh when she produces the comedically big fork instead.
  • Once again, Carly is in a relationship, but she is extremely unhappy, and in this episode, overachieves to try and keep her relationship with Kyle intact.
    • It is likely that Carly could've either picked another boy to date, or simply, have been honest with Kyle, she probably would have a boyfriend. The case could be that psychologically, Carly doesn't want a boyfriend, so she dates those who, while they are attractive, are completely incompatible dating-wise with her.

iStill Psycho

  • In their performance of the Cowboy Whose Mustache Is a Squirrel and the Idiot Farm Girl bit, Sam throws her arm around Carly's shoulder and pats it several times.
    • When Sam says, "Now, now there little sugar munch," Carly gives a brief look at Freddie as if to gauge his reaction to Sam's use of the pet nickname. At the end when Sam comments she was supposed to come up with an ending, Carly briefly rests a hand on Sam's back and grabs/brushes Sam's arm with her other hand. Carly especially seems very touch feely with Sam (and vice versa) throughout the episode.
  • Just like in iPity The Nevel, Sam wears her hair open during the "Idiot Farmgirl" sketch, making her appear less male-like than in season 2 and 3 when she tied her hair up during those sketches.
  • Carly mentions being bummed when she wasn't asked to the Junior Prom, implying that Carly struggles to find dates to school dances or is very particular about who she crushes on and has a bit of single target focus as a result.
  • Carly breaks down in the courthouse and openly cries on Sam's shoulder, letting Sam physically comfort her. Whenever Carly needs a shoulder to cry on, she always turns to Sam. Sam rubs Carly's shoulder and looks extremely hurt at seeing Carly crying, showing that when Carly is in pain, Sam feels that pain equally.
  • When Carly is crying, audio of Sam is heard, telling Carly, "It's okay, relax, shut up," but does so in a very soft tone of voice typical of their interactions. Sam could be embarrassed that Carly is openly crying on her in a public setting (especially in front of a judge and Nora) and is trying to get Carly to control her emotions.
  • Sam gives a look and shakes her head in annoyance when Carly shouts at her to apologize to Maurice but does so anyway, again showing once more that Carly is the only one to be able to control Sam through her words. Later Carly and Sam continue their mother/daughter aspect when Carly complains about the butter sock and asks Sam in a disbelieving tone if Sam changes the butter once a month. Sam very softly whispers, "No," in response showing guilt.
  • Carly and Sam both seem hesitant to break up Nora's kissing Freddie and later on both are shown eating cake as Nora continues to kiss Freddie.
    • Sam is the one to defend it as the cake being really good too. Could imply that Carly still doesn't like Freddie and Sam has moved on from Freddie, possibly realizing she was crushing on Freddie as a means of hiding her feelings for Carly instead.
  • Carly falls asleep with a female mannequin, openly cuddling it during the time she was asleep and resting her head on the female mannequin's shoulder. Extremely reminiscent to how she sleeps when with Sam on the couch.
    • She's also shown clutching the "arm" draped across her own body as well, further implying that Carly may like girls or prefer girls to boys despite liking both. Also note that Carly went so far as to throw a blanket over the both of them. Neither Freddie nor Sam slept with a mannequin.
  • Sam is groggy when Carly wakes her with "fried chicken" and looks up at Carly confused when Carly reveals there isn't any fried chicken. "Then why'd you wake me?" is Sam's first direct words to Carly.
  • Carly remarks, "Aww, look at Freddie," who is shown clutching a pillow to his chest. Sam looks down at Freddie and comments in a bit of a defensive tone, "What about him?" Carly looks at Sam and says, "Boys look so cute when they're asleep," as if trying to tell Sam she doesn't like Freddie that way but prefers Sam and turns it into a generalized statement. Sam promptly overturns the couch, dumping Freddie to the floor, and displays zero sympathy.
  • When Freddie compares Sam and Carly, stating that Carly would be "gentle" with him when shocking him, Carly interrupts him and uses the shock pen. Not only does this show signs of an aggressive nature in Carly, she may also have been defending Sam.
    • Her entire attitude and how physical Carly looks when shocking Freddie is eerily reminiscent of how Sam probably would have been when shocking Freddie as well. Could be that Carly took a bit of offense at Freddie thinking of Carly as "gentle" (e.g. weaker/not as aggressive as Sam).
  • Carly eagerly encourages Sam to finish the job/make sure Freddie's chip is disabled by shocking Freddie even more. She gives Sam encouraging looks and motion's for her to keep going while Sam shocks an already unconscious Freddie.
  • Neither Sam nor Carly hesitate or stop to think about shocking Freddie even though the have already seen what kind of affects the shock pen can have on Freddie as seen in "iGet Pranky".

iMeet The First Lady

  • Sam told Carly that they will talk to Col. Shay, despite the difficulties, just to make Carly happy. Shows that Sam is willing to display confidence in the face of scenarios that are causing issues for Carly personally or emotionally (see iGoToJapan and iQuit iCarly).
  • During the webcast IM between the iCarly gang and Col. Shay, there are several Cammy moments including two hugs (one of which features Sam kinda duck herself into Carly) and Sam rests her hand on Carly's shoulder as Carly says goodbye.

iToe Fat Cakes

  • Carly and Sam are both touchy feeling during the opening segment including Sam holding Carly while Gibby flies around and Carly throwing an arm over Sam's shoulder.
  • Carly again makes mention of her consistent inconsistency in terms of keeping boys/dating boys in general. She remarks that she has blown Lance off twice already and that if it weren't for a third attempt with Lance, she'd be joining Sam and the rest of the gang to Canada.
  • Carly also specifically mentions not kissing in 4 months as a part of the reason for trying with Lance, again tying into the fact that Carly associates kissing with romantic relationships in general.
Considering Carly is an extremely popular web show host, considered attractive if not outright hot, it remains puzzling why she would have such troubles attracting/keeping a boyfriend unless Carly unconsciously tried/wanted to sabotage such relationships. Could be Carly's way of trying to ignore any crush/feelings towards Sam by pretending she prefers boys while not really trying either.
  • Spencer randomly comments that Sam has a crush on him, implying he's known for a while and it may also insinuate that Spencer knows Sam may do things for/around him because of her crush. Could set up a scenario where Sam acts/does things to and for Carly because she also has a crush on her.

Season 5

iGo One Direction

  • Carly doesn't seem offended or weirded out by Sam putting her head on her shoulder and calling her stupid, more confused at such a display in public. Carly briefly glances at Sam as well, seemingly aware of what Sam is about to do, but doesn't acknowledge it verbally instead just asking, "Why am I stupid?" to Sam.
    • Even though Sam is insulting Carly, her hugging and petting Carly's hair shows that she considers Carly differently than she does others. Rather than bluntly and rudely insulting her as she does with most people, she sweetly calls Carly stupid, as if either to not hurt her feelings, or almost pitying her for her innocence to the cruelties in the world.
  • Sam goes so far as to both pet Carly's hair and pat her shoulder, not caring how the action may look in front of Freddie or the band members. The fact that neither verbally remarks about the act may also imply that both Sam and Carly are comfortable doing such actions with one another, just not so publicly (see iScream on Halloween for another example). Along with the example from iScream on Halloween, it continues the aspect that Sam may be more willing to be aggressive and perform public acts of affection towards Carly whereas Carly is more traditional in keeping such displays behind closed doors.
  • Even though Sam is a One Direction fan, she immediately gets annoyed and says something to Harry when she realizes he is taking advantage of Carly ("what else do you want Carly to do for you wash your tour bus?"). Showing she isn't going to let anyone take advantage of Carly's good nature.
  • When One Direction is singing at the end you can see Sam dancing towards Carly in a very "playful" manner.

iBattle Chip

  • Carly literally puts her nose into Sam's mouth to check if Sam ate the peperoni from the pizza.
    • Neither Carly nor Sam show even the slightest sign of discomfort at the for outsiders probably pretty weird and intimate action.
    • Sam also starts eating the peperoni after Carly does this. Since she knew what Carly was about to do, this seems to be a regular thing for them.
  • On their iCarly webisode, Sam also grabs Carly by the shoulders at one point with both hands.

Episodes with a Cam Main Plot/Subplot

Hugs and Kisses.jpg

A few episodes of iCarly show development in the Cam pairing, whether it's restating their friendship, or hinting at the prospect that Carly and Sam may have a deeper relationship than what meets the eye.

Season One

iPromise Not to Tell

This is a major friendship episode between Carly and Sam.

When Carly gets a B+ on her history paper, just because her teacher Mr. Devlin doesn't like three-hole paper, Sam is upset too and suggests that they should ask the iCarly viewers to egg Mr. Devlin's house, but Carly declines.

After overhearing Principal Franklin's username and password for the school computer, Sam decides to change Carly's B+ into an A+ and also improves one of Freddie's grades. Then, after ankle shaking, she happily tells her about what happened. But Carly isn't too happy, because she feels she shouldn't have straight "A"s this way.

Carly feels extremely guilty about it, and she and Freddie try to change their grades back. Before doing so, however, Carly shows signs of Sam-like qualities when fighting Freddie; she's able to pin him down twice, a possible indication that Sam does influence Carly. They get caught, however, but instead of telling the truth, Carly insists that they don't tell on Sam. They lie to principal Franklin instead about hacking into the school computer to look up his birthday so neither they nor Sam will get in trouble. Carly's guilt becomes even worse when she pushes another student off the honors list, making her cry, and Spencer makes her an A-sculpture to celebrate her straight "A"s and gets her a big new TV.

Carly eventually breaks down and tells Spencer about what Sam did. When Sam finds out, she says "What kind of world do we live in, where the ankle shake means nothing anymore?" in a concerned and disappointed tone instead of being mad at her, which is what one would usually expect from Sam.

Even after confessing what she did to Spencer, Carly doesn't tell Principal Franklin the truth about who changed her grades, but takes the blame herself; for Sam's sake, she is ready to take a punishment she doesn't deserve. Freddie also wants to take the blame for it, confusing Principal Franklin. Sam, however, comes into the office, struck with guilt, tells the whole truth about her changing Carly's grades and making her promise not to, and says that she was wrong to do that to a friend. Since Sam is known to let other people take the blame for her misdeeds, this is another sign how much Carly means to her. Carly is finally happy.

When Sam wants to change her detention form in the end, Carly drags her away from the computer by the hair so she won´t get into more trouble.

iDon't Want to Fight

The entire episode revolves around the friendship of Carly and Sam. On a side note, this is also the first episode that shows Freddie is able and ready to save the friendship between them if it´s necessary.

The way Carly and Sam met is quite unusual to begin with as their friendship is not a regular playground - friendship: Sam first introduces herself, asks Carly if she can have her sandwich, then when Carly verbally denies her, Sam steals the sandwich and shoves Carly to the ground. Carly promptly steals back her sandwich and shoves Sam to the ground, causing Sam to tell Carly, "You're alright." Considering the trouble Sam has making friends, it could be evidence that even then Sam thought Carly was special because Carly wouldn't let Sam walk all over her. Later ties into Sam's submissive attitude around Carly considering she knows Carly won't be a pushover like most people Sam interacts with.

