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Jon825lazery7 Jon825lazery7 2 days ago

Junior High Staff

I want to get a clarified on something. As in the Ridgeway Junior High School staff. I notice that Mr. Howard's first name is David and he's the math teacher and Mr. Stern's first name is Steven and a history teacher. When I got a look at Mr. Howard's page, it says his first name is Marty. I was wondering if anyone can confirm any of these to be true.

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 18 days ago

iJessie Transcript

Screen Title: iJessie

The crossover starts off at the Ross Family Penthouse where Luke and Ravi are hanging out together in the screening room with their arms wrapped around each other as they are watching an iCarly web cast

"How great is this web show?" Luke asked

"It's so funny. I'm glad to spend time watching it with you Luke." Ravi says

"Me too, buddy." Luke said

Emma, Zuri, and Jessie enter the screening room

"See, I told you they were watching iCarly without us." Zuri says

"I was just wanting to spend some time with my favorite brother." Luke said

"He's your only brother." Emma says

"Yeah and that's why he's my favorite." Luke said

"You're a fan of iCarly?" Ravi asked

"We all are." Jessie replied

"I have a surprise for you all." Emma says

On the …

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 22 days ago


iJessie is a special fanmade crossover of iCarly and the Disney Channel original series; Jessie.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Subplot
  • 3 iCarly Main Cast
  • 4 Jessie Main Cast
  • 5 Recurring Cast
  • 6 Villain Cast
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 Transcript

Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, Guppy, Spencer and Mrs. Benson travels to New York City and meets the Ross family to do a special webisode of iCarly.

Meanwhile, Nora is back and teams up with Mrs. Chesterfield. Together they kidnap the iCarly crew, along with the Ross kids and Jessie. Mrs. Benson and Bertram comes and saves everyone.

  • Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay
  • Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett
  • Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson
  • Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay
  • Noah Munck as Gibby Gibson

  • Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott
  • Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross
  • Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross
  • Peyton …

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Ari1212nd Ari1212nd 1 September

Gibby is funny anoying dum and a show off

1.yes he makes me laugh but on to,2.he is vary anoying and i mean VARY on 1% 100% ok know on to 3. yes he is very dum and clueless last one 4. HE IS A HUGE SHOW OF! thank you for reading.

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Intro to my message wall

My message wall is a place to chat with each other and talk about the show! I watch on Netflix and it only has 2 seasons and the revival is WAY to early in the morning! :( so don't talk about the revival or season 3-6 :) thanks!

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Justanormaldudepog Justanormaldudepog 18 June

spaghetti tacos

first, make soft taco shells or buy some.

make spaghetti (but don't add much sauce or add any salt/pepper)

add cheese (parmesan cheese is overrated)

get an ice cold drink

eat the taco

drink the drink

the perfect dinner

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Mrs benson Mrs benson 26 May

hello freddie

i love you freddie come home at 2:20 and get your cream for your butt ok and carly better not give you ideas and sam i dont want freddie getting hert love mrs benson

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ABrito2345 ABrito2345 16 May

Ilove ICarly

I'm an 11 year old boy and ILove ICarly, it is one of the best shows in the world. People should really watch this because it is a really good tv show, here are 5 reasons why this show is really good⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. it has good characters

2. it has good actors

3. it is very funny

4. spencer has very creative sculptures

5. the episodes are great

If you want to watch more ICarly, it still airs reruns on Teenick and I wish it aired on Nick HD again. if you don't know ICarly watch some episode reruns on Teenick. I also love all of Dan Schneider's shows here are some of the shows I love💕💕💕 Drake & Josh, Victorious, Henry danger, Sam & Cat, and Danger force. they are so funny and they have good actors in all of them. You should watch all of the shows I just l…

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Jeminali Jeminali 15 May

Launching the iCarly Wiki Discord Server!

  1. Register your account on Discord. You may download the Discord client for the device you are on.
  2. Use the button above or the invite link, https://discord.gg/Seexw3dU9s, to join the server.
  3. Add your Discord username and tag to your profile masthead (see this guide).
  4. The only visible channel that you can use will be #【🆔】verification. In this channel, you should type !wiki verify .
    For example, if you wiki username is iCarlyFan100, you should type !wiki verify iCarlyFan100.
  5. Now, the rest of the channels will become visible to you.
  6. Have fun chatting!

