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The Baby Chicks
were hatched by Carly and Sam for a science project in the episode iHatch Chicks. They somehow escaped their incubator, and the iCarly crew had to search the entire apartment to find them. The names of the chicks don't say anything about their gender as they were just simply named in the order they were put back in the incubator. Their names are actually egg-related. Spencer drew a picture of all of them together.

The chicks are mentioned once more in iApril Fools and the scene in which Sam and Carly find Poachy behind the elevator window is recreated though it is altered.

Names and Places Where the Chicks Were Found

  • Shelly: was found by Spencer in the shower. He had picked her up, thinking she was a bar of soap. This is how the iCarly team discovered the chicks had gotten loose.
  • Huevo: was found in the sink pipes. After Carly heard him in the sink pipes, Spencer tried to turn on the light, accidentally turning on the garbage disposal. They got the chick out when Sam blew into the pipe. This caused the chick to fly out, and Carly caught him unharmed. He was named Huevo, which is also the Spanish word for egg.
  • Omelet: was found behind the fridge. Duke lifted it to get to Omelet because he claimed he loved animals.
  • Benedict: was found behind the wall. Freddie and Duke got him out of the wall unharmed when Duke used his head to smash a hole in the wall.
  • Yoko: was found on a beam in the iCarly studio and was safely caught by Sam when the chick fell.
  • Poachy: was found behind the elevator window. At first they thought he was gone when he fell off of the elevator window, but Poachy somehow managed to walk into a heating duct where Spencer was stuck. Poachy then crawled into Spencer's mouth and when Spencer finally got out of the duct, he spat him out, unharmed.
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