Their friendship is very important to Carly, as she makes a special present for Sam for their five year anniversary. Upon getting the t-shirt Carly tries downplaying the gift by saying, "It's no big deal," we see just how important it is to Sam. Sam replies, "Please. I love this," as she holds it up against her. Sam also hugs Carly after rhetorically asking, "How great are you?" Sam immediately tells Carly she's getting tickets just for the two of them for the Cuddlefish concert, knowing before hand that the concert's been sold out for months and they are Carly's favorite band. The fact that Sam's thought up a way to get tickets and all but promised Carly the tickets shows how much Carly means to her to put forth such effort. Sam clearly is unhappy with trading the shirt for the tickets considering she wouldn't pay Rip off Rodney $200 for them but is also aware that the concert itself and the fact that it'd just be Carly and Sam could be a once in a lifetime opportunity as well. Even as Sam admits to Carly she traded the shirt, we see Sam's belief that the Cuddlefish concert tickets and being able to attend with Sam are extremely important to Carly, in Sam's eyes. It isn't until Carly grows hurt over Sam's trading of the shirt that Sam starts to get the idea of just how important Carly's gift was to Carly, spending 2 weeks to make it herself. We also get a sense of how hurt and angry Carly is as she raises her voice to Sam who starts getting defensive and the two constantly bicker from the downstairs, through the elevator ride, and into iCarly.

Freddie almost convinces them to make up to the point that Carly starts to tell Sam she didn't mean what she had said. Carly grows smoldering and looks almost betrayed when Doreen shows up, making it clear that Sam took her instead of Carly. Carly's anger transitions from Sam's selling of the t-shirt to Doreen going saying, "You got those for us," despite Carly's refusal to go with Sam. Here we get a bit of jealousy from Carly at Sam's choosing another girl over her. Sam stubbornly refuses to apologize, arguing that Carly made it clear she didn't want to go and Sam wasn't going to waste the tickets considering what she gave up in the t-shirt and her close friendship with Carly. When Freddie and Spencer talk about Carly and Sam fighting, Spencer goes so far as to say, "Yeah, I've been worried about Carly. She's been so glum," indicating that underneath Carly's anger and hurt at Sam, Carly really does care about Sam deeply and that fighting with Sam has made Carly a bit depressed.

In the end, Freddie shows an assertive side as he bosses Carly and Sam into arguing to the iCarly audience their side of the argument, using a rope pulley as a means of control. It shows just how dire the situation has become that Freddie feels he has to resort to such measures. Upon revealing that he put up a third option to vote for, Freddie later comments, "Our fans don't like when best friends fight. Neither do I," and Sam quickly wipes away tears that start to form. Upon seeing this, Carly reacts with worry and says, "Aww, Sam, you're crying," in a very soft voice. Considering Carly's shouting throughout the entire episode, Sam's tears could be a breaking point for Carly considering the immediate shift in physicality and tone of voice. Sam meanwhile could be realizing just how close they were to breaking up their friendship completely over a situation that could have never happened in the first place. Her crying is something very not-Sam like, as Sam has shown through a few episodes that not many things phase her, signifying that her relationship with Carly is very important to her. Carly immediately apologizes after seeing Sam cry, showing how much it must've pained her to see Sam crying as a result of what she helped fester and push, and Sam rolls her eyes briefly but also apologizes. They both hug each other for several seconds, just holding each other, and it's clear neither wants to let the other go after what they've gone through. As soon as Spencer shows up, Sam is beaming a smile (despite being in tears just moments before) and Carly herself has a pleased smile. These are strong indications that Carly and Sam know it's just "right" as soon as they are best friends again, using the hug as a silent understanding that the argument's over and everything that was said is in the past.

Season Two

iSaw Him First

This episode focuses on the friendship between Carly and Sam.

Carly and Sam's friendship becomes strained when they are attracted to the same boy, Shane. Early on in the episode, playful banter is exchanged between the duo when Sam makes iced tea for Carly, which is a rare moment seeing Sam do anything for anyone besides herself. Carly notes that Sam neglected her full request for iced tea with lemons and ice, so Sam adds in a full lemon in jest. Carly wonders why she continues to invite Sam over her house, though Sam is lazy and unhelpful. Although Sam has her flaws, Carly puts up with them because overall, she cares about Sam.

Initially Shane is believed to be a nerd by the two girls, as they agree that only nerds join the AV Club, however, when they first see him, both are instantly attracted to him. They continue on to do the sketch (which requires that they stick their tongues to two ends of a rod while stepping in vinegar and goat's milk to light it up) with a little Shane banter here and there. When Carly and Sam tell each other that they're considering dating Shane, they both try to follow the "Girl Code" and would've been ok with the other dating Shane, had they not seen him at the same time. [A small scene edited out before this had Sam slap Carly after she asks her to. Possibly they considered it out of character for Sam to do this, so they took it out of the episode.] Even when they learn that they were in a dead tie, they try to make a compromise.

Instead of conventionally asking Shane out, letting Sam date him, or deciding not to date him, Carly makes a questionable move to include Sam when she suggests that they should both date Shane and share him. While doing so, she lightly shoves Sam a few times, and Sam doesn't react violently (this is edited from the extended version). Actually, the odd event is that Sam, of all people, considers the negative side of dating the same boy as her best friend, but eventually agrees to enter the relationship. The girls attempt to be civil, at first even sounding mature about it. Sam tries, but is unable to lie when she has a date with Shane, another weird occurrence as she is shown to be an expert liar on the show (iRocked The Vote). Carly remarks upon it, trying not to sound jealous, and goes so far as to agree with Shane when she hears that he complimented on Sam's nose. The conversation shifts from a complimentary to a contest of one-upmanship, where each girl tries to make the other jealous, to the point where random insults are being flung (the final blow being when Sam insists that Carly needs "help" because she got a push-up bra after Carly says that she has a date with Shane).

Later they are both apologetic, as Sam even makes "make-up cookies" for Carly. Seeing as any kind of menial labor is considered effort, which Sam avoids as much as possible, this shows the high esteem that Sam holds for Carly. Both find it difficult to share Shane while maintaining their friendship, so they agree on letting the person who Shane kisses first date him. [As Carly describes the rules for winning the bet, she specifies there has to be lip to lip contact, to which Sam smiles and states that she enjoys. Given that this episode in production order comes before iKiss, Sam hasn't had a first kiss to boast "enjoying", this line could've been referring to either Shane, or Carly herself. As Carly made the suggestion herself, without mention of Shane by name, Sam could've been considering that kissing her best friend could make for a positive experience.] When Freddie suggests Carly go out with him and let Sam date Shane, she gives a small laugh, and Sam rolls her eyes at him. Freddie even tries to help Sam win the bet, and she accepts his help. Although executed through crafty means, Carly and Sam follow the rules of their deal, though neither one wins the bet. When Shane gets mad at them for fighting over him, and inadvertently falls down the elevator shaft, the girls are left horrified and clutching each other for support. While they visit him at the hospital, they vow never to fight over a boy again and leave to eat. Carly returns to kiss Shane, but it appears to be only in a show that she has won the bet, not because she genuinely likes him. Also, she does this when Sam has left, not in front of her.


This episode is S/F/C (Sam/Freddie/Carly) development (friendship and relationship), considered to be mainly Seddie as well as Creddie, but there are definite Cam friendship scenes and moments that suggest that Carly and Sam may have affections for each other.

At the start of the episode, Freddie plays a prank on Sam for revenge and Carly seems shocked, asking if Freddie values his life. Sam shows how angry she is by breaking the lock to Carly's apartment with her free hand. Given the later episode of iGet Pranky and Carly's lack of pranking experience, it's interesting that Sam shows such rage at Freddie considering the two goad Carly into performing pranks herself.

Carly and Sam go to see "The First Kiss" and immediately lambast it when asked how it was by Spencer with Sam saying it's the same as every other cliche teen chick movie and Carly remarks, "It made me embarrassed to be a teen chick." We continue to see Sam's tomboyish side when Spencer asks Sam to throw the football and Sam possesses a pretty good arm. Carly tells Freddie the movie was, "the worst ever" and when Sam asks Carly who her first kiss was, Carly expresses shock at Sam's asking her possibly because Freddie's also in the room with them. Carly remarks the kiss itself was an, "average, little kiss," but Sam seems more concerned with Carly's reference to potato salad. Sam blatantly lies and mentions her first kiss occurring in a port-a-potty while wearing a similar expression to Carly. Carly seems a bit nervous after Freddie admits to never having a real first kiss, possibly hoping it'd be Carly even after dating Valerie, but makes no offer at kissing Freddie herself to give him his first real kiss showing that Carly doesn't like him as more than just a friend.

After the trailer for "Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie" is shown, Sam reveals that Freddie has never kissed a girl and emphasizes the girl aspect. Carly shouts Sam's name twice, leaves a stunned Freddie alone to comfort himself, and comments, "You just ruined Freddie's life!" but doesn't make any attempt to console Freddie. Even after seeing Freddie get mocked and teased in school for Sam's revelation, Carly still never offers to kiss Freddie herself just to allow him to have a real first kiss and end his torment.

It's interesting to see how angry Carly is as she admonishes Sam, telling her that Freddie's constantly being teased and has gotten to the point that he won't even talk to his mother. When Carly reveals to Sam, "You ruined his entire life and you don't even care," as she storms past her, Sam looks back at Carly clearly guilty and chastised over what she did. Carly is arguably at her coldest to Sam here series wise as she tells Sam, "I don't know. Just get in front of the camera and do it," when Sam asks how she can do the show now that she feels depressed. It again paints a picture that Sam takes what Carly says to heart and when Carly is upset with her or even just makes little sarcastic digs, it pains Sam far more emotionally than if anybody else said them. Carly's mouth drops in shock when Sam admits she's never had a kiss and Sam looks back at her briefly as if to prove that she's not lying. Sam also remarks, "I've never kissed anyone," possibly implying that prefers girls or likes girls and boys considering she emphasized Freddie's never kissing a girl earlier. Sam looks both ashamed and a little guilty when she tells Carly, "I didn't lie," possibly indicating that she likes Carly and was hoping her first kiss could be with Carly. Carly echoes Sam asking her, "Wait... you've seriously never kissed anyone?" implying that Carly may be a little aware that Sam likes girls as well. Carly also remarks that Sam has always seemed "so... willing," implying that Sam may have been giving off some signals. Considering how Carly brings up kissing when in relationships and sees kissing as a serious step in a relationship, she could be unconsciously transferring her own feelings of kissing Sam as signals from Sam that she was willing to kiss. This also explains that Sam never kissed Jonah in iHate Sam's Boyfriend despite them hugging.

Sam initially seems guilty but offers Freddie a meatball, when she rarely offers food to others, and apologizes not only for revealing what she did but also "everything." Sam's entire attitude seems to be that she's not only thought about a first kiss but possibly has thought about Carly given how relaxed and conversational she's being with Freddie much like she usually is with Carly. Sam remarks how stupid freaking out over a first kiss is and later comments, "Sometimes I just wish I could get it out of the way," implying that Sam herself has possibly freaked out over not having a first kiss in part because she wants it to be with Carly. Sam brings up the idea of kissing Freddie and pauses as she thinks it over before pointing out to Freddie, "Just to get it over with," implying that Sam may not want to kiss Freddie for fear of what she may find out about herself but that she also wants to just get it over with as well even if it's with Freddie.

