iParty with Victorious
Seizoen 4, Aflevering 11-13
IParty with Victorious
Eerste keer op TV 11 Juni 2011
Productiecode 311-313
Schrijver(s) Dan Schneider
Director(s) Steve Hoefer
Episode Guide
"iLost My Mind"

iParty with Victorious is de 11e tot 13e aflevering van seizoen 4 van iCarly en een cross-over met Victorious. Deze aflevering telt alleen als iCarly aflevering.


Steven Carson is het vriendje van Carly (maar ook van Tori uit Victorious). Als Carly zijn naam opzoekt op internet ziet ze een foto van hem met Tori. Sam zegt dat Steven vreemdgaat met haar. Ondertussen verteld André iedereen dat hij een feest geeft in het huis van Kenan Thompson. Sam ziet dit op Twitter en vind dit een goede gelegenheid om Steven te betrappen. Dus rijd Spencer iedereen naar LA met de auto van Socko. Ze gaan naar een van Spencer's ex-vriendinnen om special effects make-up op te krijgen. Gibby krijgt een pet en een moedervlek. Als ze bij het feest aankomen zoeken ze naar Steven en Tori. Even later komen ze Tori tegen en komen ze erachter dat Steven met beide meiden heeft. Ze pakken hem terug op iCarly in een kast (waarvan Steven dacht dat hij en Tori daar hun honderdste dag kus zouden hebben). Ondertussen zitten Spencer, Jade, Beck en Sikowitz lekker in een jacuzzi. Gibby is zijn moedervlek kwijt en die gaat hij dus zoeken, maar iemand herkent hem dus slaat hij hem knock-out. Later speelt Sinjin een surfgame die ineens een storing krijgt waardoor hij door het raam gelanceerd word en in de jacuzzi valt. Ook zijn Robbie en Rex lekker aan het rappen, ook nog tegen Sam. Na al dat sluit het af met een mashup van Leave It All To Me en Make It Shine, de thema liedjes van de twee shows.


Carly: I don't know, I just feel bad for the weeds.
Sam: Weeds are nothing but green losers!
Freddie: Well, maybe weeds are just like, you know, homeless plants looking for a lawn to call their own!

Sam: I'm gonna open a can of something and eat it.

Freddie: You're eating a can of pie filling?
Sam: It's all I've got!
Carly: Which is why I'm gonna make you your favorite kind of sandwich.
Sam: [Gasp] Large?
Carly: Uh-huh.

Sam: [To Mrs. Benson] Freddie hates you.
Freddie: I don't [motioning quotation marks] "hate her".

Spencer: Mrs. Benson, not that we don't all want you to leave, but why are you here?

Marissa: Well, I don't see how a boy can make a girl that happy.
Sam: Sure, 'cause you haven't had a date since Seinfield got cancelled.
Marissa: It wasn't cancelled! Jerry chose not to do another season.

Sam: [teasingly] Your aunt sounds awesome.
Freddie: [turns to her] Like your family is not full of freaks and mutants.
Sam: Touche...

Sam: How come you've never heard about the 100-day kiss thing?
Gibby: I didn't know about it.
Sam: Well ... yeah, but ... YOU're a Gibby.

Freddie: So who taught you this fruit game?
Sam: My mom.
Carly: Oh, no......

Freddie: See if you find out if oranges can crack a spine. [glares at Sam] 'cause I THINK THEY CAN!
Sam: Oh, man up. Or at least boy up.

Freddie: Doyng! Who's she?!
Carly: She's a girl! And don't say, "doyng"!

Sam: She looks like that Shelby Marx chick you fought.
Freddie: Yeah, but this girl's way hotter!
Carly: [glares at Freddie]
Freddie: I didn't say "doyng."

Freddie: Here, let me see if I can find some more pics of this Tori girl.
Sam: Why?
Carly: So he can stare at her, and drool.
Freddie: I'm researching her! [2 second pause] OH! YEP! THERE IT IS!! Wow! Oh guys, oh man, look at those cheekbones! Look it, oh guys, oh she is SMOKING ho- [interrupted by Carly throwing an orange at his back] AHHHHHH!!
Carly: Boom-ba!

Sam: [to Spencer] Why are you walking like a bloated zombie?

Mr. Howard: Shay! Puckett! Are you texting in my class!?
Sam: Yup.