Note: Users who do not wish to to publicize their Discord name may remove it from their masthead after verification.

For more information, see Discord.
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Loudgirl564 Loudgirl564 14 May

All right

trying to make my first impression on this Wiki

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Eimanueela Eimanueela 12 May

sou nova

oi gente sou nova aqui

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I Carly

Hey y'all,

Have you heard they are adding on to I Carly ? You didnt well omg were have you Been !!! I Carly is such a great show. when new episode come out you should defiantly watch it . ( im starting from the being lol )

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GituGachaYT GituGachaYT 4 May

ICarly Questions!!

Hello All My Fellow Flowers!! I just made this so don't hate me please. But Every week or 2 i'll be posting questions about ICarly! Here's the first 10 questions of the day!

  1. Did Sam Become A Softie???

2. Who are the 3 iCarly kids?

3. Who is Carly`s brother?


  • When sam convinces Freddie that he has bad luck does he find out it`s her?

5. Did Spencer go to law school?

6. On the episode where Spencer trys to beat the girl who has the highest score on the game of pack rat what is the girls name?

7. What is Carly Shay`s real name ?

8. On the episode I have a love sick teacher, do Carly`s teacher and Spencer make-up or break up?

9. On the episode idream of dance when Freddie beat the other guy by dancing does Carly like him?

10. Is shane the name of Freddie…

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Treasureee$ Treasureee$ 28 April


Hi guys I'm new on here and it seems really cool

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Spongebob1997 Spongebob1997 18 April

iCarly wiki new logo concepts

I made a few iCarly wiki logo concepts. Tell me what you think of them in the comments

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OLLIE2285894 OLLIE2285894 12 April

The reboot and all info you need to know about it.

So first of all, when is this new reboot coming out???

We are thinking late 2021 or early 2022 so either August to September 2021 or February to March 2022.


We are sad to say it, but Gibby and Sam will not be in the show anymore. We will still have Carly, Freddie, and Spencer. Some new cast members will be Carly's new friend and Freddie's stepdaughter.

Summing the show up:

It will be them but more mature as adults. So simular but different.

Episodes, we don't know yet but we do know that a trailer has been sent out!!

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hi guys am new

how are u am with my sister today and how was school?

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Nfvhfj Nfvhfj 5 April


today on LOVECOVE we show you adorable pups and other animals

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Starmorin12 Starmorin12 1 April


hi i am andrea i am ur fannn

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P444rsa5162 P444rsa5162 20 March

Just like My life!

Hey Everyone, I'm back! I suddenly got bored since there's nothing to do at home, and as I can see, I haven't seen any challenges in the comments section. So my topic for this day is "Just like My life!" The meaning of this topic that my life is also like the iCarly trio's life (except for their webcast and parent absence), so let's start with their friendship. Number 1: I've also had an frenemie, and a best friend (Sam's). Number 2: I fight people that's hurting my best friend(Carly or Sam). And number 3: My Best friend and I are each other's support system's, whenever were lonely got a bad grade, and when neither me or my Best friend got into a fight Me or her, fight for each other. Well, I think I'll see y'all later, and remember the ch…

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P444rsa5162 P444rsa5162 19 March

Just like Carly

Hello Fans, You're asking who I am right? Well, I'm just a new person. Okay first of all, I'm just like Carly. I can tell because I cover some of my best friends troubles like doing pranks, and some pranks that are kinda inappropriate to hear or see. And I had some particular problems. Some are unable to relax in small spaces, unable to breath. But, the one thing that made me just like Sam which is no part on my topic but there's are some things that made me just like Sam and those are: My love of chicken, Beating/ Arguing with innocent or guilty people. And lastly my big personality in school and in my online school. Well, see y'all in my next article. And if y'all want a challenge to make for me I'm free to do it for you all. The challen…

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26Jun2009 26Jun2009 17 March

Just like sam

I love chicken and food and pranking people I love to be crazy and vicious.