As they kiss, Freddie seems much more engaged and willing in the kiss whereas Sam keeps her eyes open and looking over Freddie's shoulder as if waiting for a spark or something to hit her that tells her kissing Freddie "feels right" or even good. Sam even closes her eyes briefly before they separate as if mentally willing herself to feel anything through the kiss. This all in the face of Carly's earlier admission that her first kiss was merely "average" and not super special. Freddie seems surprised and relieved after the kiss, like it was decent but nothing to have made himself nervous and upset over. Sam, meanwhile, looks almost like her world's shattered and she's officially identified a truth about herself that she either wasn't ready to accept or wasn't willing to accept. Sam's facial expression is one she uses several times throughout the series when an event/line of dialogue occurs that impacts her character in a negative way. There's a bit of a strong implication that Sam's realized she either prefers girls or only likes girls. If Sam liked Freddie, her expression would either be similar to his or she could even be smiling. It's curious at best because Sam would have no reason to be worried about Carly being jealous of her since Carly has openly said numerous times that she doesn't like Freddie romantically. Sam still seems shell shocked as she leaves and despite Freddie's grin as he tells her he still hates her, Sam barely puts forth any feeling behind her response of, "hate you too." It's clear that the realization Sam came to has impacted her mentally and possibly emotionally to the point that she's in a state of shock.

iMake Sam Girlier

This episode mainly centers around Sam's character, but it also has the Cam friendship in it, as well as possible indications that Carly may like Sam. Initially this episode was going to be called "iMake Sam Girly" or "iGirlify Sam", but they decided on "iMake Sam Girlier", probably so it wouldn't imply that Sam is a tomboy, although in the episode and previous ones it's clear she is.

Carly is the one to organize and set up the birthday party for Sam and we see her responsibility as she checks off items, a character trait that gets referenced in iQuit iCarly. Carly tells Freddie, "Because... I want it to be special. The one her Mom threw last year was so lame," indicating that Carly took it upon herself to give Sam a special birthday party that she feels Sam deserves. Given the effort Carly's going through, it's clear that Carly really cares about Sam and her having a special memory that Carly helped create. Carly gives Sam a huge surprise at the end of iCarly including balloons falling and Gibby popping out of a cake. This morphs into the party downstairs where Carly mentions, "I had to. You wouldn't stop talking about him for three weeks," in regards to inviting Pete, a boy Sam has a serious crush on. Carly steps up first and stares directly at Sam telling her, "You're my best friend in the whole world and the funniest person I've ever met. Sam, you're smart and creative and fun and awesome and you're the only person I know who can eat an entire ham in less than fifteen minutes." It's clear from Carly's speech that she likes Sam for a variety of reasons and despite Sam's lack of book smarts, Carly prefers Sam's ability to be creative and fun in that aspect in comparison to Freddie (see iBalls as an example of his lack of creativity). Carly's speech is also the only one that does not mention Sam's violent tendencies and also features the most direct eye contact with Sam, indicating that Carly's speech was as much to Sam as for those in attendance if not more so. It isn't until Pete, her crush, that Sam starts to really take everything personally and get dejected after Pete remarks that he'd take Sam to back him up in a fight over the entire football team.

Carly walks up to Sam and instantly knows that something's wrong as she waits several seconds in which Sam doesn't even acknowledge her before asking Sam, "Why are you cleaning out your locker?" Carly mentions that Sam's been acting all weird since the party. Sam tells Carly, "It's no big deal. Just forget about it," clearly unhappy but refusing to reveal to Carly what the issue is. When they see Jocelyn holding a kid upside down, in the background, Sam is shown clearly reacting to what's going on internally as she makes her signature frowned lip expression. Sam even goes so far as to look down, trying to completely avoid even looking at what's going on showing her internal struggle to not be seen as violent or physical. We openly see how concerned Carly is as they switch roles with Sam saying, "We're gonna be late," as they go to homeroom but Carly responds with, "I don't care," and holds Sam's arm to keep her back as well. Sam tells Carly that everybody's speeches made her feel icky, implying that Carly's was the only speech that didn't, and Carly asks, "Why? They said nice stuff." Sam reveals to Carly how much the whole thing's affected her commenting, "It's different. When people think of you they'd don't think of fighting and pranks and vicious behavior." Carly seems to realize Sam's describing how people see her as she throws out her arms and goes, "But that's who you are. You're loveable and vicious," implying that Carly likes the fact that Sam is that way. Sam frowns and responds, "I want guys like Pete to think I'm just loveable," implying that Carly is one of the few people that Sam is aware sees her that way. Carly asks Sam if she wants to change her image and says, "Of course!" when Sam asks if Carly will help. What's interesting is that Carly starts to ask, "But why would..." indicating that Carly doesn't really like the idea of changing Sam into somebody she really isn't. We get an indication of how Sam thinks other people see Carly as she calls Carly, "girly and soft and weak," despite Carly doing acts to the contrary indicating that Sam doesn't see Carly as those things herself. Sam takes the greatest offense at Carly's commenting, "And you can't wear boxer shorts to school anymore," which Sam has shown a fondness of doing (see iGo to Japan as an example of Sam preferring boxers). We also get hints that Sam considers panties possibly an ultimate in terms of 'girly' items and sees boxers as a more tomboyish item.

Carly sets up a very elaborate dinner considering she's mainly testing Sam's eating habits while knowing Spencer's on a date. Made more interesting in that it's implied as a romantic maneuver between Lewbert and Mrs. Benson in another episode, implying that Carly may have romantic feelings towards Sam. Carly again brings up 'ladylike' manners insinuating that her father and Spencer may have had a larger hand in making Carly "girly" as opposed to Sam's tomboyish attitude. Carly uses Freddie as Sam's roleplay partner for what to do when she likes a guy, knowing that Sam doesn't like Freddie romantically and may be Carly's subtle attempt to turn Sam off Pete. Sam later puts a bag over Freddie's face and wrestles him to the ground. Considering this comes after iKiss, looking at Freddie could remind Sam that she either likes girls or that this could be a last attempt at seeing if she likes boys by going for Pete.

Carly tells Sam, "Come on, you look awesome," and again the dom/sub aspect comes into play as Carly orders Sam to get in after Sam says, "I can't." We see that Carly may have been influenced a ton by Melanie as Sam is wearing a very short skirt and has her hair straightened similar to how Melanie wears her hair. Carly also made Sam wear a pink shirt, possibly indicating that Carly decided to make up Sam in everything she hated as a sign to Sam that Carly didn't want to see Sam change. Sam herself complains, "I feel like a daffodil." Despite requesting the makeover, Sam winces, tightens up her entire body showing her unease, and groans as Carly pushes her towards Pete. After Pete asks her out, Sam tells Carly, "You know, I owe it all to you. You're doing an awesome job with me," and grabs the thrown away burger to eat. Carly initially is excited and asks that they look at outfits but wears a down expression when Sam eats the hamburger, possibly implying that Carly is happy Sam got asked out but also unhappy that Sam may permanently try to stay changed.

At school, Sam remarks that Pete took her on a walk through the park and she refrained from throwing a rock at a hornet's nest. Carly grins and remarks, "You see, I'm so proud of you. You wanted to change and you did." When Jocelyn overhears them laughing, Carly is clearly intimidated while Sam looks down as if biting down the words she wanted to say. She then turns and tells Jocelyn, "I was laughing," still trying to find a balance between being herself and being girly. When threatened, Sam turns to Carly and we see that Carly is able to control Sam even silently and also how much power Sam lets Carly have over her for Carly to stop Sam without even physically saying anything. In a rare twist, we see Sam physically get pushed into the locker. Sam stalks up to Carly and almost gets right in her face as she requests permission to fight Jocelyn. It again highlights the dom/sub aspect of Carly being able to control Sam and Sam openly letting her. Carly comments, "You're a better person than she is. You don't have to sink to her level," and Sam briefly looks at Freddie as she grimaces before going back to pick up her books. Dan Schneider notes that Carly is the only person who can control Sam through words and this is evidenced throughout the series.

Sam remarks that she's meeting Pete for dinner on his Uncle's boat. Upon getting fries dumped down her shirt, Sam starts to get up but Carly grabs her arm to stop her and tells her, "Sam, don't." Carly seems to realize how important Pete is to Sam remarking that the date's really important and in an extremely rare act Carly tells Sam, "Let me handle this." Sam looks stunned when she sees Carly get very roughly shoved to the ground, as if she is shocked at both Carly's initially standing up to Jocelyn and then suffering for it. Sam seems very conflicted as to what to do until Carly calls back the previous encounter Sam had with Jocelyn telling her, "Rip her head off." It's interesting as it comes off much like a person letting their dog off a leash to attack and it again furthers Carly's ability to control Sam. Sam proceeds to take down Jocelyn, with Carly openly cheering her on implying that Carly not only likes seeing this side of Sam but may also see Sam as her physical knight in shining armor, able to physically defend her when needed. We again see Sam's love for MMA as she orders Jocelyn to "tap out" on the floor. Despite her utter rage, Sam relaxes as soon as Carly envelopes her in a hug with Freddie joining in to make it a group hug. Only after does Sam ask if Carly's alright with Carly answering affirmatively. Pete remarks, "Dude, I don't want to date some daffodil," and then later says, "I like a girl who can kiss good and snap a bone if she needs to," confirming that not only is Sam better off just being herself but that Carly already liked Sam the way she was and only went through with changing Sam because Sam wanted it.

Given that we never see Pete again, it could be construed that Sam realized/confirmed what she suspected kissing Freddie in that she either prefers girls or may have developed a crush on Carly that overwhelms her feelings towards any boy. This could also partly explain Sam's gleeful reaction to something "bad" happening between Carly and Griffin in the episode iDate a Bad Boy and her worry at losing Carly in iReunite With Missy, both of which shortly followed this episode.

iReunite With Missy

This episode focuses on the friendship of Carly and Sam and especially shows Sam´s reaction if someone tries to get between them. Once again, it portrays Freddie as a mediator, as he makes a personal sacrifice for the sake of Sam and Carly's relationship.

Missy Robinson, an old friend of Carly´s, moves to Seattle. This is our first real glimpse at Sam's insecurity as she cautiously gets up when Missy comes in and after a third hug between Missy and Carly, Sam half jokes, "You guys aren't gonna do that every day, right?" while holding her arm in a clear physical gesture of discomfort. Sam tells Carly, "That's okay," when Missy tries to schedule a helicopter ride the same time that Sam invited Carly to a meat festival. Sam seems willing to let Carly and Missy bond, however, and is ready to accept Carly's declining of her invitation to spend time with Missy instead. Sam seems a little surprised but cool with Missy offering to invite her on the helicopter ride as well. When Sam comes in dragging a pinata, it's clear from the first second that internally she is really peeved off at Missy. She openly looks at Carly when she explains that she was at a pinata factory and seems equally annoyed at Carly saying, "Missy texted me the wrong address and then neither of you answered your phones when I called." Sam also shows a brief burst of anger at Missy when Missy claims she was sure she texted Sam the right address. Missy offers Sam Persian chocolates as a make up gift after she lets Sam's phone fall into a pitcher of Wahoo Punch. It's clear from the first few scenes that Sam tried to give Missy a chance, thinking maybe she read her wrong initially, but has transitioned into full on hate in part because Carly can't see the way Missy is acting towards her.

