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Argentina Woolridge (over pronounced as ArgenTHina) is the founder LeapIN and the main antagonist of iNeed Space.


Argentina is the founder of LeapIN. She claims to be a Harvard and MIT graduate, and on a Forbes list of women with unlisted ages.

Argentina dated Spencer to get to Carly and her subscribers.

When Carly discovers that she uses her nests at LeapIn to secretly mine data, Argentina threatens to erase Harper's look book unless she allows her to promote LeapIn on iCarly, so Carly unwillingly brings Argentina to the iCarly Studio. While at the studio, Argentina reveals her true intentions, which is to promote LeapIn on iCarly and have her company go global by manipulating women, secretly mining their data and taking advantage of their insecurities. Unbeknownst to her, Carly's camera was recording the whole time. They make a deal to erase the footage after Carly explains the consequences of the public finding out about this, and Argentina returns Harper's flash drive.

Physical Appearance

Argentina has long blonde hair.


Argentina is manipulative and described as a "woman-hating fraud" as she takes advantage of the vulnerability of women by spying on them and using manipulation tactics.


  • She is credited as Argentina Woolridge, however, she is often referred to as "Argenthina" in iNeed Space.
  • Her company LeapIn could be a parody of Linked In.
  • Argentina voices a digital assistant, which is shaped like an egg. She gifts one to Spencer. Similar to LeapIn nests, the digital assistant does targeted advertising.
  • Christine Taylor who portrays Argentina Woolridge, was cast after she reached out to the network saying that she would love to be involved in the revival.[1]
  • The over pronunciation of Argentina (ArgenTHina) was largely inspired by “Hillaria” Baldwin. Writer Franchesca finds that there's something so hilariously obnoxious about a wealthy white woman pretending to be spicy white.[2]



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