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S10063416 S10063416 14 March


Hello Fans I'm new some give me some ideas

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Rayaskywalker Rayaskywalker 12 March


Help me school is the WORST!!! SEND HELP

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Spongeboy0009 Spongeboy0009 9 March


maybe you can tell but i havent been on in a while bc im taking a hiatus on this wiki as im contributeing to others currently thx for reading

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Rayaskywalker Rayaskywalker 4 March


hey ya'll trying to post things everyday so stay tuned!!!

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SamIsLitterallyMe SamIsLitterallyMe 1 March

Hi random person creeping onto my blog

Hey Guys! I'm trying to keep my blog updated, because i think this websites so cool! Who's your favorite character? I'm with Sam; how can you NOT laugh when a kid cries? It's to funny 😂😂😂. anyways, imma post some pictures just for fun, and while u look at those, please comment! I'm new, so imma noob 😃😃😃😃😃

anyways, thats it for my blog today. again pls comment and have an amazing day!

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SamIsLitterallyMe SamIsLitterallyMe 1 March

why do u care

Carly & Sam must have so much fun.

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SamIsLitterallyMe SamIsLitterallyMe 1 March

Anyone watch Sam And Cat?

I do. Actually, i did before i watched iCarly. Hi Freddie[;D] Carly, and Sam.

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SamIsLitterallyMe SamIsLitterallyMe 1 March

My first blog AFTER i figured out the website was real

Hey guys :)

How are u? I'm good. I love Netflix and popcorn. WHO'S WITH ME????

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20OKQueenBrianna 20OKQueenBrianna 28 February

Hi I'm New

I'm Tiana And I'm New Here.

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Rayaskywalker Rayaskywalker 26 February


I can bend my back crazy I don't think I even have a spine

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Summervibesemmah Summervibesemmah 26 February

Icarly is the best!

If u love icarly comment down here and tell me your fave charaters mine r Freddie Benson/ Nathan Kress Sam Puckett/ Jennette MCcurdy Freddie is so cute and Sam is just like me sometimes!

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Aliyah is cool Aliyah is cool 25 February

my fave singers are Carrie Underwood and Shawn Mendes

I love music and my fave singers are Carrie Underwood and Shawn Mendes i listen to them all the time

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Ahhggcccv Ahhggcccv 22 February


Hi My name Is Ahnah Hutsell and I just started blogging because it nice to get out of my shell and put my self out there. And I hope you guys like it, and we all know we start out small and we get like five likes, but i am hoping to get 1 million likes that would make me feel like the luckiest person on the world! so Came every Monday and sunday for my weekly blogs and Thank you

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Ahhggcccv Ahhggcccv 22 February

Carly Shay

Carly shay Is super sweet. But is she like this in real life? We will never know till we meet her. Carly Shay is a talented actor, and most of all Funny, we all love her very much and wishes her well. and I hope to someday end up like her, Talented and funny.

If you guys like my blog make sure to comment and come in for my weekly blogs I will post every Monday and Sunday. And I will not only tell you about secrets Carly Shay has but secret and details about my life, and if you are just visiting Icarly Then watch the show to There are 4 seasons I think and Its great to binge watch during covid and stuff. Love you guys so much and stay safe

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Aliyah is cool Aliyah is cool 20 February

I like to cook

I cook all the time my fave thing is chicken and dumplings and tacos.

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Aydenjames0827 Aydenjames0827 20 February


This is an iCarly parody, a person named snarly and his friend created this

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Number1Fanoficarly Number1Fanoficarly 19 February

Icarly secrets exposed

This is my first blog so here is one thing i will put out there in the show who else thought Freddie was HOT but now he is older than us sadly click on the video for more secrets then click the blue highlighted words enjoy

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Aliyah is cool Aliyah is cool 19 February

hey i am aliyah and i like to sing

hi i like to sing and cook and i am bored so i am on this thing

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Lyrawinton Lyrawinton 19 February

Icarly fan page

iCarly is an amazing series I enjoyed watching it sooooo much. I love how Carly and Sam are always goofing around and bringing in guest stars and how Freddie does all those cool effects. The actors are amazing they make it look real. I hope that there will be more series. Rock on iCarly!!!