Carly wears a smile after Sam tells Missy she forgives her on the basis that the chocolate is, "so good." When Sam shows up to iCarly, before Carly, she's carrying a bucket and coughing and clearly looking as sick as she claims she is. Sam admits and confides in Freddie, "'Cause she's trying to get rid of me," after telling Freddie that Missy gave her rancid chocolate. We start to see Sam's anger mingling with paranoia as she later tells Freddie, "She's out to get me." We see just how concerned Carly is when Sam physically collapses to the floor and Carly grabs Sam's wrist saying, "Alright, we're cancelling the show," without any hesitation. Sam tries to fight to stay on the show when Missy volunteers but Carly turns into the motherly side and commands Sam to go downstairs and lay on the couch. Carly herself doesn't seem enthused at all with Missy as her guest host, telling Sam, "I'll be down as soon as the show is over to take care of you," and Carly has largely been dismissive of Missy once she saw how physically sick Sam was. Even here, it's clear that while Carly likes Missy, Missy can't hold a candle to how Carly feels towards Sam especially when Sam needs Carly in any manner. Sam watches through the door and initially neither she nor Carly seem happy at the situation but Sam grows concerned and clearly hurt when Carly starts the show and she and Missy segue directly into random dancing.

Carly makes Sam soup, taking on a caring motherly role which transitions into Carly and Sam talking about Missy. Sam tries to convince Carly what Missy has done, pointing out the expiration date on the chocolates, but Carly refutes it by saying, "Look, I've known Missy a long time. She'd never try to hurt anyone." Carly groans in frustration when Sam tells her that Missy's trying to replace Sam as Carly's best friend and tells Sam she's being paranoid, a trait she's shown in the past. Carly seems curious and cautious when she asks Sam if she's jealous of Missy, possibly implying that even then Carly may think there's a deeper romantic aspect to Sam's concern, and follows up Sam's denial with, "Then will you just give her a chance?" Sam reluctantly agrees to talk with Missy with Carly by her side and tries to steal a piece of Persian chocolate, citing how good they are, but Carly physically swats it away saying Sam just called them, "stomach bombs." Even though Carly may not believe Sam, part of her must think something is up to swat away the Persian chocolate knowing it made Sam violently sick but also that Missy gave Sam the chocolates in the first place. She swats away a second attempt by Sam as well to further her disgust at Sam for thinking of eating them again after what she went through.

When Missy says she'd swear to leave and never bother Carly or Sam again, Sam openly calls her on it but Carly shoots it down saying, "Sam!" in annoyance. Carly has to pressure Sam a bit but Sam openly apologizes to Missy, a very rare act for Sam especially in light of how she has acted the entire episode. It's further indication that Carly can control Sam through words but that Sam is doing this wholly to get back on Carly's good side and show Carly that Sam can weather what's going on as long as Carly remains her friend. Missy outright states to Sam, "Carly was my best friend first, and I'm taking her back," in a not so subtle threat. Moments before Carly patted both Missy and Sam on their heads showing that Carly may have had a relationship with Missy prior that mirrored a lot of the physical actions that she's displayed with Sam and could imply that Carly at least may be bisexual. Sam makes the argument to Missy that Carly is too nice to see the evil in people, despite a strong deviant side, but that Sam essentially fills that role for Carly's sake and threatens Missy with bodily harm. Missy uses Sam's physical ability against her telling her, "If you do anything bad to me, Carly's gonna think you started it. I mean, just look at what happened this week. You were right about everything that's happened and Carly still didn't believe you." Missy goes so far as to punctuate it with, "And anyway, you really think Carly's gonna like you when you beat up her best friend?" What's interesting is that Missy is playing right to Sam's fears. Sam is concerned that Carly doesn't believe her and is taking Missy's side and that she'll take Missy's side again (and possibly for good) if Sam were to beat up Missy. Given what happens to them in iDon't Want to Fight it's clear that Sam may not be able to mentally or emotionally handle breaking up with Carly.

We see just how much trouble Sam feels she's in when she attempts to go to Freddie for help. When Freddie accuses her of being jealous of Missy, it's clear that Sam feels she literally has nobody else to turn to and tells him, "Okay, just forget it. Don't believe me," looking as if she's on the verge of tears and says it in a very soft voice that's usually only reserved for secret sharing conversations with Carly. She walks off after asking Freddie rhetorically if she's ever come to him for help for anything, which she has in episodes such as iMight Switch Schools. What's interesting is that Freddie was equally going to lose Carly in that episode but in this, it's only Sam who would "lose" Carly and Sam's implication may have been that she's never come to Freddie to ask for help related to relationship problems with Carly.

Carly comes upon Missy and Sam just as Missy utters, "Now you can be Carly's best friend because I don't need to get rid of you anymore." Carly gives Missy a brief up and down look for remarking, "What?" in an angry and disgusted tone. Carly rightfully remarks that Missy was trying to get rid of Sam and calls Missy a "whackjob" with Sam supplying the insulting word. Carly marches around Missy and places a hand on Sam's back saying, "I just have one. One awesome, cool, meat loving best friend," and Carly's tone seems to shift during the sentence as if trying to apologize for not believing Sam at the same time as she wraps an around Sam. Missy fumes briefly then says, "Whatever. You two enjoy each other," implying that she could possibly be aware of how Carly feels towards Sam given the way Carly's acted with Missy.

Carly asks Sam, "Are you mad at me?" in a soft voice and Sam, clearly still hurt and a little angry, says, "Kinda." Carly gives Sam a puppy dog look and Sam can't help smirking and instantly says, "No," showing that she can't stay mad at Carly for long and definitely can't hold a grudge against Carly. At the same time, Carly really gets an idea of just how hurt and concerned and upset Sam had to have been over the entire situation to admit that she was still kind of mad at Carly despite Missy "proving" Sam was hurt and Carly dismissing Missy entirely right in front of Sam. Carly chuckles and tells Sam, "You're the best," when she reveals she stole Missy's phone. Sam casually retorts with, "Don't you forget it," and Carly jokes, "Forget what?" We get a small glimpse that although Sam and Carly have made up, Sam may still harbor some slight anger as she says, "Watch it, Shay," with a bit of an unamused look on her face and that Carly will have to work a bit to make what she did up for Sam.

Season Three

iThink They Kissed

This is mainly an S/F/C friendship-episode, but there are strong hints that Carly and Sam could feel attracted to each other.

Carly initially displays worry and finally tells Sam, "Stop that!" in a worried tone as Sam keeps crying out in pain after each bite of a corn on a cob. Carly stares at Sam and continues her mother figure aspect in Sam's life saying, "But she is going to see a dentist." Carly mentions how nervous Sam is to the doctor and prior she physically has to hold Sam in the chair to keep her from bolting when the nurse mentions drilling into Sam's teeth. Carly starts to leave, telling Sam to "stay blonde" as a form of encouragement and Sam responds with "stay brune" but pauses and races back in to find Sam threatening the nurse and doctor. We again see Carly physically trying to restrain Sam.

Sam wakes up on laughing gas and Carly is arguably the first face she sees. Sam chuckles and remarks, "You're blurry. Pretty blurry girl," ignoring the fact that the nurse and doctor are also there. Could be an unconscious implication that Sam is attracted to girls by calling Carly pretty immediately as a descriptive feature. Carly initially seems very amused at Sam's loopiness and Sam seems like she may be aware it's Carly she's speaking to when she mentions, "We need to get to the dentist," implying that the earlier line was a bit of a Freudian slip at Sam thinking Carly's pretty in a romantically attractive way. Carly doesn't seem resistant at all with the way Sam's touching her as Sam even goes so far as to wrap her arm around Carly's head and whispers, "I like fried chicken," to Carly's forehead as a secret. Sam later reveals, "I got scared to tell you my real secret," and looks away at her hand making it clear that on some level she may be aware she's talking to Carly. Carly's face transitions from smiling to stunned to shocked and possibly hurt as she utters, "What?" while Sam plays with her hair after revealing that she and Freddie kissed. Sam emphasizes that she and Freddie kissed a second time and leans in to kiss Carly as a demonstration while Carly pulls back, implying that Sam may have no issues kissing a girl demonstration or otherwise. Sam remarks not to tell Carly about the kiss, again insinuating in a curious manner that Sam is worried about Carly's reaction despite showing no romantic attraction towards Freddie and that Carly would more than likely be happy for Sam at finding a relationship.

Carly still seems hung up on what Sam said and did, completely ignoring Spencer after he returns from prison. Carly blurts out, "Sam and Freddie kissed!" and explains that Sam was on "loopy gas" and mocks Sam's saying the words in a high pitched, girlish voice possibly indicating that Carly is possibly jealous of Freddie and hurt that Sam could be into Freddie and not her romantically, thus indicating that Carly could have feelings for Sam. Carly's hurt seems to stem more from the fact that Sam's kept a secret from Carly, "And why wouldn't she want me to know!?" implying it's not ordinary to do on Sam's part. Carly openly slaps Spencer twice after he tells her to calm down and then remarks, "Can you believe Sam and Freddie kissed and didn't tell me?" again putting Sam's name first as if she's more shocked that Sam kissed Freddie despite Carly's assertion in iKiss that Sam seemed willing. After Carly calms down she tells Spencer, "There's no way they wouldn't tell me if that happened and there's no way that could happen," in regards to Sam and Freddie actually kissing.

Carly mentions to Freddie how Sam mentioned them kissing and tries to drop it in a casual no big deal manner. Carly seems really upset when Freddie refuses to answer, openly grabbing his hands at one point and then later physically tackles him to the ground in a very rare character moment. Carly immediately utters, "Oh My God!" when Freddie says that what Sam said about them kissing was true. It again raises an interesting point as Carly doesn't display any real jealousy of Sam for kissing Freddie and shows no romantic interest towards Freddie. Given her earlier remark of disbelief that the kiss could even happen, it points towards Carly not expecting it of Sam implying that Carly may be aware that Sam likes girls and could have figured Sam liked her if Carly also had feelings towards Sam.

Upon meeting with Sam, Carly is much more nervous and fidgety. Carly brings up the idea of best friends not keeping secrets and Sam grabs Carly by the shoulders and pushes her onto the couch saying, "What did you do? Was it bad? Did you finally do something bad? Oh My God I love this!" indicating also that despite Carly's past deviant acts, Sam may have been hoping Carly would really do something far more risque that could wind up in jail time. May also imply that Sam has a bit of a soft spot for "bad girls" as well and is part of the reason she values Carly. Sam reveals to Carly she stole $20 and offers it back, something she never does when stealing other items such as Duke's wallet or Missy's phone. Sam in her anger at Freddie shouts at him, "You swore you'd never tell anyone we kissed!" insinuating that on a personal level, Sam was more scared of telling Carly herself indicating guilt over the kiss and possibly that Sam was guilty for kissing one friend in Freddie over the best friend who showed hints of attraction towards her in Carly. Carly tells them, "I tell you guys everything and it really makes me feel betrayed that my two best friends made out..." implying that Carly could be more worried at Sam spurning her for Freddie in a potential relationship as opposed to Freddie spurning her for Sam.

A scene follows in which two prisoners break out of the pants with Carly keeping herself behind Sam as the prisoners advance and Freddie is slightly in front of Sam (and brings up calling the police). Sam shows her own worry at the situation, despite her physical capability of taking others down, and it could be that she's more worried about what they could do to Carly and Freddie instead. Dan Schneider mentions that Sam lets herself get tied up as well because she knows Carly and Freddie would get hurt compared to if Sam were alone against the two prisoners, indicating Sam would have tried to defend herself and attack them if not worrying about Carly and Freddie.