Sam: [Reading her text message aloud to class] 'Just deal with the fact that Steven might be cheating on you.'
Carly: [Reading her text message] 'Will you stop saying that? I love him.'
Sam: Then I typed 'Colon P'.
Freddie: [to Mr. Howard] That means she stuck her tongue out.
Mr. Howard: I know all about 'Colon P'.
[class starts laughing uproariously]

Carly: Steven is not cheating on me!
Sam: Denial's (the Nile) not just a river in Utah.
Carly: Egypt!

Carly: Steven told me I'm one of a kind!
Sam: Yes, and my dad once told my mom he was coming back.
[Everyone is silent for a few seconds]
Sam: So, moving on....

Freddie: The famous Kenan Thompson?!
Sam: [sarcastically] Gee... I don't know. Could be...Kenan Thompson, the butt doctor!

Beck: Jade loves jacuzzis.
Jade: Sometimes I pretend I've been captured by witches, and they are using me to make human soup.

Tori: I would've brought a swimsuit if I had known--
[Sikowitz jumps up from behind the bar and plays a high note on a trumpet, causing everyone but Beck to jump back and scream]
Sikowitz: It's me! With a trumpet!

Mrs. Harris: HEY ANDRÈ!!!
Andrè: Grandma, what are you doing at this party?!?
Andrè: Grandma, please go home...
Mrs. Harris: OK ANDRÈ!!

Steven: [to Tori] I wanted to give you this.
Tori: [Gasp] Steven! You nutball! A charm bracelet?
Carly: [to herself] Charm bracelet?! [Looks at her charm bracelet]
Steven: [to Tori] Yeah, it's one of a kind, like you.
Carly: [to herself] Okay, that hurt... that wounded me.
Tori: [to Steven] Oh my god it's beautiful... I love you.
Steven: [to Tori] I love you too. [kisses Tori]
Carly: Aaaand that killed me... now, I'm dead. [walks away]

Carly: You were right. Go ahead...say you told me so.
Sam: [Moves closer with a solemn expression] I told you so.
Freddie: [Shocked] DUDE!!

Freddie: [Wanting to beat up Steven] He deserves it!
Carly: I know. But ... you're nerdy. Steven will pound you silly.

Tori: You have no idea how in love I am with your web show!
Carly: No, but I know how in love you are with my boyfriend...
Tori: What do you mean in love with your boyfriend??
Carly: Its okay, its okay. I'm in love with your boyfriend, so ... we're kinda even.

Sam:[to Carly] You gonna knuckle down on this chick? [takes out a sock] I brought the buttersock.
Carly: Its not her fault ... We're both victims.
Sam: Yeah, but I mean...
Carly: I'm NOT gonna beat her with a sock full of butter!!!
Tori: She wants you to hurt me with butter?
Freddie: Yeah.

Sam: Okay, now that we know Steven's a stinkin' cheater, let's talk about revenge. Once again, I offer the buttersock!
Carly: [takes the buttersock from Sam] We don't just want to hurt Steven.
Tori: We don't?
Carly: [in thought] No..
Tori: [disappointed] Oh..

Tori: Come on, I wanna be a part of your iCarly unspoken communication! How are we getting back at Steven? [insistently, pointing at her charm bracelet] Topi wanna know!!!

Kenan Thompson: Now I know you're not from Northridge.
Tori: Uhh...uh uh.

Kenan Thompson: There it is. You see that? There it is right there! Why does everybody wanna borrow money from me? I mean, you guys, Andy Samberg, half the original cast of All That!
Tori: Aww, I used to love that show!
Kenan: Your cheekbones- they're like just perfect little sugarplums!
Carly: No no no no, we don't wanna borrow money!
Sam: Eh, now wait a second...
Carly: Ok, Sam!

Steven: Wait, this is live on iCarly?!
Carly: Uh huh! But don't worry...
Sam: Only like a million people are watching, so...
Carly: Yeah, so it's not like your whole life's over, oh wait...
Carly, Tori and Kenan Thompson: It kinda is!

Cat: Yay! I love karaoke!
Tori: Cat!
Cat: What?
Tori: Shh!! Your doctor said you weren't supposed to talk!
Cat: [singing] He didn't saay I couldn't siing!
Tori: Well, alright.

Extended Version QuotesEdit

Freddie: She's been dating a new guy,
Sam and Freddie: [in unison, mocking Carly in dreamy voices and leaning their heads together] Steven...