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Anonamouse.faith Anonamouse.faith 18 February


u should always stick up for ur self and others when u see somebody getting bullied u should always stick up for them think of others

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 16 February

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes

Here are my top 5 favorite episodes of iCarly:

1. IGot Detention

2. IGo to Japan

3. IGo Nuclear

4. IWon't Cancel The Show

5. IBattle Chip

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Xkiller21sav19 Xkiller21sav19 15 February

icarly is so funny

Hi,icarly.com is funny and that Sam and her mom is always fighting but Sam's sister is not like Sam but we like icarly

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Amber.eichorn Amber.eichorn 13 February

sam and carly

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Spongeboy0009 Spongeboy0009 8 February

Why I don't like Sam & cat

first of all here are the reasons Sam and cat isn't the best

  1. We'll Carly didn't make an appearance but even worse is Spencer didn't and he is my favourite character also it didn't really show many victorious characters either
  2. it only ended after one season which isn't that long and it still comes on nick with a very small selection so it's like repeats
  3. I looked and it's rated 4.6 stars I would give it a 2 stars that's how I feel
  4. the episodes are a little boring the worst episode is pilot because it's very weird how they met
  5. Sam is nicer which I kind of don't like
  6. They just randomly start a baby sitting service and the kids annoys me

I know some people like Sam and cat I don't it's my opinion please don't mad at me or do the same thing Sam did i…

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Mak23686 Mak23686 7 February

Hello again

Hello again, It's me.

For those who don't know me, I showed up here pretty much exactly 11 years ago to edit some stuff. Before I knew it, I was editing more stuff than I intended and about five months later or so, there were some annoying vandals and I asked for admin rights to deal with them more quickly. Which I was granted.

Five more months later (Christmas 2010), I was promoted to bureaucrat.

How well that went is … debatable, to say the least. Negative highlights include being too insecure to speak up against a pedo running around here, being naïve enough to fall for at least two (maybe three) death scams and getting too attached to some people / the community here to stay truly objective sometimes.

I was only on sporadically after iGood…

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Spongeboy0009 Spongeboy0009 7 February

Extra physco

Carly room

sam: hey do you still wonder about nora

Carly: hmm now that you mention it yes

Carly: why did you bring her up?

Spencer: (from down the stairs) Carly Sam you might wanna see this

(Carly and Sam come down)

tv dude: and latest news a criminal from Seattle prison has escaped

Sam: who? Wait a minute

Tv dude: her name is Nora dershlitt

Carly: WHAT!

Spencer: I know I wanted you to see it

(Freddie opens door)

Freddie: did you see the news?!

Sam: yeah Nora escaped

Freddie: I know I'm not stupid!

Sam: or are you (Sam gets up)

Freddie: or maybe you A (Spencer cuts them off)

Spencer: guys the biggest problem now is Nora out of prison!

Somewhere near Seattle

Nora: right Maurice I need to get revenge on the icarlies like trap them forever

Maurice: bok bo…

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Spongeboy0009 Spongeboy0009 7 February

Wade Collins (meaning of hobnocker)

i looked it up it's just made up when episode came out but truly it doesn't really have a meaning it may have said to be "gross and illegal" but it was probably just a horrible word in the Dan Schneider shows


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Spongeboy0009 Spongeboy0009 5 February

Freddie sick 2

The Benson apartment

Miss benson: Sam Carly get out NOW!

Carly: can we just see Freddie please for me

Miss Benson your *sarcastic voice* charm doesn't work me fine see him do whatever you want fuzzballs

Carly and Sam go in freddies room

Freddie : oh thank God you guys are here

Sam: I thought you were sick you finally learnt to act fredward *claps slowly*

Freddie: shut up Sam

Sam: at least I don't have I pimple on my butt

Freddie: (nervous tone) no one can prove that

carly laughs*

Carly: you have a zit on your butt *laughs*

Carly: anyway why did you pretend to be sick

Freddie: cause my mum she wants my party to be with like most people in bushwell

Freddie: I just want it to be with Carly Spencer gibby T-bo and as annoying as you are you to sam


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