Carly brings up the kiss saying, "Don't worry. Soon we'll all be free and you two can go behind my back and resume kissing behind it," indicating that she's still upset at them kissing and keeping it a secret from her. If Carly were really angry at them keeping it a secret, she would have been fine with Sam and Freddie saying that they'd tell each other everything. Carly makes a brief facial expression incredibly similar to Sam's and says, "Tell me everything?" indicating that Carly really does care more about the fact that it was Sam and Freddie kissing. Carly asks how long they kissed and Sam suggests, "7 seconds?" with Freddie following it up with, "7... 8." Carly remarks, "Oh," in a way that she's trying not to care but then looks down with a bit of a worried and hurt look as she asks, "Was it fun?" Sam seems to partly be aware of why Carly's acting the way she is as her facial expression reads, "Really, Carly?" when she echoes, "Fun?" and also implies that Sam found the kiss itself the opposite of that which would tie back into how she reacted facially and physically after the kiss. The fact that Carly can't make eye contact when asking her questions shows she could be jealous of Freddie or internally hurt at Sam, a trait she's shown several times in the series. Carly follows it up asking them if they liked it and it's clear that Carly is almost directing her questions at Sam as much as Freddie given that Sam usually responds first. Again, given Carly's constant rejection of Freddie, it raises questions why Carly could be so hurt over the actual kiss considering she doesn't like Freddie romantically only leaving the reason being that she either likes Sam romantically or knows Sam likes her in a more than best friends way.

iQuit iCarly

This episode reflects on tensions in the Carly and Sam friendship and shows the depth of their friendship. iQuit iCarly seems to refer to several past episodes in regards to the Cam relationship: iPilot (the "hair" scene), iWill Date Freddie (Sam's line about iCarly being named after Carly), iHatch Chicks (the hobo sketch), and iStage an Intervention (the sketch Sam and Carly do on iCarly is mimicked by Fleck and Dave).

When asking for Carly and Sam to help them make their next video, Dave remarks that his dad, "hates" Fleck and wants him to stop making videos. It parallels Carly and Sam's relationship as well given that in an alternate universe, Spencer (and Carly's father) never let her hang out with Sam citing her as a bad influence. Given the similarities Dave and Fleck have to Carly and Sam throughout the episode, it's interesting that this point is brought up early. Throughout the scene we also see Dave and Fleck play off each other naturally, very obviously being a male representation of Carly and Sam and their own relationship.

Carly and Sam already show a lot of effort into dressing up to mirror Dave and Fleck for their contest video submission and Carly tells Sam, "feel my muscles," to indicate that Sam should help Fleck move the car since she's more physically able. It's interesting that in contrast to Spencer's not only watching but supporting iCarly, Dave is worried about what Fleck has done in regards to painting his father's car purple and the ensuing mayhem that will occur especially in light of his father already hating Fleck. Initially we see Carly and Sam both trying to defuse the situation with Carly playing more of the mediator role and Sam helping physically hold Dave back. Sam uses a phrase that riffs on what Freddie tells Carly and Sam during their own argument in iDon't Want to Fight, "I don't like seeing purple boys fight," and later gives them an ultimatum of, "You're either friends or you're not. Now what's it gonna be?"

Sam shows her trait of not caring deeply about people's issues that are not related to her or Carly saying, "They said they'd never speak to each other ever again," about Fleck and Dave as if that ends the matter in her mind. Carly is the one to show concern about them fighting and requests that she and Sam intervene on their behalves. Worth noting is that Sam starts to take Fleck's side when he reveals he dips his french fries in his smoothie and Sam gushes, "Oh, man. You're a genius," after trying it herself. Carly starts to buy into Dave when Dave comments about three month's worth of situations that Fleck did, including pushing him on a roof. Made interesting in that Sam never is violent with Carly in such a manner but Carly still sides a bit with Dave when Dave utters, "You have no idea what it's like to work with an irresponsible maniac." Carly looks down and goes, "Oh... I kinda do..." in relation to working with Sam. Sam remarks, "Sometimes Carly can be like that," in relation to squashing ideas that are dangerous or "flammable" in her eyes as Fleck complains about that aspect of Dave. Given the similarities, it's interesting to see that Dave and Fleck are fostering the eventual argument between Carly and Sam as much as anything by listening and letting Carly and Sam vent about the other. Sam seems more reflective as she talks about Carly whereas Carly seems more genuinely annoyed as she continues to talk about Sam.

Upon entering, Sam and Carly both seem slightly awkward as if feeling internally guilty about what they said about the other when the other wasn't there. Sam remarks about the spontaneity of the actions on camera and Carly immediately seems to internalize this by bringing up what Dave does to get everything done in the first place. As Carly walks away, it's clear she's unhappy with Sam on a personal level as she goes, "Sure. Figures you'd feel that way." It's clear in this scene that Carly is the one to initially internalize and 'start' the argument as Sam asks if Carly's trying to make a point. Sam tries to joke about Carly's heavy sarcastic no's but it's clear that Carly is feeling really upset over this. Much like the way she felt in iDon't Want to Fight, showing that Carly may feel things much more personally and internally on an emotional level whereas Sam is more outwardly reactive and emotional in a defensive manner. Sam seems shocked and miffed when Carly mentions Sam showing appreciation and Sam brings up the iCarly name, a point made by Valerie (who tried to steal Sam away) in a much earlier episode. Sam is clearly hurt and leans back a bit as Carly retorts, "Maybe we should call it iSam Who's Too Lazy to Show Up to Rehearsals Most of the Time," and it's interesting that Carly resorts to that insult considering she must be aware that especially when it comes to iCarly, Sam does make an effort and usually works much harder than she does at anything else. Carly herself seems aware she may've gone too far as she instantly looks away and refuses to make eye contact with Sam. Carly seemed to have said, "Back at'cha," in a way that she wasn't thinking before she spoke and Sam seems tentative to break up their friendship (wearing the same expression she wore after kissing Freddie signifying both events as negative) but leaves anyway. She gives a look at Carly as if waiting for Carly to stop her but Carly doesn't. Carly looks really hurt at what has suddenly just transpired and the scene itself comes off as Carly venting to Sam pent up truths but pushing the issue too hard resulting in a situation that backfired on her.

Carly still is worrying about what's transpired with Sam as she talks with Freddie, telling him that, "it wasn't even a fight. We just said stuff," implying that they may have fought emotionally in the past but that this was their first real ever argument/breakup where Carly feels it may actually be for good. When Sam enters with Fleck, she initially displays veiled surprise whereas Carly is clearly annoyed and may be more so at Fleck 'claiming' Sam since she doesn't display this behavior when with Sam alone later. We see how polarizing Dave and Fleck have made Carly and Sam as Sam openly pelts Carly with a muffin and claims, "It slipped," with a grin. The fact that Sam would never hurt Carly normally shows that both may be influenced as much by Dave and Fleck's relationship troubles as any on their end. Sam seems legit hurt and shocked when Carly tells her she'll do iCarly herself and Carly later does a small double take when she tells Sam, "And... you're banned from there," saying that Sam's banned from Carly's apartment.

Carly seems very unhappy at not having Sam by her side as Freddie counts down to iCarly. Carly writes a script influenced by the Cowboy/Squirrel Mustache scenario about a Hobo and a Vampire with a nose mistaken for a grapefruit. Carly could be trying to get back on Sam's good side given her love of hobos as mentioned in iHatch Chicks but technical difficulties reveal that Sam thinks the script could have been better which causes Carly to scowl and openly shout at Sam on iCarly. When Carly mentions ending iCarly, she looks really upset emotionally and Sam displays anger as Carly walks off the set without even looking at Dave or Freddie. It's clear that Carly has internalized that ending iCarly may well end her and Sam's friendship and Carly's, "Let's just end this," could easily be seen as Carly requesting to end their friendship instead.

Carly initially uses Freddie's crush on her as a tactic against Sam claiming, "Freddie loves me!" as they argue about who gets to use him parodying the way divorced couples argue over claims of children. Sam herself looks off as if she can't believe Carly pulled that card on her, possibly insinuating that Carly may be aware Sam has romantic feelings towards her and is trying to incite Sam by mentioning she has other options while Sam doesn't. Freddie remarks, "I can't believe you two are really breaking up," a line that is usually resorted to couples with incredibly strong romantic relationships breaking up in a surprise scenario over incidental matters. The implication being that Carly and Sam may have a relationship that transcends mere friendship into possible romantic feelings.

Carly mentions to Freddie that she hasn't told Spencer about iCarly or her issues with Sam, possibly implying that she didn't expect the situation to spiral downwards the way it had and that she expected herself and Sam to potentially make up much earlier. She could also be worried about Spencer possibly doing something to Sam, such as shutting her out for hurting Carly, to further ruin any attempts at reconciling.

Carly initially displays worry at Sam's jumping onto the platform without a harness, showing that when Sam's in danger, she's willing to completely put aside any issues they are having with each other. It isn't until Sam mocks Carly in the competition between Dave and Fleck that Carly very rashly climbs onto the platform as well. Worth noting is that as soon as Carly gets on and locks eyes with Sam, it's clear that Carly is absolutely terrified. Sam herself realizes this and transitions from anger to possibly realizing what she's put Carly into. The two begin to argue in part because Dave and Fleck are both there and Dave himself (then later Fleck) both tell Carly and Sam that they are friends and shouldn't be fighting.

Sam's tough persona evaporates as soon as she sees Carly nearly fall off the platform when it breaks. Sam snaps at Freddie despite telling Carly moments before, "I'm coming to get'cha," in the face of her own terror. Both admit to being terrified but Carly puts her life literally in Sam's hand, reaching up to grab it. When Spencer tells Sam she's not strong enough, Sam snaps at him and defies him by pulling Carly up. Upon getting hit with the rope, Sam suddenly falls and Carly switches roles, using her own physical strength (which she mocked earlier in the episode) to grab Sam's ankle and hold her from falling. As they get hoisted up, Carly and Sam physically wrap their arms around each other to keep the other from falling again as well.

Given their terror and admittance to each other that they were scared, it's interesting to see them try to "keep up" the facade in front of the others when they get back up. Sam openly turns away when she mentions neither of them cried and Sam starts to break down when Carly mentions, "We're brave," knowing how close they both came to dying over a stupid stunt that Sam initiated. The two start to sob and Spencer, even not knowing the situation at all, knows that Carly and Sam need each other and pushes the both of them into breaking down/comforting the other in each other's arms. Their fighting completely disappeared as soon as they each saw the other was in life threatening danger and it's telling that both physically rescued the other as well (more impressive given Carly's waifishness was mocked) without Freddie or Dave or Fleck getting involved.

iSaved Your Life

Although this episode has an undeniable Creddie-main plot, there are many things that can be seen as Cam-hints. In his blogs, Dan Schneider called the extended edition, which added a major Cam-scene, "the way this episode was meant to be seen."

At the beginning of this episode, during the webshow, Carly says, "It's true," when Sam remarks, "I'm not educated but I'm a lot of fun," and gives her a noogie. Most striking is that Sam openly smiles during this event and it's clear that Carly can get away with doing actions that most people couldn't get away with regarding Sam. Carly continues to show her control of Sam, ordering her to give up the blow tube and Sam does so much quicker than Spencer does despite looking unhappy at doing so. Sam tries to hit Spencer with a backup and Carly instantly orders Sam up against the wall and begins to frisk her in full view of Spencer. Sam looks back and grins, seeming to enjoy this while also knowing that she has Spencer paranoid and after Carly finds a second blow tube, Carly openly spanks Sam on her butt as the two head out the door. The scene itself is pretty sexual in nature and the slap just adds to the tension between Carly and Sam. Made more surprising is that Carly does this all in full view of Spencer, showing that she and Sam have no issues with doing such a physical act in front of others.

