This page is about the Brad appearing in iHire An Idiot and iOMG. For the Brad appearing in iCarly Saves TV, click here.

Brad first appeared in the Season 4 episode iHire An Idiot. He made his second appearance in iOMG.

Brad is a tech-savvy teen who was interviewed for iCarly's intern position. He was their top choice, but then lost the position to Cort, whose only real qualification was that he was "hot," (according to Carly and Sam, and over Freddie's objections). He has also been in the show a couple of times.

He seems to be very nice, talented, and loves making fudge for people which he learned from his great-grandmother, who is still alive (as stated in iOMG).

In iOMG, he met up with Carly, Sam, and Freddie again at Ridgeway, and they hired him to be their new intern. Brad worked on the "Mood Face App" project with Freddie, and when it revealed that Sam's mood was "in love," Carly and Freddie believed Sam liked Brad. They spent the rest of the evening trying to convince her to tell him so (until the final scene, when it was revealed who Sam really had a crush on).

Although Brad gathered a large fan base for a minor character, he did not appear in any more episodes.

He is portrayed by Justin Prentice.


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