Mrs. Benson: Spencer, I need to have Freddie stay here.
Spencer: Yeah, no problem.
Mrs. Benson: Why are you in that thing?
Spencer: Oh. See, I was at the uh- [cut off by Mrs. Benson]
Mrs. Benson: I don't care.

Gibby: [in classroom in front of students] See, I put the stack of quarters right here on my elbow. [puts quarters on his elbow] And, now watch as I whip my hand around to try to catch the quarters before they fall. [whips arm around and tries to catch the quarters, but fails and hits a kid named Rusty in the glasses; breaking his lens]
Rusty: Ahh! Man... you broke my lens!
Gibby: Well, I just lost a buck 75 ($1.75) alright Rusty? So we all got problems. [tries to look for his quarters]
Freddie: Rusty's upset...
Gibby: [frustrated] When's Rusty not upset?

Carly: [during the web show, harassing a cactus] You're the worst cactus ever!
Sam: Stupid cactus!
Carly: You're the loser of the desert!
Sam: You have no friends!
Carly: No one wants you!
Sam: Lame cactus!
Carly: You're an embarrassment to all succulents!
Sam: Idiot! [Carly and Sam turn back to the camera and smile]
Carly: And that's how you damage the self-esteem of a cactus!
Freddie: [turns the camera onto himself] Also works on ferns, flowers, and various cheeses! [points the camera back at the girls]

Carly: Okay, we're going to move on to our next segment here on iCarly!
Sam: Which involes the brain of our disturbed friend, Gibby!
Carly: Yes! We all know that Gibby's head is full or wrong-ness...
Sam: And to demonstrate that again, let's take a look at- [huge moving cactus walks towards Carly and Sam growling]. Uh oh... it's the cactus' big brother!
Carly and Sam: [hold onto eachother and scream]
Tori: [from Los Angeles watching the webshow with Steven laughing] Oh my god, how funny is this? Aren't they hilarious?
Steven: Yeah, it's funny... [pretending not to know what it is] What's it called?
Tori: iCarly. [confused] You've never heard of it?
Steven: Uh... no... why?
Tori: Cause' you live in Seattle half the time, and that's where these girls do it from.
Carly: [from laptop with Sam] Go on now!
Sam: [at the cactus' big brother] Go!
Carly: [at the cactus' big brother] Walk out the door!
Sam: Just turn around now!
Carly: You're not welcome anymore!
Steven and Tori: [laughing with Steven laughing nervously]
Sam: And now,
Carly: A disturbing voyage into the depths of the ever puzzling Gibbish brain...
Tori: [laughing] That girl Carly's really pretty don't you think?
Steven: Sure... just uh, not my type... anyway... uh, you know, we've been going out for over 3 months.
Tori: I do... we're coming up on our 100 day kiss.
Steven: Sneak preview?
Tori: Show me the trailer. [kisses Steven]

Jade: [At the Asphalt Cafe] Who dips french fries with Mayonnaise?
Tori: It's really good. I started doing it when I - [Is cut off by Jade]
Jade: I don't need your life story. [drinks her beverage]

[Rex yawns]
Robbie: Nice nap?
Rex: Yeah. I dreamt of a life without you.

Andrè: Hey, Cat. You seen Robbie?
[Cat writes "NO" on an index card and holds it up for Andrè to see]
Andrè [annoyed] Why couldn't you just do this? [shakes his head and walks away.]
[Cat writes "BYE" on an index card and holds it up.]

Sam: [Researching Tori and Steven] The picture was posted by some nerd named Robbie Shapiro who looks a LOT like Andy Samberg, which doesn't matter, but I thought I'd point it out.

Jade: How do you even know about the party?
Sikowitz: I follow Rex!
[Robbie walks by holding Rex]
Rex: Bet you don't follow Robbie.
Sikowitz: Of course not!


  • Het is bekend gemaakt dat de verlengde versie van iParty with Victorious op 27 augustus op TV komt in de VS.
  • Dan Schneider, bedenker van iCarly, heeft allerlei filmpjes en plaatjes van de Victorious en iCarly cast op de iCarly set ge-upload. Ook heeft Dan getweet (maar niet helemaal direct) over een tweede cross-over.
  • Een Nederlandse Victorious wiki is hier te vinden.