Freddie saves Carly's life. Later, Carly tells Freddie, "You are a hero. To me," and kisses him. It again ties into Carly's character to initiate the kiss and to see kissing as an important aspect of developing an initial romance towards a character. The scene itself is interesting as Carly initially displayed guilt in scenes prior and Freddie tried to nonchalantly brush aside Carly's feeling guilty for what happened to him. Carly rests against the door and seems to be a little worried about what she just did with Freddie even with Mrs. Benson's reaction. Sam remarks, "Hey, you look whiter than usual," at Carly and already Carly is being a bit evasive and nervous around Sam. Carly seems jumpy and nervous and asks Sam, "What are you? The girl of many questions," showing that she's clearly affected by kissing Freddie on an emotional level. If she really loved Freddie, why would Carly be so jittery and nervous around Sam considering Sam has expressed zero interest in Freddie herself? In the edited version Carly just shouts "I kissed Freddie!", Sam is shocked, and the scene ends, but the extended version expands this scene significantly. Carly is concerned about how Sam will react and says, "You'll hit me," as a reason to not invite her in. Sam chuckles and says, "Would I ever hit you?" Again, it raises the question of why Carly would be scared of Sam since Sam's shown zero interest in Freddie implying that Carly may know Sam likes her romantically and is worried how Sam will react to Carly potentially spurning her for Freddie. Carly then opens the door and physically yanks Sam into her apartment. Dan Schneider further explained in his blogs that Sam has way too much respect for Carly to ever get violent with her, showing that their relationship is on a different level than Sam´s relationship with anyone else.

While the conversation between Carly and Sam is never shown, it's implied that Carly told Sam everything that happened. Sam appears in the hallway and is very amused by Carly and Freddie's new relationship as opposed to reacting with shock or anger like Carly initially expected. Sam wears a slight grimace when Carly kisses Freddie and tells him, "Yeah... Savor it," while staring at Carly well after she's left for her class. From this scene, the vibe is that Sam considers Freddie lucky to have Carly care about him and the way Sam is looking, it's clear that she feels something more than just friendship towards Carly. Freddie asks Sam if she's jealous and Sam responds, "Gross!" This is interesting for several reasons. Sam has shown no interest towards Freddie so she could be remarking on the fact that she's not jealous of being in Carly's position at all. If she were hiding her feelings, Sam could've easily made another remark such as, "Yeah, right," or, "You wish!" instead. It's also doubtful that Sam would openly call Carly gross considering they are best friends and given the way Sam looked after Carly left along with Freddie's flirty raised eyebrows, Freddie could be asking if Sam's jealous of him with Sam refusing to give him the truth and instead pretending to find the concept of being in love with Carly gross. Dan Schneider himself discusses Sam's reaction to Freddie and Carly's relationship, seemingly making the implication that Freddie was referring to Sam being jealous of him. Sam never insults Freddie when discussing his relationship with Carly but very expressly uses a comparison of a relationship Sam had with a prior boy she was dating that eerily parallels how Carly has felt with Freddie prior and up to the actual episode. We also get some insight into how well Sam knows how Carly's feeling by observing the way she's reacted and seems to tell Freddie, "That's Carly's bacon!" in a bit of frustration when Freddie brings up saving Carly's life.

Freddie after kissing Carly twice seems to have thought about and realized exactly what Sam was telling him earlier despite not really wanting to believe it. Carly says, "Maybe," in a manner that she isn't really sure if she and Freddie are boyfriend/girlfriend. What's interesting is that a large portion of Carly's actions towards Freddie have resulted in kissing, possibly implying that Carly sees kissing as a means of a romantic relationship without having to delve into the deeper meaning of what exactly a romantic relationship entails. She seems to be substituting the emotional connection with physical acts of kissing whereas with Sam, Carly knows she has a special bond that she only has with Sam emotionally. Carly looks around a bit and immediately brings up Sam's bacon incident when Freddie remarks that he thinks Carly is in love with what he did as opposed to being in love with him. Carly seems to be aware on some level that she never really was in love with Freddie after Freddie reveals to Carly the situation and may be using the opportunity to convince herself that what she initially felt outside the door after the first kiss was right. At the end, Carly kisses Freddie on the cheek and accepts that they'll put their relationship on hold until Freddie heals so that Carly herself can figure out if she really loves Freddie or not. Even after the agreement, we already get the sense/vibe of Carly distancing herself from Freddie and knowing that she doesn't love Freddie.

Freddie's last words seem especially meaningful in the extended version; while he says "What did I do?" in disbelief the first time, it sounds like a painful realization when he screams it again. He possibly knows he gave up his only chance with Carly since she isn't attracted to him at all otherwise. Carly herself even agrees with Freddie that she likes him as a friend but not in the "good like" kind of way normally and that the event itself influenced her attitude towards him.

iWas a Pageant Girl

iWas a Pageant Girl is basically a friendship episode with some interesting, questionable moments between Carly and Sam.

Sam jokes during iCarly's webcast that Tara could break Freddie's arm, leg, or face. Freddie retorts, "Aww... Sam, if you're in love with me, just say so." Sam immediately looks both offended and angry as she nyehs at Freddie. It's interesting that Sam never uses such button pushing towards Freddie, implying that she could have feelings for Carly and doesn't care enough about Freddie to even see it as an excuse to tease him. Made more interesting since Sam is very quick to use Freddie's feelings towards Carly as a way to antagonize him, knowing Carly doesn't like Freddie and may like Sam instead. When Leann Carter's name gets mentioned, Sam instantly gets rigid and stares off away from Carly, Tara, and the camera. After Sam bursts out at Tara to try, Carly admonishes Sam using her name in a manner of, 'Don't yell at the guest and order her around.'

We get a glimpse of just how angry Sam is when she asks, "What?" in a tight tone after Carly greets her at the kitchen counter. Even though Sam's clearly angry, Carly still displays a relaxed nature (in part because Freddie's also there) and goes so far as to pat Sam with the back of her hand and go, "Come on, talk." Sam reveals she competed in beauty pageants when she was young and Freddie snickers while Carly seems unsure how to respond. When Sam spits in Freddie's eye, Carly orders Sam to apologize. Sam stares up at the ceiling as she apologizes, showing that although she may be unhappy at having to apologize, she'll almost always do what Carly orders her to do. Given that Carly often has to order Sam to apologize, it further displays how strong a hold Carly has over Sam through her words. Sam grins at her idea and sprints over to Carly, grabbing her by the shoulders. Carly seems to immediately get what Sam is about to do as she stands ram rod straight and has a look of worry on her face. Carly remarks, "You're insane and you're squeezing my shoulders," possibly as a result of suddenly being aware of how close Sam is to her considering Freddie is right next to them. Sam even goes so far as to say, "Please?" and when Carly says she's not entering, Sam starts to throw a tantrum. Carly tells Freddie, "Not this time," when he comments she'll give in to Sam. Carly starts to frown, knowing she can't take much more, and finally slaps her hand on the counter telling Sam, "Alright, I'll be in the stupid pageant!" It also demonstrates that Carly is not nearly as willing to capitulate to Sam in comparison to Carly's being able to control Sam, but that Carly also has a breaking point when it comes to Sam and Sam knows how to push it. Lends further credence that Carly is a bit more of a dom and Sam is a bit more of a sub in regards to their relationship.

Carly walks out in her pink pageant dress and asks Sam how she looks. Sam laughs as she says, "Hot," almost as if in disbelief considering it's pink and possibly could be that Sam is surprised how attractive Carly can still be in a color Sam does not like. Carly looks shocked and insulted at Sam when she asks Carly to stuff her bra and Carly goes, "Gross, no!" Carly seems miffed at Sam's insulting her flat chest as she tells Sam, "Yeah, a beauty pageant. Not a booby pageant!" Carly only drops the fake breasts when Sam reveals her mother wore them the night before but otherwise didn't seem that grossed out by holding them. Carly seems excited at seeing Sam's video of a past pageant, implying that while Sam is open with Carly, Sam also has been a bit closed about her upbringing prior to meeting Carly and may similarly be closed if she had feelings for Carly and was afraid of how Carly would react. As it is, Sam doesn't seem to display a lot of self-confidence in herself romantically when it comes to interacting with others which could make Carly an especially difficult challenge if Sam were to ever come out to her.

Sam lifts Carly's hair and seems to be really excited at being able to work on Carly physically telling her that they need to get Carly, "dolled up." When Carly sees Leann and mentions her by name, Sam openly comments, "She's a monster!" Carly seems surprised when Leann hugs Sam and both Carly and especially Sam start to give off a bit of jealousy vibes as Leann portrays her kindness and sweetness towards both Sam and then Carly. Sam's anger seems to surge the more Leann reacts towards Carly as well. Carly tells Sam, "You said she was nauseating. She's totally nice," possibly showing that Sam really hates people that are kind/good (Melanie, Leann, herself being made over) and that Sam likes Carly because she is more herself around Sam and less nice than she gives herself off as. Sam remarks, "It's taken me years to get used to you," directly at Carly and Carly seems both amused and almost on the verge of telling Sam, 'that's sweet,' considering Sam just admitted that she likes Carly a ton to be her best friend despite Carly being nice.

A bit of a weird scene occurs where Sam learns she's eligible and promptly steals the pageant dress literally off Carly's back. Carly lends forth some sexual humor, "Thanks for being gentle!" and when Sam asks Carly, "Are you mad at me?" implying that Sam feels a little guilty, Carly complains about Sam guilt tripping her into accepting and then enduring 9 hours of training to get ready. Sam walks out and proclaims, "I feel hot," implying that seeing Carly look so attractive in the dress could make Sam feel equally attractive. Carly tells Sam, "I feel violated," but does so in a tone that is less angry and more, 'I did all that work for nothing.'

Carly restrains Sam from attacking Leann and Sam willingly stops, telling Leanne, "Don't tell me what to do!" again insinuating that Sam only lets Carly order her around. Also Carly had her arms wrapped around Sam with her hands on Sam's shoulders making it look more romantic than anything. Despite the events earlier of Sam stealing the dress from Carly, Carly still shows excitement for Sam and tells a mother, "This one (Sam) is mine!" in the tone of an excited parent and we later see Carly eating one of Sam's bagged ribs, clearly enjoying being on the sidelines to support Sam and further extending the mother/daughter parallel as well.

Carly seems proud when she tells Spencer and Freddie, "Sam won the pageant!" When they refuse to acknowledge the achievement Sam accomplished, both Carly and Sam proceed to ruin the game for Spencer and Freddie as revenge showing their similar short fuses.

Season Four

iGet Pranky

While iGet Pranky is a major Sparly (Spencer/Carly) sibling episode, it also suggests Cam with its Spam (Spencer/Sam) reference.

Once again, it's early on in iGet Pranky that we see Sam wear her rainbow ring.

When Carly wakes Sam up by throwing a pillow at her, Sam seems to know Carly threw it because she looks at her for a second, but she chooses to throw one back at Freddie instead. Much like in iWanna Stay With Spencer, Sam would never intentionally hurt Carly and rather redirects her aggression towards someone else. Carly is one of the only people, if not the only person she would never hurt.

