Andrea Swain

Andrea Swain is an actress who appeared in three episodes of iCarly in a different role each time.

Video Store Clerk

Andrea as the Video Village Clerk (iRocked the Vote)

Her largest role was in iRocked the Vote, when she played the clerk of the Video Village store that had sent Spencer a letter claiming that he had rented a video 10 years earlier and never returned it, and now owed over $3,600 in late fees. Sam taught Spencer to lie so that he could claim that he did return it, but when Spencer tried to lie to the clerk, he caved in almost immediately and told her the truth. The clerk, however, told Spencer that her boss only sent out those letters to scare people, and she would simply take it out of the computer. Spencer and the clerk seemed to like each other, and wound up flirting with each other.

Andrea Swain (iStart A Fan War)

Andrea in iStart a Fan War (background, center of shot)

Andrea also had small roles in iStart a Fanwar (as one of the costumed fans of World of Warlords), and in iCarly Saves TV.

She was also mentioned in iSell Penny-Tees, when the iCarly gang was selling items to their fans. Freddie read out an address and then chuckled and said "Swain" like it was a crazy name, sort of making fun of it.

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