Conversation with the trio then shifts to Carly not having pranked anyone, and her small monologue about "finding the right person" to prank sounds oddly similar to another "first time" talk one would hear, showing that iCarly has progressed from a kids show to a more mature target audience. The fact that she's telling this to Sam solidifies that this was intentional in the writing department. Sam's response is vintage teenager with bubbling hormones, as she tells Carly it needs to happen sooner. To cap it all off, Carly defeated, gives a point to "peer pressure". There would only need to be a small change in words for this conversation to have gone a completely different route.

Carly, giving in to her friends, finally gives in and attempts to prank Gibby. As seen iKiss, Carly took a page out of Sam's book by putting a trout in Gibby's locker. Although Sam dismisses Carly's prank, it seems she only finds fault with it because she doesn't think Gibby is someone worthy of pranking, and he isn't scared, rather, grateful for it being in his locker.

When Spencer pulls his "plexiglass in front of the elevator" prank on Sam and Freddie, we see Carly obviously upset by this, and hear Sam confess that she won't hurt him because she has a crush on him. This mirrors the well known fact that Sam won't physically hurt her best friend Carly, even for fun. Most fans are aware that Sam's "little crush" on Spencer was likely a joke, or a schoolgirl crush that won't go anywhere. At the same time, this admission speaks volumes for Cam. Thinking outside of the show, a Spam reference easily gets bashed for being pedophilia; if a controversial ship like Spam is referenced on the show, there could easily be a similar reference to Cam in the future (if their subtext isn't already apparent). The Spam moment further supports Cam because simply put, Spencer is related to Carly. It's common to have a small crush on your best friend's older sibling, especially if you like them. The Shay siblings are very similar in appearance, as established in iFix a Pop Star, while they both have a keen use of bad jokes; in short, its not far off for Sam to like Carly. Sam herself describes it as a "little" crush, suggesting that she likes someone more than Spencer. While Sam may not truly like Spencer, the implications of her crush give more credibility to her having feelings for Carly than Freddie just by proximity and closeness alone.

In 2009 (near the end of season 2), a Cam fan already suspected Sam of having a crush on Spencer in a livejournal post;[4] the interpretation of this then-suspected and now-confirmed crush was that by convincing herself she has a crush on Spencer, Sam could easily blame her feelings for Carly on the similarities of the Shay siblings (quote: "It's so convenient to be able to crush on people who share the same qualities you love in your best friend – because then you don't have to look at the fact that you happen to be very much in love with your very female best friend.").

Sam's entire tough attitude is often seen as a way to hide deep insecurities; if this is true, having feelings for Carly could confuse Sam a lot, and even though the rainbow rings she occasionally wears imply that she begins to accept her attraction to girls, she could be afraid of losing Carly if she confesses her feelings for her; by persuading herself of having a crush on Spencer, she has an explanation for her feelings for Carly and can keep up the status quo as being Carly's best friend, a status she would definitely prefer over not having Carly in her life at all.

Carly for her part, asks about Sam's crush, which neither Freddie nor Spencer do. Carly could be hurt by this admission, seeing as a mutual pact was made by the iCarly trio to no longer keep secrets in iThink They Kissed or may feel jealous of Sam's crush. For this reason, it makes more sense for this "little crush" to be harmless. After being questioned by Carly, Sam immediately acts as if she had never said it, possibly showing regret for what she said, as she is seen shifting her eyes towards Spencer, then back to Carly.In this small turn of events, Freddie is almost invisible in the scene, as he isn't referenced to in any way.

When Carly gets shocked by Spencer's prank pen, Sam is visibly shocked and worried, but shortly after, she electrocutes Freddie with this same pen and has a look of complete apathy. Carly, on the other hand, does not even try to stop Sam from hurting Freddie by yelling "NO!" or pulling Freddie away like she did in iCook, although she could expect that Sam was going to hurt Freddie (simply from experience) and has experienced how painful the pen is first-hand not even a minute before; after Sam shocks him, she merely mentions checking his pulse in a monotone matter similar to when Sam smashed Gibby´s locker with a hammer in iDream of Dance or when she hurt Gibby with a bowling ball in iHave a Lovesick Teacher, implying that this happens on a normal occurrence. If this is true, Sam and Freddie's relationship has remained the same, one of two bickering friends who fight, but care about each other when it counts. While Freddie's feelings may have changed for Carly, and he might even like Sam, it doesn't seem that Sam reciprocates this, as she can openly confess to liking someone else. This scene almost seems like Dan Schneider is trying to steer attention away from the "traditional" ships Creddie and Seddie towards more unconventional ships of iCarly.

Season Five

iRescue Carly

iRescue Carly is an episode that highlight's Sam's friendship with Carly. Many times, Carly has saved Sam, or gotten her out of trouble, however, in this episode, Sam has the opportunity to get Carly out of a jam. Throughout the episode, Sam's care and deep regard for Carly's safety show that she cherishes their friendship, and would make for a good, responsible girlfriend.

The episode begins on a high note with Carly and Sam on iCarly, performing the "Baby Spencer" sketch. After the show, Sam reveals that a friend returning from juvie, who Carly accurately guesses is Dana. Sam's character is shown to have developed since her childhood friend went to juvie. Despite her wild antics, she admits that, due to hanging out with Carly, she has toned down her violent tendencies. In a respectful gesture, Sam wants to welcome Dana back -likely the only person to do so. Carly shows an interest in Sam's friend, in an attempt to be closer with her, and get to know her better. It's shown then that Sam keeps in a different category than her other friends, when she bluntly admits that she doesn't want Carly to go with her to meet her prison friends.Though Sam thinks against it, she brings her, and Carly does her best to make a good impression, as if trying to fit in. Knowing Carly's sweet nature, Sam tries to give Carly tips for confronting her friend to tone down her personality, which she attempts to do. While she miserably fails at being tough, Sam defends Carly's honest and sweet nature, even though she doesn't necessarily agree with it. To keep Carly from embarrassing herself, Sam offers for Carly to buy smoothies, in which Carly happily agrees to. Dana is hesitant about Carly, nicknaming her "Candypants", and suggesting that she'll make Sam appear weak. In talking with Dana, we learn that Sam genuinely enjoys Carly's friendship, even with her girly quirks, and has no reservations about it affecting her tough persona. Immediately after Sam pulls out her buttersock to show her point, Dana whacks a nerd with it, disturbing Sam. To remedy this, Sam, in an attempt to apologize, suggests Carly buy another smoothie, for the nerd. This is an unprecedented show of compassion from Sam, as in earlier years, she'd have no qualms about doing the same thing.

When Carly returns to the table, having paid for all of the smoothies, Sam tries to discourage Carly from talking to avoid her being made fun of, and being manipulated by Dana. Awkwardly in the middle of the conversation, Dana (enjoying Carly's extreme naivety) says that she likes Carly, to which Carly replies that she likes her, prompting Sam to beg Carly to just eat her gummi hearts- albeit with a bewildered expression. Despite Carly being "uncool" in terms of Dana with, Sam has no desire to hang out with Dana, nor does she want Carly to, for her own protection. Dana invites Carly to a "Smash Party", her form of a welcome home party, of which Carly's interested in attending, but Sam cannot. When Carly asks what that is, Sam explains that usually parties like this are where a group of people break into abandoned houses, and wreck them. As Sam watches on warily, she catches on that Dana is taking advantage of her best friend, and becomes extremely frustrated by Carly's nonchalant, kiddie nature (Carly announcing aloud the flavors of her gummi hearts). Later in the episode, the two, with Freddie and Gibby are watching a horror/comedy at the Shay apartment. Sam and Carly are texted the time of Dana's party, and when Gibby and Freddie ask to go, she harshly remarks that they weren't invited. However, when Carly insists upon going, Sam softens her tone, and lies that Dana doesn't want them to go, when truthfully she doesn't want Carly to go, knowing that she wouldn't fit in, nor would she like it. Aside from that, Sam is legitimately unable to attend the party, because she is helping her mother with removing a tattoo. When Carly pushes the issue, Sam takes the role of a concerned girlfriend, or even a mother, strictly telling Carly not to go, and at the same time dissing her own friends whom she used to hang out with. This is a major sign of Sam's character being deeply affected by Carly, in that their friendship matured her. Carly, while immaturely at the same time, merely seeks to prove that she can be tough, and not all girly, something Sam does not wish to change. This is a complete 360 from iMake Sam Girlier, where Carly helped Sam change, because Sam has embraced Carly, and doesn't want her to change- as seen when Carly mentions their skirt shopping date, which appears to be a normal exchange for them. Sam mentions Carly should do girly things, instead, pointing out things she knows her friend likes, amusingly. Even after this, Carly still feels the need to prove something to Sam, and leaves to the party (in which, coincidentally, she finds two little blonde and brunette girls in the elevator).

Disregarding Sam's warning, Carly attends the party, and immediately knows she's out of place. Attempting to leave, Dana catches her, and invites her in. Initially, as well as in the Groovie Smoothies, she's polite to Carly, aware that Sam may be around, until she learns that Sam is with her mother. She then reveals to Carly that had it been four years ago, Sam would've been at the party, noting that Carly's friendship has positively influenced Sam's behavior. To further display Carly's out-of-placeness, she shares her cupcakes with the group, all of which are thrown against the house. In turn, Dana offers Carly fruit punch from a toilet (a parody of making wine from a toilet, which often takes place in prison.). Dana introduces Carly to a few party attendees,(notably Squidge) all of which are not interested in Carly, and some attempt to throw plates or cups at her. Scared, but not wanting to disturb Sam, she calls Freddie and Gibby. When confronted to vandalize the house, Carly's unable to break a cup, and Dana throws it at the door, hitting an entering Gibby. Freddie is shocked at what kind of party Carly would go to, and when attempting to leave, Squidge recognizes that they all are from iCarly. They are all trapped in, with Dana declaring that none of them were going anywhere. Carly at this point, is fearful, and looks incredibly annoyed at Freddie's own naivety when asked a silly question. This is emphasized when he fearfully grabs her arm, and she returns a confused, then impatient look, as if to say, "Really?"

As Sam promised earlier to Carly, before warning her not to go to the party, she returned to check up on her, possibly to do some of the girly things she'd mentioned before. In turning on the lights during Spencer's nightvision teddy bear fight with T-Bo, she temporarily blinds them both, showing some visual sympathy or shock. Quickly brushing the issue, she asks about Carly, and Spencer replies that she went to the party, and hasn't answered his texts. Sam immediately changes her tone to anger, taking Spencer's butter, night vision goggles, and T-Bo's sock. The fact that she had to remake her buttersock shows that she's completely comfortable at Carly's house, and acknowledges that Carly doesn't really like it (mentioned in iStill Psycho). Sam is angry and dismissive towards the two, and hasty to get Carly out of danger, as indicated in her tone.

The next scene shows Carly, Freddie and Gibby tied up against a wall,with Dana, Squidge and the other kids throwing plates and cups at them. While Gibby doesn't appear to be scared, it is obvious that Freddie and Carly are, showing their similarities, but also the void that is filled by having Sam in their lives. Dana attempts to throw a plate at Carly, when Sam arrives, diverting attention to herself by telling Dana to let her friends go. Tensions arise when Dana refuses, and pokes fun at Sam for being on iCarly, while other the rest of the group is still intimidated by Sam. When Dana suggests that this had made Sam go 'soft', Sam cuts off the lights and beats all thirty of the attendees with her buttersock, plus Dana, using the goggles to her advantage. Worried, Carly calls out to Sam in the dark, and Sam turns on the lights.

With a smile, Sam unties Carly, and nonchalantly brings up their skirt shopping date, to which Carly replies that she's paying for. While she could've said "I told you so", or scolded Carly for going, Sam immediately brought up the playdate, suggesting she wasn't mad at her at all. Carly returning the smile is a thank you for saving them, evident in her tone, as Sam could've chewed her out instead, but chose to think of something that makes them happy. Even the fact that Sam asked it in question form, "So tomorrow, skirt shopping?", leads to the notion that she was already beyond what Carly did, because she was unharmed, and that mattered more to her.


While Carly and Sam are not considered to share a plot together, the ramifications of Carly's main plot affect all of the characters, most importantly those being her brother, and her closest friends.

iGoodbye begins right off the bat with some moments between the two, Sam trying to get Carly to use her unique back scratcher, and her initially refusing. Some banter that falls under the radar is her request for Carly to "take her shirt off", of which in context, is odd, out of it is just flirtation. When she actually does try it, she seems to deeply enjoy it, and Freddie shows that he'd been forced to use it as well. This could be a sign that Sam tested it to make sure it wouldn't hurt Carly; he didn't seem too upset with her, even though his shirt was destroyed. A reference iPilot ensues when Miss Briggs arrives, and they both note her "pointy boobs", the lines that Freddie recorded and accidentally uploaded to SplashFace, inspiring them to create iCarly.

Shortly after, Sam and Freddie arrive at the Shay apartment, and she eyes Spencer's new project, a 1964 Sterling motorcycle. Carly looks forward to the father-daughter dance that she hopes to attend with her father this year, but sadly learns that he is not able to attend. While she is at the Groovy Smoothies, wishing to be alone, Sam assists Spencer in fixing the motorcycle. He confides in her that he has a date coming up soon, that he is excited for. Lewbert arrives, sickly, delivering a package, and manages to achieve his goal of being gross and spreading his germs all over Spencer. When Carly returns, Spencer offers to take her to the dance instead, despite having a date that same night, as Sam tried to remind him. Carly is super excited, and accepts his offer immediately, planning several things to do. Carly wakes up the next day, noticing that Sam stayed the whole night, but spent it working on the motorcycle, and listening to some music ("The Joke is On You", from iGet Pranky). She tells Sam her plans for the day, not considering at all that she is only in her pajamas, something Sam picks up immediately. As with Spencer, Sam's warnings fall on deaf ears, as Carly leaves the apartment to go shopping, further proving a parallel between Sam and the Shay siblings. The next day however, does not bode well for Spencer, who comes down sick (which he likely attained from Lewbert) and has a high fever. Sam, worried about his condition, suggests he cancel the dance, but he refuses. He knows the dance means a lot to her, and when Carly returns to the apartment, realizing her mistake, Spencer puts his best face on to show that he is healthy and able to attend the dance.

The facade does not hold up, however, as Spencer collapses just as they are ready to leave for the dance. Cut from the episode is the Cam scene where Sam attempts to comfort Carly over the dance and was supposed to make a cake, opting instead to just mixing cake batter. What's left is Carly eating the batter, and mentioning that there's no frosting, which Sam pulls out conveniently (with a confident smile), knowing that she would ask for it. Carly, still sad, mutters that Sam is a good friend. Even though Sam says multiple times that "it's only a dance", she realize how important it is to Carly, and with that in mind, she calls Freddie (who's shopping at the mall with Gibby) to get some help. Freddie assumes that Sam wants to get back together, which she responds to with a surprised, "What?" She then softens her tone, and asks, "Wait, do you?". This is deflected, as Freddie mumbles, before settling on, "Hey, what's up?" It is their last chance to express their feelings for each other, and it seemed like they were both dumbfounded by the idea itself, immediately dropping the subject. Back on topic, they discuss the dance, and what they can do to cheer Carly up.

At the apartment, Spencer is feeling a little better, but Carly is depressed, and drowning her sadness in icing (likely a learned trait from Sam). In the time that Spencer was resting, Sam managed to complete the motorcycle. As Sam is extremely averse to any forms of work, the fact that she helped Spencer with it, and took the initiative to get the necessary parts to finish the bike, shows that she cares about both Shay siblings. Sam and Spencer's plot in this episode is very important, as Spencer can be a litmus as to how Sam treats Carly; she always tends to make them exceptions to her rules, more so than anyone else. What follows is a touching scene between the two. Noticing how much she loved the motorcycle, and that Socko had given it to him, Spencer decides to pass it on to Sam. Dan Schneider notes in his Fun Facts that "I love the Sam character so much. Yeah, she's rough around the edges... but she has a great heart. We all know that about her. And not many good things happen for Sam." This is similar to what Spencer says when he explains that he's giving the bike to her for being a great best friend to his little sister, that she has a good heart, and she deserves it. His speech draws a parallel to Carly's in iCan't Take It, where she mentions, despite Sam's wild tendencies, it's worth being her friend.

Sam immediately takes the bike out for a test run, returning to a still very sad Carly, who wondered where she was. Muttering a "yay for Sam", Sam softly tells her that she's gotta quit crying over the dance. She goes to get the door, yelling over a crying Carly to stop crying, and sees Gibby and Freddie in a tuxedo, ready to take her to the dance. Sam calls Carly to attention, happily showing her that the boys came to pick her up, but Carly is extremely upset. Unable to explain why, she apologizes to them, and while she appreciates what they have done, states that she doesn't want to go to the dance with anyone. During Carly's rant, her father appears, which Sam notices in awe, as well as Freddie and Gibby. Upon hearing her dad's voice, Carly lights up, with all of her friends smiling to confirm that he's there, and turns around to see her father. Sam is the first to talk, saying "Oh my God", clearly in disbelief of what's in front of her. Gushing, Carly is excited, pointing out her father to the crew. Colonel Shay asks how Sam is doing, which she responds that she's doing great. Sam not only seems to have a rappor with Colonel Shay that suggest they've met and talked on several occasions, Sam properly addresses him as an authority figure, Colonel Shay, showing that she respects his position. Considering Sam has no respect for police officers, it's safe to say Sam takes a liking to anyone who is close to Carly. Colonel Shay, offhand guesses Freddie's name, confirming that he's seen Sam more than Freddie (probably he knows him from iCarly). Since Carly met Sam at 8 years old, and Freddie in the sixth grade, it's likely that he could've met her and been in service when she befriended Freddie.

In honor of Colonel Shay's return, and Carly attending a dance with him, Spencer, Sam, Freddie, Gibby and T-Bo arrange a "Crazy Hat Spaghetti Taco Party". This is a callback to iPilot's "Crazy Hat" party in honor of their first iCarly webcast. Colonel Shay and Carly return to the gang celebrating, and when Carly notes all of the things she's planned to do, her father drops the bad news, that he has to leave in a few hours to a base in Italy. Obviously, Carly is upset, until he suggests that she go with him, shocking everyone. When she remarks that she can't leave her friends, Gibby, T-Bo and Freddie give her the ok. Still thinking, Carly asks Sam, almost as if she'd be the entire reason to stay, that if Sam said no, Carly would stay just for her. Joking about her own father, Sam remarks that if she was in her position, she'd go. Looking for reasons to stay, Carly mentions the webshow, which Sam rebuts, "The internet will still be here when you get back." Finally, Carly looks to her brother, who's giving a sad smile. He suggests she go with dad, and Carly's mind seems to be made as her father quips, "There's lots of hot boys in Italy..."

Carly asks the time, and Sam, noting her expression, asks "Whatcha thinkin'?" Carly replies that they still have time... to do one last webcast of iCarly. They do a late, but special webcast, introducing Colonel Shay as a guest. The two segments on the last show were two of the most popular bits on iCarly, "Baby Spencer", and "The Cowboy and the Idiot Farmgirl Who Thought the Cowboy's Mustache Was a Squirrel". Many Cam fans note the interactions between the two during the Cowboy and Farmgirl sketch to be extremely flirtatious, and suggestive. As Gibby has been a member of the sketch, its interesting that Carly opted to have Sam portray a Cowboy, and constantly have the Farmgirl flirt with the Cowboy. What else is interesting, is that many people like this sketch, including Dan Schneider, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jennette McCurdy. Carly and Sam end the webshow, with a monologue that they'd be nothing without the viewers, as they were "just a couple of idiots with a camera, in an attic." On a somber note, they finish with the lines, "And this has been... iCarly."

The scene cuts to Carly and Spencer saying their goodbyes, (in which Miranda and Jerry break character towards the end) and they hug. Carly leaves to the iCarly studio, to find Freddie packing his things. She tells him that he doesn't have to pack so soon, but he elaborates that he's going to be busy helping Gibby with his new weasel. Carly interrupts him by touching his hand, and startled, he quickly turns, worried. She pulls him into a kiss, which they both reciprocate, then head downstairs. So, does that mean she's in love with him? At first glance, yes. Carly and Freddie have always had an amicable friendship, and expressed that they cared for one another, but Carly always insisted upon keeping being friends. On numerous occasions, they both helped each other, and they are the perfect romance story of two friends falling in love. This may not be the case, however. Dan Schneider mentioned, in regards to Seddie, that they play a "game" where they pretend to hate each other, but they really don't, and they just keep up appearances to save face. Carly and Freddie are similar, in that they played a game of "He loves me, she loves me not", with mainly Freddie saying the " I love you's", until iSaved Your Life. Much like Dan summarized, Carly definitely loves Freddie, and almost never made fun of him for his crush on her. Freddie many a time has been a staple to Carly and Sam's friendship, so the trio dynamic is important to the show, as well as Cam.

Considering the immediate aftermath, Carly doesn't seem to enjoy the kiss romantically (when compared to previous ones with him), and Freddie looks to be surprised by it. Right after the kiss, Freddie turns his head, as if he realized something, which could be the moment in iSaved Your Life when he asked for one last kiss, and Carly gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. Could she have given him the one he wanted? As Freddie was always the one who wanted Carly's love and attention, she gave him something he's wanted since day one: A kiss, with no anterior motives, or liking him for what he did, just for being Freddie. Maybe Carly thought it'd spark feelings between them, but they both seemed to have a silent agreement on not bringing it up, nor talking about it. Instead, she mentions getting her bags, which Freddie gladly offers to help, proving their friendship is still intact. This is the last person she kisses on the show, and considering her many love interests, and boyfriends, appropriately the best in Freddie Benson.

Carly comes down the stairs to say goodbye to her friends, and give Gibby a final goodbye hug. Sam offers to ride down with her, and is extremely sad (as this is mostly Jennette out of character, not so much Sam). They all come together in a group hug, and shuffle out to leave Carly and Sam in the elevator. Carly says she loves them, and the boys reply that they love her as well. The elevator scene between Carly and Sam is heartwarming, as it's closest to the end, showing that their friendship was a big part of the show itself. If Carly and Freddie's kiss was romantic, it somewhat ruins the scene's importance, as Sam showed an interest in getting back with Freddie, and they're best friends. Carly and Sam are extremely somber, whilst going down; the kiss doesn't come up in their conversation, and Sam gives Carly her exclusive prop on the show, her remote built by Freddie. Sam quips that all Carly need do is push a button for a laugh, cheer, or random dance. It's significant because iCarly was the only thing Sam initially cared about and put effort into, which is her bond with Carly. Also, Sam wants something for Carly to remember her by, she doesn't want her to forget her. They hug, (which Dan notes is Miranda and Jennette hugging, because they have been through a lot together and are very close friends) until Lewbert enters the elevator, prompting Sam to scream "Get out!"

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